Dieter Petereit December 9th, 2012

Image Is Everything – Ask @aplusk [Infographic]

Okay, we are not going to argue about the image strategies of certain people maybe mentioned in the title. Instead we are going to take a look at Veer’s latest infographic on the ever-rising importance of images in the modern world. Veer, which you might know as a service for imagery, illustrations and fonts, has put together a compact fact-sheet with the most important things you need to know, whether you are a designer or not. Unsurprising for an image provider, you say? Well, maybe, but nevertheless true.

The Rise Of Visual Media Also Rises The Importance Of Images

Wise men say: a picture paints a thousand words. And what you also know as true, is, that an article with a good lot of pictures is more easily consumable than a plain text desert, plus, it raises a lot more attention. Designers and content creators are long-since aware of these facts.

As if to confirm these well-known truths, visual social networks are on a comet-like rise. This rise is accompanied by the equally meteoric ascent of smartphones with camera modules that keep getting better and better. The future is visual, no doubt about that. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, 500px, Google+, you name them, are all based, at least partially, on visual media.

With this (r)evolution going on, it is high-time to recall the basic facts on the use of imagery in modern communication:

  • 55% of human communication is visual
  • When using image-based material, retention rises up to 65%
  • 30% or our total nerve cells in the brain are dedicated to sight
  • Consumers can process results with images 20% faster than text-only results
  • The reception of our environment is by large dominated by sight. All other senses fall short and play a relatively small (nevertheless very important) role

In addition to the basics, Veer’s infographic covers the rise of imaging in its historical context. Furthermore they take a look at the state of different social networks, such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Facebook alone sees the uploads of 174,000 images per minute. 70% of all web social activities revolve around images.

There are more interesting facts and info snippets in the following infographic. Click on it and you will be taken over to Veer, where they have this infographic in a nicely animated form.


Dieter Petereit

Dieter Petereit is a veteran of the web with over 25 years of experience in the world of IT. As soon as Netscape became available he started to do what already at that time was called web design and has carried on ever since. Two decades ago he started writing for several online publications, some well, some lesser known. You can meet him over on Google+.


  1. I need to give it a try at those infographics….it’s so much more fun and interesting to learn something visually instead of just reading it.
    Thanks for the info…graphics!

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