Vitaly Friedman February 4th, 2010

35 Photos of Truly Adorable Animals in Snow

While some animals hibernate in the winter and prefer to sun themselves during the warmer months, other animals are perfectly comfortable with the snow and offer photographers plenty of opportunities for remarkable photos. To celebrate the nicer facets of the leaving winter, we now collected some beautiful and adorable photos of animals in the snow. These photos are nice to look at and will help you get a break from the regular work and hopefully get a fresh perspective on whatever you have to get done today.

35 Photos of Truly Adorable Animals in Snow

Willow tit




Red Deer

Polar Bear






Sea Eagle with big wings flying over the

Wild Kea


Springer Spaniel in snow


Fighting deers

A Red Fox


Two little birdies

Bird flock on snow

The jigokudani monkey

Gentoo penguins in a sandstorm




Elk Calf


Beautiful reindeer in Lapland

Horse Race


Snowy birdy


    1. The pictures are all soo cute but my dog looks wayyyyyyyyy cuter in the snow
      ohhhhhhh beat tht jk
      i like all ur comments

  1. First and last photos show that all kinds of bears help each other (whether it is cold, or just there is need to climd that tree). Very cute!

  2. The snowy tiger is like: Yep, fell asleep, woke up, was all white – must have been snowing, I guess.

    Great pics.

  3. The polar bears and harp seals are my favorites. They’re just too adorable for words! And the horses running in the snow? Absolutely gorgeous. That’s definitely a desktop-worthy wallpaper!

  4. The pictures are sooo BEAUTIFUL! I had to check out this web site after seeing it on our local news station (KY3).
    Thanks again,

  5. I would like to know how many people are being deprived a life by persuing a photo without siting a source for recognition and rehire.

    This is is unacceptablurt for me to follow now.

  6. “Smith Lake Jake” the Groundhog, is the most adorable animal,he always wears a hat. He has a fan club on facebook. I JOINED IT, YOU SHOULD TOO.

  7. Wow, just wow. These photographs are just absolutely amazing. Great way to start off anyone’s day with a genuinly great start. Thank you. :)

  8. Wow those pictures are sooo cute, although I don’t know why all you people are just like “oh that was soo beautiful it just made my day”and stuff like that i mean there are just cute pictures, goodness.

  9. Hey, I saw your beautiful pictures of animals in the snow, and I was wondering if I may use the images on the page to viatuelle horses? (:

    mvh Nadia m.

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