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Advertising For Mobile On The Rise [Infographic]

Startapp is a platform bound to help app developers monetize their apps without the need for embedding banners or other more or less crude forms of refinancing means. Instead the service promises to monetize search traffic. Rings familiar to your ears? Well, the strategy resembles that of a quite popular search engine located in Mountain View. No matter if you have doubts as to how much sense this strategy might make or if you think this business model sounds promising, the infographic, we have for you today, is interesting no matter what. Entitled “Advertiser’s Guide To Mobile” they accumulated several studies to an easily consumable graphical overview.

Mobile Advertising Is Already Strong These Days

The magic word in relation to mobile advertising is “local”. Mobile advertising proves most successful when connected to a local context. Almost 50% of all mobile searches are local, while only 20% of all desktop searches have the local context. Two third of mobile users take notice of mobile ads, one-third clicks on them. Compare that to other forms of online advertising…

The massively growing fraction of mobile web users will overtake the fraction of desktop web users in a mere few years. Facebook proves as a living example for the shift in importance. In 2011 mobile ad revenue was zero, in 2012 already around 340 million USD. Given the rise does not slow down, 2013 will see almost triple that amount.

I was not surprised to hear that restaurants are a popular subject of mobile searches. It is not surprising that 64% of all searchers convert to customers within one hour of searching, 84% during the course of the same day. Already today between 30 and 50% of all restaurant searches are mobile.

Travel-related searches are the next top topic in mobile use cases. This is primarily focussed on hotel searches. What do you use while on the road? Not your desktop computer, that’s for sure. So you are bound to use your smartphone whenever you need web access. Bookings from smartphones are usually made for the same day. Additional offers through targeted advertising prove successful in that environment. Only 8% of all travel-related services offer a mobile-friendly website though. Bumber…

I admit, I was really surprised to have to take note of the fact that almost a third of all searches for automobiles are initiated from mobile devices. An astonishing 51% of all searches results in sales. The industry could do so much more, as only 6% of all automobile-related websites is mobile-friendly.

Mobile Advertising Should Not Be Neglected

If you are into selling products or services via the web you should not be hiding from the mobile revolution. So how soon should you be jumping ship to stay ahead of future developments? This depends on individual criteria and is not subject to a general recommendation. You will not make a mistake though, if you collect experiences early. That way you can slowly shift over into the new era of advertising. In any case a mobile-friendly website should be a priority…

Clicking on the following infographic will open the original over at Startapp:

(Source: Startapp)

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  1. Nice points on mobile ads, Dieter. Unfortunately, too many websites are not yet mobile-friendly, even when some companies are using mobile ads. So especially in today’s world, every business needs to make sure that their website is mobile-friendly, either through use of responsive design or a separate mobile website, then make their ads relevant to mobile users.

  2. When my friend searched a car he did it ot homa and at work, via mobile phone and PC. I guess those who are ready to buy a can will use all the opportunities for it

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