Vitaly Friedman May 20th, 2010

50 Beautiful Examples of Architecture Photography

This post is dedicated to Architecture Photography. Our surrounding is full of many beautiful things: traditional or fashionable, architectural photography can be as exciting as it is gratifying. In this kind of photography, a photographer usually experiments with various angles, settings, timing and effects to achieve the most interesting shot of buildings. In this post, we have gathered some of the beautiful, unusual and bizarre architectural photos as well as related concept artworks for your inspiration.

The Beauty of Architecture Photography

Looking up in London

Skyscraper Atrium

Orient Pearl, Shanghai, China

Xiqu Centre in West Kowloon

Futuristic Groningen Architecture

Taken in Heals, London

Squared Pikes

Infinite Stairs

Black Contemporary Facade Detail

Space ship in Berlin

Indian architecture

Shard of the Mordor

Cube House Eagle

Keyhole In The Sky

Cubic Red

European Taj Mahal

Etihad Museum, Dubai

Autumn afternoon in Notting Hill, London

Quito, Ecuador

El Capitolio, Havana, Cuba

Sydney Opera House - Iconic Architecture

Columns Salzburg

Architecture curves and lines

Architecture and the Man

Architecture - Germany - Deutschland

3rd Avenue

Axel Towers (Copenhagen) by Lundgaard & Tranberg

Look up at the spaceships

British Museum ceiling

National Art Center in Tokyo, Japan

Modern Architecture

Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Bizzare Architectural Photography

Brown apartment building


The folding exterior of Tuletornen creates an interesting mix of shadows and highlights

Architecture in Japan

Nord/LB, Hannover

Wondering the suburbs on England

Orange reflective architecture

The UFO house

Frank Gehry's tower

Architectural Concept Art

In this section of Article we will show you some of mindblowing Architectural Concept Art, so let’s get ready to close your eyes and imagine the most innovative and beautiful buildings and architectures that we may see in near future. Feel free to share your comments with us.

Tokyo Infinity

Shadow Box

Stuttgart Library


The castle at miracle garden


Flame Towers

La muralla Roja 2


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  1. This is extremely cool, but the title is “50 Beautiful Examples of Architecture Photography,” not photography and artwork.

  2. Nice photos for real. We got a bit lost in the end though, no? ;) More concept renders then photography. Shame that it doesn’t always say where the buildings are. Awesome selection though. Tnx

  3. The “GERMANY 5581copy” is the “Waldspirale” in Darmstadt, Germany by Friedensreich Hundertwasser (a so-called “Hundertwasserhaus”, the most famous of these is in Vienna, Austria)

  4. Very beautiful. The Raevona one reminds me of real world in the Matrix movie (where machines have taken over the world!)

    1. exactly…..but then we have to think if it is sustainable or not…..we often read about SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE….but are we applying dat????which our environment needs….

  5. Really nice report, thank you for this. I think I will use a similar format with mine. Good to see you are getting some commentors here too, but the replies are a little weird. Anyway, Cheers!

  6. WE NEED TO PONDER ON..WHAT IS REELISTIC..AND WHAT IS REALISTIC IN ARCHITECTURE!!!!buildings just cannot be displayed like anything,which is in contrast to the interiors..if that happens..that is called as “FALSE ARCHITECTURE”

  7. I like the bizarre section, some architecture I have not come across before. Although I may be wrong and some of them have been heavily digitally manipulated!

  8. Wow after seeing all these incredible architectural structures one wonders what the world would be like if all the architecture we built was at this level

  9. I love these structures. Hope to have many of related structures here in Nigeria. I am curently working on one. It will listed here someday.

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