Bhanu Ahluwalia November 26th, 2010

Best Nests to Rest

There have been numerous posts on human architecture in which most of the architects have sharpened their skills with the help of education. However, these small birds and insects are naturally endowed with this super gift. We all find nests everywhere and are awed by the beauty of so many different nests which have been created by these wonderful creatures. In today's post we have compiled some examples of ravishing architectural "Nests".
The nests are built mostly by males; the nest's shape, size and position reckons on the species. Although they may differ, their beauty keeps them a source of attraction for both kids and elders alike. Some of us might have tried to construct nests at summer camps. Those among us will definitely agree that these tiny creatures can do wonders. Enjoy the ultimate creativity!

Life beneath the surface

bird feeding babies

A male Baya Weaver Bird 



Patient Mama

Nesting Season


Red-tailed hawk with the chicks

Tree Swallow nest

Baby birds

Young ospreys in the nest

Baby sparrows calling for food



Bird nest

An osprey nest with two ospreys at the top of a cypress tree

Mother & chick on the nest


Sunbirds in the early morning!

olive sunbird

Crow's Nest

Weaverbird hanging from the nest in the rainforest

Bhanu Ahluwalia

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  1. Yes, haughtiness. I like very much and it is warm in the heart. Animals are always capable of making better than the human beings!
    Thank you for his images.

  2. Such a visual treat to the webpage visitors. The collection of nest photograph was really amazing and nice to look. Great post & thx a lot for sharing this gorgeus collection in your post.

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