Bhanu Ahluwalia April 29th, 2010

50 Howling Examples of Dew Photography

Dew drops, the water droplets condensed from the air, are a beautiful gift from Mother Nature. Dew drops have a novelty in them. They are vivid and delicate, warm and cold at the same time. They sparkle like pearls on the surface. Mornings become more refreshing and brisk when it is drenched in the dew. They are simply amazing... Capturing dew drops is considered to be the best illustration of macro photography.

To excel in dew photography, it you have to focus on curves, saturation, a bit of color adjustments, composition, lighting and an unsharp mask on the dew drops that are in focus. It is mostly done in longer exposures. But at the end it's the talent and skills of the photographer which make the photos outstanding. In this post we present 50 refreshing images to brighten your day.

Beautiful Dew Photography



Shining Dew

Wet Wet Wet





Dew Drops


the dew of little things









Dew Drop




the dew


macro life · morning dew


Pink rose

dew on web

Dandelion Dew

Dew Drop

Carnation Dewdrops

Dew soaked spiders web

Morning dew - cropped



Droplets on a blue flower captured after the rain

Frozen Dew Drop



Rose Dew

Spider Web Dew

Pooling Water


Just sample not for vote

Droplets on a pink flower

Orange flower with water drops close up

Bhanu Ahluwalia

Bhanu Ahluwalia is a graduate in Computer Science and a social media enthusiast from India. He specializes in web design by qualification and photography by passion. He is an avid blogger, running TutZone and co-authoring DesignUnder and SloDive. You can reach him via Twitter.


  1. This is a really nice collection, especially love the colours of the Dawn Dew on the Pasture shot.

    It seems as though one of your thumbnails (for Spider Web Dew) is broken though, it shows as a boot with a spider in it for me. It does link to the correct place though.

  2. really and awesome collection. One more thing with adobe CS5 content aware feature it becomes easy for anyone to take the photograph (quality photgraph)and doing showing some photoshop skills it can give the anylook he wants.
    As rainy season is coming, hope we could see more examples like this

  3. Absolutely beautiful! The extremely close up shots are fantastic. Just goes to show how beautiful the finer things in life are…

  4. Can somebody email me the “To see the world…” image? Maybe somebody from Noupe? I can’t get on Flickr at work and I want the full size image for my desktop background. This is a jaw-dropping collection, it’s absolutely amazing how beautiful mother nature is!

  5. Very inspiring. These photos are amazing! Wishing I had a macro lens for my SLR and the patience to this kind of work :(

  6. …. some great examples of dew-drop photography or should I say macro-dew-drop photography :) !! A very fine article and showcase posted by Bhanu at “” !! Your friend Ayaz shared it with me and I think it’s great !! Keep up the great showcases and articles Bhanu !! :)

  7. You truly, truly captivated my heart with these microphotografic shots, it is amazing how close they get to the bugs, flowers and drops of rain, I could see flowers, plants and trees reflected in a single small drop of rain like magic. Thanks for to share.

  8. Love these, they must take so much time and effort to get the lighting and shit right. Kudos.

  9. This is a beautifull collection, i admire your work, happy congratulationes because your work.


  10. A very fine article and showcase posted by Bhanu at “” !! Your friend Ayaz shared it with me and I think it’s great !! Keep up the great showcases and articles Bhanu

  11. all the pics r awesome!…
    how do they manage to get the insect pics?…
    and some of the refraction ones r just fantastic…

  12. really wonderful…
    I have to say, this is sooooo awesome!
    dmn, I like it! I love it!
    great collections…!

  13. simply the beautiful………i never commented on any site but this collection is so nice that it compelled me to comment…

  14. As part of my study for A-level photography we have been asked research a photographer who has also taken pictures which are similar to what we have choosen as our subject. i was wondering could you possibly email me so that i can contact you with some questions. many thanks. p.s. lovely photos by the way, they are truely amazing!

  15. Dear Bhanu Ahluwalia,
    I love all of your work that I’ve seen. You have a love of nature and a patience that I understand. I’m out early, in the cold mornings, trying to catch “frost flowers” or dew drops regularly.
    I’m sure you get a lot of questions like this, but I will ask you ~ would you be able to please tell me what macro lens you use? I have been taking nature photos as a hobby & for my grandchildren, for years. I now have a good camera (Canon 60D) and am just beginning to save enough money for a good macro lens. I want to do extremely close up shots with it. Would you please advise me on what macro lens you think is best? (I have a Canon 60D) Thank you so much for any advice you feel like sharing with me!!
    Blessings in your wonderful work, Mrs. Gail Rowley

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