Noupe Editorial Team August 20th, 2012

Creep Factor: A Collection of Dark and Spooky Photography

Photographers not only use their work to freeze moments of time, they often set a mood through the shots that they capture. No matter what direction they are aiming, their ability to compose just the right image to connect the viewer with that particular feeling is inspiring. When that aim comes down in the dark or spooky territories it is easy for the work to feel more contrived than anything else. This is why, when it's done well it can truly send shivers down your spine.

Today we bring you a collection we hope will do just that. With this look at dark and spooky photography, we've found artists that have done a wonderful job keeping their work fresh and poignant. At times, to a near terrifying degree. So enjoy the spine-tingling showcase we have prepared.

Creep Factor






Haunted Hands



Child hiding




The Lost Place

Cutter Man

Halloween Doll

Creepy Doll

Bird in the forest



Broken Mirror

Scary Mirror

Bird Skull

Climbing up from the ocean

Halloween Skull

Girl touching a shower curtain

Lost and forgotten

A Ghost Story

Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital Hallway

Child holding a skull in black and white

Man in front of the headlight

Lost PlacesĀ 

No More Fear

Feel free to unclench your mouse or keyboard and breath easy once again, the showcase is over. Which of the photographs connected with you the most? Did any of them leave you with chills? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. Lovely collection :) Nice to see a post like this in Summer too, since most blogs tend to wait ’till Halloween with dark and spooky themed entries.

  2. OMG. Wish I hadn’t given in and skipped. To me the creepiest is the Clown Project is the creepiest. Dark, Destination Chaos are eye catching. Deadly Sorrow is stunning – the colour combination is too good.

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