Noupe Editorial Team August 20th, 2010

40 Beautiful Examples of Bird Photography

Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. I feel very humbled to have my photo(Rainbow Duck) included with these amazing photos. I am not a pro avian photographer at all. Thank you so much.


  2. @Jason Hill

    Where are these Rainbow Ducks located? They are beautiful birds!

    Great collection all together, I need to grab my camera and head outside!

  3. You guys really captured their essence, when you look at these photos, it’s more like an in-depth understanding of their lives. A collection inspiration. Cheers!

  4. these are great bird shots! sharp details and amazing bokeh in all of them! kudos to all the photographers, I wish I can shoot photos as wonderful as these!

  5. Loved these photos. I imitated the colouring of Pekin Robin as best I could, to colour bird stamp for a card. awsome.

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