Robert Bowen September 13th, 2012

Over Troubled Water: Showcase of Bridge Photography

One photographic centerpiece that most certainly ends up in front of a photographer’s lens are bridges. And for good reason. Bridges capture our attention and often, because of their sheer size, they force us to take note of them. We marvel at their architectural majesty or we wonder over their history and the lives that have touched their surface. This is perhaps one of the secrets behind the popularity of bridge photography.

Below is a brand new showcase which features bridges of all shapes and sizes. From the modern to the old, these carriers across gaps in our paths are the subject of this gallery of pictures. Whether they be stone, metal or made of wood, bridges are not always inspiring on their own. For some, it takes the photographer’s skills and lens to give these common structures more creative energy.

Over Troubled Water: The Ferryman’s Foes

Ha’Penny Bridge, Dublin by Pajunen

Bridge over Untroubled Water by Huicca

Goodwill Bridge by delsando

Bridge by fixer

bridge by hm923

Burlington Bristol Bridge HDR Edit by tatt2ed13

Mostar by Oceanum-MMA

Cologne Skyline by AljoschaThielen

A Sunset Bridge by susannamaryi

Bridge of Destiny by Brandeno45

Golden Gate Bridge by wonderlandslost

Hagg Bank – Aug2012

Water Under the Bridge by Lowe-Light

The Ben Franklin Bridge by nanshant

Bridge by snapdragon46

old welsh mining bridge by GazPoo

Bridge by friedapi

Bridge by ClaudiaPPhotography


Bridge in bath by PhotographicJaydiee

small wooden bridge by frei76

manhattan bridge by bjarr

Helix Bridge by As0oma

Bridge by ArizaonaRose

Natural Bridge by Il-Lupo-Grigio

Bridge by LadyGreeny

The Old Bridge by CitizenOlek

bridge state of mind by frankgtrs

Blue Wonder by taenaron

Famous Forth Rail Bridge by LyndaWithaWhy

Bridge by terrorkaetzchen

The Port Of Murray Bridge by djzontheball

purified by murisakii

While the showcase closes, the conversation doesn’t have to end here. Give us your thoughts on the collection, or point us in the direction of some other works that we missed. Show us your favorites. Either way, keep the inspiration going.


Robert Bowen

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