Joe Robison May 8th, 2019

Are office wall murals just a trend? [Infographic]

Beloved by some of the biggest names in tech, wall murals can be seen decking the halls of some of the hippest, most enviable workplaces around the globe.

Used by the likes of Spotify, Airbnb, and Google, graffiti-style murals have moved from urban street corners into the backdrop of modern office spaces.

But if this gives you the impression that wall murals are just a trend concocted by the tech-elite, think again. Wall murals are one of the oldest, most enduring forms of art in the history of mankind. There is evidence of humanity’s proclivity for wall murals dating all the way back to the caveman days, and many of the most famous works of classical art, like Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, are wall murals.

There is good reason for the staying power of and renewed interest in wall murals. Especially in the workplace, wall murals are an excellent story-telling medium that is at once efficient, attractive, and versatile. Of course to customize your workplace, you are going to need a nice workplace to customize first -- duh! -- that's where this guide about finding your perfect workplace comes handy. After you settle on a place, the fun part --customization -- starts!

Whether you want a millennial-minded design inspired by street art or a tasteful piece reminiscent of renaissance frescoes, a wall mural can instantly improve the feel of your office. The following infographic from Coastal Creative showcases a wide range of stylish office wall mural ideas that forward-thinking companies are using to create effective and inspiring workplaces:  

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Joe Robison

Joe Robison is the Marketing Director of Coastal Creative, a San Diego-based large format printing company that specializes in trade show booths, signage, wall murals, and vehicle wraps. He is also the founder of Green Flag Digital, an SEO consulting agency.

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