Noupe Editorial Team April 5th, 2021

Audio’s Revival: From Radio to Clubhouse – [Infographic]

Audio marketing may have been lying dormant for the past few years, but slowly growing listenership is paving the way for more listening opportunities. Even better, with the latest social audio applications (Clubhouse, Twitter's Spaces) listener voices can be heard. 

For decades radio was the place to listen and engage with live audio. Listeners could call in to pose questions to show hosts or request songs. With the rise in the image and video-focused digital mediums, one could imagine that the idea that voice-focused media would once again rise in popularity was simply that: an idea. A silly, perhaps even archaic, idea. 

Whether due to screen fatigue or simply the overflow of hyper-produced content, audio has seen a steady rise in popularity over the past decade. With voice-based media, there are no visuals to manipulate audiences or embellishments to draw viewers in. 

With a shockingly high number of total audio listeners, no foreseeable slow-down in future growth for podcasts or audio media, AND super fresh audio-social apps like Clubhouse igniting conversation: audio marketing looks like it’s here to stay. 

Check out this comprehensive look at Audio Marketing: From Radio to Clubhouse from Transcription Outsourcing, LLP to learn more about how audio marketing is making waves.

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