Prakash Ghodke December 24th, 2010

Beautiful Churches Around The World

Prakash Ghodke

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  1. Love the design lists recently! These are some seriously impressive examples of church architecture, that’s for sure…

  2. there’s a church with a stream flowing through it, was hoping to see it here instead of the first set of results from

  3. wow, absolutely stunning travel photography. each church is unique and the compositions engaging. 1, 6, and 19 are my favorites.

    Thanks for sharing.

    ~cheers, hiptraveler

  4. You better called this entry “Beautiful photos of beautiful churches”. I studied (there’s a long, long time ago) History of Art in France. My first year was dedicated to visit churches in France, ther is so many, it’s almost impossible to see them all!! But my point is this: In web design we speak a lot about golden ratio. Celts was the first “known” ones to use GoldenRatio in their constructions, then they pass the concept to the Greeks, who pass it to Rome. And then we have had in Europe a loss of knowledge due to the decomposition of the Roman Empire. we had to wait years one thousand to see the resurgence of Celtic knowledge through the “Compagnons de Saint Jacques”, and the Templars. the latter has encouraged and sponsored the first to build churches, according to the norms then Celtic, throughout the various roads leading to Saint Jacques de Compostela.
    The movement gained momentum at the time of the Crusades (1095-1291), and the Companions had almost covered France with fantastic small churches built by the golden ratio of the ancient Celts, realizing the dream of the Templars to melt the Christian ideal with the traditions of the pre-Christian Europe.

  5. I long for the day when these Churches, and all houses of worship will be merely relics of a barbaric past where mankind ignorantly still believed that magical gods existed as our celestial overlords.

    I think these places could be put to a better use as libraries, museums, art galleries, fast food restaurants.

  6. i like the Bogrund Stave Church in Norway…Take yourself back to the time of the Vikings in Northern Europe. Giant men wearing fur coats, wielding huge axes with

    ruthless warfare tactics. If you can believe that these men were actually religious and spent time going to church, the Bogrund Stave Church is where they would go.

    Located in the heart of Norway, this ancient, wooden church is truly something out of this world.

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