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Design Seeds: Daily Inspiration From Photos and Colors

Creativity rarely comes from nowhere. Inspiration is an important aspect for all graphic and web designers. Get your daily dose of inspiration in the form of photos and colors at Design Seeds. There, you'll be provided with sophisticated pictures and a fitting color palette every day.

Inspiration From Nature and Environment

In 2009, Design Seeds was created by Jessica Colaluca, who went freelance as a designer at that time. She turned her passion for colors, flowers, and landscapes into a blog. Her touch with nature and her design-related job are also reflected in the name Design Seeds. [caption id="attachment_78069" align="alignnone" width="640"]Rose Roses and a Palette With Six Pastel Shades Rose Roses and a Palette With Six Pastel Shades[/caption] Usually, she publishes two photos a day, where the colors play a vital role. The pictures vary from vividly colored flowers to impressive landscapes or something very common in our daily lives. The colors are always the primary factor that makes the photos so unique.

One Photo, Many Colors, One Palette

The composition of colors for a project is not always an easy task. Which colors harmonize especially well, which do a good job at complementing each other? Every designer has to answer these questions over and over again. Design Seeds provides answers through photos, which always come with a color palette of six colors. Each one is taken from the respective image and represents one of the pictures's dominant colors. This way, a spray of roses results in a palette of six pastel colors. In contrast to that, a winter landscape in the mountains leads to a palette with cold blue and gray shades. [caption id="attachment_78070" align="alignnone" width="640"]Six Cold Blue-Grey Colors Fitting to the Winter Landscape Six Cold Blue-Grey Colors Fitting to the Winter Landscape[/caption] The color values of each of the palette's six colors are also provided as a hexadecimal value. This makes it easy to copy them and use them for your design purposes.

Searching for Colors and Collections

Those looking for unusual colors for a particular project aside from the daily photos can also go for a targeted search through Design Seeds. For example, it is possible to find pictures of specific colors. To do that, simply pick a color, and Design Seeds will show you all photos that the color is a part of. [caption id="attachment_78067" align="alignnone" width="640"]Search for Colors Search for Colors[/caption] For instance, this is very helpful when one color is already fixed due to a logo or other client-mandatory asset. You'll quickly find various harmonious color palettes to choose from. Alternatively, you can also have photos displayed in collections. For example, Design Seeds can show photos related to each of the seasons, related to nature, or everyday situations. [caption id="attachment_78068" align="alignnone" width="640"]… or Look for Collections … or Look for Collections[/caption]

Follow on Instagram

To not miss a photo, you should become an Instagrammer, as Jessica Colaluca also posts here photos on there. This way, you won't miss anything, and you'll automatically receive your daily seed of inspiration. If you prefer Twitter, you can also follow her there. Design Seeds is a small, but lovely blog that shows you the diversity of colors, and how to properly use and combine them every day.

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