Obaid ur Rehman March 4th, 2010

45 Stylish and Beautiful Fashion Photos


  1. This seems less about “fashion” and more about Photoshop and who’s got the premium L glass for their EOS.

    Overall – I Like the majority of the photos. A hair “darker” then you’d find in modern advertisement.

    1. some of the comments on these images are incredibly pretentious. Do any of you understand the value of images. How can there be a critisism of work like this that is beyond the grasp of so many. I think that many of these comments are insulting to practioners and critics as nothing but slander.

  2. I have old relation with the fashion industry and miss it so much :( These pics are amazing and the poses are too good.

  3. I don’t think this is a good selection. I believe most of these photos don´t have a stylist and the mix and match of clothing, spaces, and general composition have to be as great as the photo production and the postprod.

  4. Interesting collection. the dress Street fashion looks sexy.. Credits goes to The designer… Great share..

  5. Decent pics for amateurs, and even a few great shots. But very stereotypic and in some cases downright awful. Very very far from the true masters of fashion photography seen in for example GQ, ELLE, VOUGE, BON, Plaza, Cosmo and so on

  6. Come on, Noupe. You’re seriously slackin’ here. This list is horrendous. There are just so many things wrong with each image. Posing, lighting, OUT OF FOCUS, editing, over-editing, and a complete lack of originality. It’s just bad news. I’m sorry, guys. Better luck next time.

  7. I think there are maybe 2 Stylish and Beautiful Fashion Photos in this selection. Most are boring and poorly done. A couple look like they’re right out of the Sears catalogue.

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  9. Some pretty good shots, but nothing spectacular. I’d dare say that we publish better fashion photos from Flickr over at flickrista.com every day! =)

  10. Not very impressed with this collection. I work as a wedding and portrait photographer and most of the lighting is quite flat throughout. Check out David LaChapelle, Stuart Weston, Jill Greenberg just to name three.

  11. It’s clearly that nerds run this site because it’s their type of fashion. It sucks. Go get some style nerds.

  12. I’ve worked 10+yrs in cosmetics/fashion industry and I do not think this is a good showcase to represent the quality of fasion photography today nor the last 50yrs.

  13. despite i loke most ofthe other posts here, i cannot see any fashion shots here. sorry. most of the photos are very amateurish hobbyshots. please buy a copy of italian vogue, wonderwall, nylon ;-) or look at the work of steven meisel, michel comte, irving penn, nick knight, …

  14. The best part of these cannot be categorized as fashion… and I don’t mean Vogue-style high fashion, but they don’t make even the catalogue quality standard.

    Half of these look like amateur work (as in “get a friend to pose with their everyday clothes, then photoshop the heck out of the results”), but there are some good portraits.

  15. wow how can you call this good fashion photography? Some of these are just plain aweful and pretty damn boring to look at. Its all be done before people so be creative. If you haven’t gone to school for photography and are shooting fashion photography, get a degree maybe then you might be able to put out a half decent fashion photograph

  16. Wow. The retouching on many of these images is appalling. I’m a full time professional retoucher working in film (doing promo stills, posters, billboards, etc). The level of retouching I do is still more than you’d do to the average person and I still can’t get over how overdone and ridiculous these are. If I turned in anything like most of these images, I’d never get work ever again.

  17. Stumbled into this site by chance but I’m sure glad I clicked on that link. You definitely answered all the questions I’ve been dying to answer for some time now. Will definitely come back for more of this. Thank you so much

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  19. A site called heretics (http://www.heretics.co.uk/t-shirts) has some amazing photography on their product pages – the model is a real pro and he just comes across so well. As one of your other comments said, a lot of the shots above look a bit like ‘pose and i’ll take a photo of you’, as opposed to a high-brow, fashion photoshoot. Fashion photography is everything, especially for ecommerce sites when that is the only way to sell a product, that shot has to be amazing!!!

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