Vitaly Friedman January 20th, 2010

35 Truly Dramatic Examples of Animal Photography

Sometimes we take wildlife pictures that we see in books and magazines for granted; seldom does it give you the impressions that they were taken easily. The truth is, photographing animals (especially in wildlife) is very involved, such a moment could only be told through some timely amazing shots. For someone who loves animals, photographing them can be both very fulfilling and frustrating at the same time. Excellent animal photography requires experience, knowledge and patience.

Animals can make very eye catching subjects to photograph in wild. Taking wildlife photography in a place where the animals don’t fear humans makes your task a bit difficult. In their natural environment, animals often provide many opportunities for taking dramatic shots. Let's now take a look at some of these dramatic images of animal photography to see emotions in the wild nature.



































  1. These are absolutely incredible. I love them all, but especially love the black cat – it’s all about being in the right place at the right time I guess! Thanks!

      1. looks at some of the photos, its almost imposible to get motion blur like that with even a high end slr camera… and where on the planet (relating to the very first photo) does there exsist a place where animals are visibel with a complety black backdrop???.

      1. Honey, don’t talk to the poor man’s mom like that. ;) (douchebag-winky face.)

  2. Really awesome! There is nothing more fantastic than our nature. And think about, how long it takes to get those photos! Great

  3. The snake one is from a Fark Photoshop contest, but the funny thing about that is that it’s less interesting than some of the ones that are clearly real photos. Some great stuff here.

  4. Hats-off to nature’s creation and the one who captured it for us to see.

    These pics are sufficient for people to love nature and help it HEAL.


  5. great collection! as always

    but, today I have to tell… Where are photographer’s names ??

    Please, waste some minutes and add their names, they are more than the half of this pieces of art, is their work….

    thanks in advance

  6. All and all very nice photo’s. I have one remark though: The photo of the snake attacking the bird is fake. I don’t know whether it was the post author’s intention to only show real photo’s or not, but that one for sure isn’t one. Seen how the same snakehead has been applied to more photo’s.

  7. Wow, those were some amazing shots.
    The one of the cat & mouse was cool, and I loved the dramatic lighting on the housecats, lol.

    @Dratio Do you have other examples w/the snakehead? That’s interesting, I wouldn’t be surprised though… That shot would have had to be a one-in-a-trillion chance.

  8. ummm i love almost all of the pictures but the one with the Yorkie pittbull/mixed well i like the yorkie cute cute cute but the picture isnt very much proffesional which is what i recall they wanted

  9. First image is the best, haven’t seen it in other recent similar collections. And agree that photoshopped images are less interesting than some real ones!

  10. Noticed a few comments about the fake snake picture. Might be best to separate real from photoshopped in the future.

    I thought the snail picture was amazing. And I never pass up the sight of a gorgeous kitty photo!

    1. It’s not long before there is no difference between a photo that is Photoshopped and one that isn’t. Several cameras are integrating algorithms derived from Photoshop to enhance a picture as it is being recorded. Should those be separate as well? Not. Who cares, really? These photos are no less beautiful because they are created rather than captured.

  11. The little penguin is saying “Where can I buy sneaks like those? What a lucky penguin!” Haha. Each of these photographs have so much to say! The bison photo is incredible as well. Seems so surreal. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Serious?! Obvious photo shop on some pics….. Pathetic! The real pics cool … but try shooting with a 35 mm with low speed film and catch those pics, Then you’ll Impress me!

  13. wat spectacular images..great catch i must say..amazing timing, superb composition and nice clarity..very much inspiring..

  14. Hard to decide which one I like best – quite simple to choose the worst: green background, snake & redbreast looks like a photoshop disaster to me. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Glad I found your site. Amazing work! On a side note – is it odd that every time I see a little bird about to be eaten I suddenly think of Twitter?

  16. Olá!

    Achei o artigo interessante e citei o mesmo no meu blog. Claro que citei a fonte que foi o site de vocês.
    Algum problema? Se sim removo o artigo do meu blog!
    GRANDE abraço!

  17. the most incredible photography i’ve ever seen. the majority of these are just so raw, which is hard to come across nowadays. i’m glad none of this was dolled up. fantastic!

  18. i love the one with the 2 birds with crazy hair looking in opposite directions. it almost looks like one face. i like the one with the white tiger and the monkey, too. they’re all good.

  19. Amazing….but the Cat & Mouse one does not seem real…becos of the bone in the mouse’s mouth…That looks like the artist’s creativity….

  20. haha, some of the photos are totally photoshopped, the mouse and cheese? how totally awesome photoshopping skills, try harder next time

  21. I believe the one with the two dogs chasing the rabbit is a still from a movie- unfortunately I can’t think of what movie it is, and I just watched it a few days ago. *blonde moment*

    Otherwise very nice collection of photos. I love the tiger rising up out of the water.

    1. Yeah I thought that too. The movie is Snatch. Though I’m not sure if it’s a still from the movie, it is very similar.

  22. Very pretty, very stunning. A good deal of these get the effect in edit, but still very, very good!

  23. These are wonderful photos and took a lot of time to take. These are not just a one shot time, usually. Thank you for sharing them. Yes I love the cat and mouse one too.

