Noupe Editorial Team September 23rd, 2009

40 Breathtaking & Creative Logo Designs Just to Inspire

Designers have an urge to stand out as unique, specially when it comes to logo design. Designing a memorable logo is not easy, it requires paying a lot of attention to details when using typography, colors & shapes to convey the style the designer has chosen. Designers excelled in using shadows, contrast and transparency to represent the brand they are working on. Today we would like to share a compilation of 40 beautiful and creative logo designs of different variety that will hopefully inspire you.
- Logo
- Logo Motive
Logo Motive
- Logotip
- Perro
- Tbilisi International
- Act
- Squeeze it
Squeeze it
- Antiparticle
- Balloon Chef
Balloon Chef
- Valens
- Reel Farm
Reel Farm
- Code Fish
Code Fish
- Waze
- Besided
- Umbrella Foundation
Umbrella Foundation
- Long Neck Music Logo
- Foot
- Question?
- Firestarter
- Pangur
- Fold it
- Swing Studios
Swing Studios
- Spear nose creature
spear nose creature
- ED's Electric
- 101 princess St
101 princess St
- devia
- Families
- Gel’s Kitchen
Gel’s Kitchen
- isource
- Homespun Chili
Homespun Chili
- Mi Shutterbug
Mi Shutterbug
- Get Wired
Dream marketing

Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. These are some great logos, I wish my creativity could come out when I make logos. Looking at some of them, their amazingly simple but I wouldn’t think of making them… ;)

  2. Really nice clean work, meaningful and clearly relates to the product. Don’t see this often,so wanted you to know we think all of these are great!

  3. I agree with several others who indicate a nice compilation. Clean and simple, each one communicating an individual thought. … and it is a comilation that inspires me with fresh ideas. Thanks for posting.

  4. There’s some really nice logos here, but a lot of them are just literal illustrations of the company name. That’s not creative, let alone breathtaking.

  5. Whoever Ed is, his electric company is bound to be doing good business – I’ve seen his logo all over the world wide web!

  6. Some really clever and actually witty stuff in there, I love it! Especially love Ed’s electric- so simple and strong… great solution.

    Thanks for the post.

  7. Brilliant collection! Love Ed’s Electric, Code Fish and Dream Marketing. But they’re all really inspiring.

    Thanks for posting

  8. Great list! I wish I was this good. The hardest part to me is when there is nothing “physical” to tie the logo to. Whether that is an animal, box, scissors or whatever!

  9. I really love many of these logos and am in need of a great logo for my business, thanks for posting. Now I have ideas where to go!

  10. I agree with Scott, majority of them are just literal illustrations of company names, and made up companies at that, see how many of them you can find online. Get an idea for an illustration then make up a company to suit

  11. many of them are great, but some of the as said before are just representations of fake companies. THe difficult thing is to find a logo that portrais an existing company activitiy.

    And about the Ed logo, browse for studio-bortolotti, a design studio that in the 70´s came up with this idea.

  12. Great logos! I really like: ScisoRSS, Logomotive, AntiParticle, CodeFish, Foot, Fold It, Swing, Ed’s Electric, Families.

  13. I was really struck by how complex many of these logos were. Not sure how many of them are driven by KISS? Nevertheless, many thanks for sharing these ….

    1. Are you kidding…these logos literally took my breath away. I had to go to the hospital after viewing these enamoringly heartfelt, amazingly astounding, jaw-dropping, and any other overused term to try to get visits to your list that we’ve already seen a thousand times on a million different logo galleries, logos. Whew. Simply breathtaking.

  14. Some lovely logos there. I really like the ‘swing studios’ and ‘families logotypes, impossible to pick a fave though as they’re all good.

  15. Your company is called Foot, so we’ve made a kind of footprint fashioned out of the O’s.

    Ah. And why have you done that?

    Well, it’s witty and playful.

    We’re undertakers.

    Or–or distinctive, and um, memorable.

    This looks like it says ‘Fiot’. Or is it ‘Fist’, a bit smudged?

    No, no, they’re O’s, in–in the shape of a foot. I mean, a shoe, a stylized shoe. Print. A print of a shoe, filled in. Look, it’s to give the idea of a foot, you see, because that’s your name.

    So this does in fact say ‘Foot’?

    That’s right.

    Not Fiot.

    It’s perfectly clear when people know your company is called Foot.

    When it’s written normally.


    Not the way it’s written in your logo.

    Er, yes.

    I see. So it says Foot, and the O’s are a shoeprint. Now, what would the F and T represent?

    They’re just an F and a T.

    Good, because I thought they were meant to be toes or something. In a stylized sandal, perhaps.

    Actually, we did think about- Oh, I just got that. Ha-ha, yes, sandal. Awfully good.

    Well, thank you for your time on this…

    They really liked it on the Noupe design website, you know.

    Indeed. You’ll see yourself out?

    1. Haha! Finally, someone who understands a real logo. These are 90% fake logos made by people for their Logopond portfolios. They aren’t creative because the idea came before anything else, and wasn’t thought of after any kind of brief. Anybody can do that.

      I’ll make a logo for a company called Horseshoe and make a silhouette of a boot with a horses mane on the back. Or a logo for Monkey Box that’s a box with a monkey tail hanging from a tree! See…

  16. Some great logos here, thanks for putting the effort in to compiling the list. I feel logopond rules in terms of logo inspiration.

    Cheers Adrian.

  17. There is so many vary type of opinions on design and style that it is out of the question to please most people regrettably…

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