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Social Media Strategy: When Does Posting On Facebook Promise To Be Most Successful? [Infographic]

As a brand with a Social Media Strategy, you may try to achieve a variety of different goals. I do not know where your individual aims are set to, but I know that you will be seeking for the maximum range when you go posting into the social webs. At least you want to make sure that people take notice of your posts. If people start to comment, like and share, even better. A recent infographic shows the best weekdays to post your content and is divided into industries. So go and find your optimum time for pushing out that great content of yours...

Facebook, Weekenders Rule

Buddy Media, part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and as such a provider of solutions for marketing strategies in social media wanted to find out how people interact with brand pages from different industries. So they collected corresponding data from April 1st to May 31st of 2012 from 1.800 of the most important brand pages in their respective industries. 15 different industries got represented. In the end they presented a study that allows for an interesting insight into brand interaction relating to week days.

The graphic designers from LinchpinSEO went ahead, took the results and transformed the dry words into a visually appealing infographic which allows for answering the given question at one glance.

If you look at the 15 different visualizations you will see that the prejudice towards Facebook being a weekend occupation is a simple truth. In all of the industries, the highest values of user interaction were achieved during the weekend. In most cases Sundays are slightly better than Saturdays, exceptions prove the rule.

Employees responsible for Social Media in marketing departments of larger brands will not jump for joy. Fortunately, Buddy Media did not include the information at which time of the day posts are best issued. Imagine having to post on a Sunday at 8:00 am…

Here at Noupe we can stay relaxed. Technology is the only information branch where interaction levels go down during the weekend, while the highest values are reached on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We knew that long-since from our own Google Analytics statistics. Mondays are always great with 30% higher than average interaction levels. This fits extremely well into a usual workday and - more importantly - week ;-)

Of course there are differences between the industries looked at. They are more or less slight, though. It sure is not weekend or never. Take a look at the graphic representing your industry. It is mostly self-explanatory.

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  1. I’m amazed by the weight on weekends, have typically found Fri-Sat pretty dead on social, assumed most people tend to use it the most at work when they’re at a computer all day and looking for an occasional distraction at lunch etc. I wonder if there’s much variation between US (which these figures appear to be) and the rest of the world, or Europe at least?

  2. An infographic is a visual presentation of (numeric) data. Instead of using (boring) tables, one can ‘spice things up’ by giving this data a designed look

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