  24. someday, i’m going to beat up my guidance counselor for not telling me about getting into photography, those are amazing

  25. OMG these photo’s are unreal!!!!
    They capture characteristics that people would hardly ever see! thank you to the photographers for your brilliant work!!

  26. Some of the most breathtaking examples of wildlife photography I have ever seen. A marvelous presentation.

  27. wtf!!!why is that wolf on a chain at all.who’s letting dogs near him.lett’im off n see what’s up.looks cruel to me.outside of that lovely photos

  28. Wish the poster would actually track down the source. The cat and mouse picture source leads to another “Best Dramatic Wildlife” post with no credit given. Disgusting cannibalism of content no one creates.

  29. Wow! That’s all I can say what a genius job on those photos I can’t even select the best one just awe inspiring!

  30. People always have a negative outlook on photoshop. Yea it can degrade a photo to nothing, but it’s all apart of what you can do creatively to a photo. Creativity is creativity and you can’t knock that. In conclusion I say as artists we should give the author more praise just in his efforts to create something outside the box. It takes a lot of guts to be original in this world.

  31. The penguin looking at prints is very pretty.

    I also love the snake moving to strike taken from the front. This must have been dangerous.

    Wonderful pictures. I just tweet-ed your site!

  32. What Beautiful Animals, Excellent photography, just goes to show we have lots to look after in this Beautiful World!!! Before we Destroy it all

  33. Espectaculares fotos, debemos respetar a estos seres tan hermosos que comparten nuestro mundo porque es de ellos también :)

  34. Hi

    What Beautiful Animals, Excellent photography, nice work……………………………………………………………………………………….

  35. I was bothered by the “wolf attacking dog” pic, until I saw the source. Turns out the wolf was reacting to being attacked by the white dog (and one other) while chained down. So, I don’t know who to root for (and would rather not have to “root” for either.)

  36. Most of these are NOT wild animals…
    I dare someone to get that close to a wild tiger or male lion. Depicting these animals as wild does a disservice to the conservation efforts because people think the wild animals are cute and approachable.

  37. The details at the beginning are very helpful if you do animal photography, and the photographs themselves are just drop-dead amazing. I just wish that they would add the camera’s names that they took the photograph, with.

    Many things have to combine: a good camera, a nice day and being in the right place at the right time!!
    Thanks for the share!

  39. I found the unnecessary over-emphasis on “nature, red in tooth and claw” very irritating, but every time I started to navigate away from the site I saw another photo that was so interesting I saved it and scrolled down to look for others. Its a very mixed bag of random button-pushers.

  40. Most of the photos are great, but if you’re the sort of person that likes to see a rabbit pulled apart by a pair of dogs then there is something wrong with you.

  41. These are stunning! I’d love to have any of these framed in my house. Hell I’d even buy a print of one! Great stuff thanks!

  42. Great pictures… very nice collection. I’d love to take same pictures like these some day… even thou I’m not a widelife photographer…

  43. Very well written information. It will be beneficial to anybody who usess it, including myself. Keep up the good work – i will definitely read more posts.

  44. These are some of the most breathtaking photos Ive ever seen. That kind of dedication is admirable to say the least.

  45. Wow! That first image of the Tiger is amazing. I can’t even begin to think how much time and prep work went into some of these amazing images.

    1. Oh, I get it. You’re pretending to be an expert on photoshop! Ha! You’re funny. But I know that you MUST realize there are actually photographers out there who do take some pretty ridiculous photographs that are, you know, real. Because not everybody has the time to sit around and claim they took photographs when they are really photoshopped pictures. Usually, when a person goes around telling others something–for examples, that every photo they look at is photoshopped–that usually means it’s because they’re paranoid someone will catch on to the fact that they are doing it themselves. Like when a liar accuses everyone else of lying. Hmm.

      1. You know what, I totally agree, I would never have even thought that these were photoshopped, it’s a shame when someone can’t leave a nice comment without having a little dig at them. I personally love these photos especially the owl catching it’s pray, and the baby sea lion, so cute, oh! And the other one I thought was amazing was the cat chasing the little mouse, the concentration on both there faces was intense.

  46. Im impressed, I must say. Really rarely do I see a blog thats both educational and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail about the head.

  47. Indeed.
    These are great photo.
    Very natural, and looks killer to me.
    Inspirative animal photography.
    THanks :D

  48. I very like to see a black cat picture. I don’t know why but it feels so strong image and have a very big artistic things.

  49. I love those picture, there definition , the beauty and the perfection of these colour and textures. The nature is here perfect.

  50. this all photos are amazing I like very much, this is hard work for photographer
    i salute to the photographer

  51. yeah! some are just kittens, that’s why things turns to dramatic. Things are not common in the animal kingdom unfortunately!
    Think about your great majestic kingdom.
    Nothing personal, try to make things easier. FOCUS ON THAT.

  52. One of these is from a movie, i will not mention what movie if you don’t already know, but i just hope that the person claiming these photos actually took it.
    very striking photos!

  53. The photo of the bison is entitled “Three Amigos,” and was taken by Steve Hinch in Yellowstone National Park. He has done some very beautiful work.

  54. Fantastic pictures, captured brilliantly. Especially love the Eagle close up shot, simple, strong and to the point! A big well done from us.

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