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Beyond the Building Blocks: Collection of Architectural Photography

Our lives are passively impacted architecturally on a daily basis. To the point where we are virtually desensitized and often do not even take notice of these magnificent architectural structures. We drift in and out of these buildings, pass by them as we move to our destinations, and yet the buildings seem to be blocked from our view. We do not often take time to examine and appreciate the artistry of them.

Both inside and out, so many of the buildings around us possess an uncanny ability to inspire us if we let them in. When we begin to look beyond just the building blocks and metal frames that tend to bring these structures to life, we can see them in entirely new ways. Luckily there are many talented photographers who are more than adept at not only viewing architectural structures this way, but in capturing them so that we, the viewers, can see this in them as well.

Below is a collection of all manners of architectural photography that is sure to inspire anyone who comes across it. Perhaps you will even leave with a deeper appreciation of the buildings in your daily life.

Beyond the Building Blocks

Souls jail by zardo

Piran – The St. George Cathedral by pingallery

Old Warehouse District by IndianRain

first guest by ildiko-neer

New York City Lion by Metal-Bender

There were no passengers… by Hermetic-Wings

…St. Jakup Church…Prague by erhansasmaz

Memories of Dalmatia VIII by Brunilde

Dresden II by ruthsantcortis

Venedig ein Touristentraum by Bildmalerin

Ljubljana – Church of St. Michael by pingallery

RA is watching us by ateist-kleranty

When it’s slipping time down south by Itineraires

PIESKOWA SKALA CASTLE by calyptratus78

Westminster by mcDarius

Descent by Chris Armistead

Grand Central Station 2 by Metal-Bender

MKR in HDR by digitaldao

Lines, curves and angles by YannosGATO

Rivington Pike Tower by Cluke111

late afternoon in Venice II by Kaarmen

on curve by piotruss33

Alamo Square San Francisco by dax000ah

Buda Castle by Zouberi

Going Postal by Cobrajml

Mercedes Benz Museum at Night 02 by EvrWccn

Time goes by by Unel–Photography

Zumberk II by UNexperienced

Impression 1668 by SUDOR

Glass City by erene

Altlerchenfelder Kirche by focusgallery

Hogwarts by shiosVIP

Red Couch by taffmeister

aristocracy II by kaminaru


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  1. Wow really nice pictures. I have been at Rivington Pike Tower and I must say, that it looks even better on the photo than in real life :)

  2. We appreciate the comments, everyone. Always good to know that the posts are inspiring folks. ;)

    Noupe Editorial Team

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