Prakash Ghodke January 3rd, 2011

Minimalist Art Photography

Minimalist photography is known to be the art of less. Such calm pictures focus mainly on a few essential elements for composing the perfect shot. This type of photography art provides a challenge — by arranging only one or two elements in a scene to share a particular message across. In this post, we hope you will find some inspiring minimalist photography and see that sometimes a little shows a lot!


Dried Palm Leaf

Three oranges on a blue and yellow background






Flower Vase


Black & White




Moderna Museet

Birds on chimney

London Eye



Little Home





Black Sand Beach



Green Car


Light Symmetry


Orange Gourd



Door Handle

Prakash Ghodke

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  1. Awesome examples – very inspirational for the upcoming year. I’ll definitely try to incorporate more minimalism in my photography this year

  2. Beautiful images, owing much to the bold graphic work of photographers like Pete Turner in the ’60s. Google him and you’ll see what I mean.

  3. You found some extremely good examples of using the minimalist style effectively. I work with a graphic designer and she has inspired me to utilize the minimalist on my blog. I feel it helps people hone in on the important details.

  4. I love the photo with the leaf – the first photo. I can see it on a huge canvas on my living room wall, it would look great! All of these photos would blend in magically with any minimal home decor. Great article!

  5. I like the aspect of this vast unreadable texture punctuated with one or two objects which transform the work into one of realistic meaning.

  6. Great stuff as always…inspirational…and I’ll tell you why. I teach a senior commercial photography class to a class of crazy seniors within a tech school environment. I showed your examples and made this an assignment for them which they seemed to enjoy if their results are
    any example! Would be happy to share them with you if you wish for critique! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! -V

  7. Beautiful images, owing much to the bold graphic work of photographers like Pete Turner in the ’60s. Google him and you’ll see what I mean.

  8. Wow, great collection. In fact I was looking for some inspiration today for new photography ideas, and this has really made me think (again)! Thanks.

  9. WHAT LUCK! I I found your site on yahoo. this is really great stuff! I have added your site to my faves. I will be back often.

  10. These photographers have an amazing ability to capture normal every-day things and make art. They are all so pleasing to look at and I really enjoy minimalist art.

  11. when you get that expansive space and a little imgae in their it really makes it epic .. like the bridge with the seagull. they all are very powerful..


  12. Amazing pictures you have added in this post, very nice art photography, every picture has great attractive look, you have great photography skills, i want to sat thanks for sharing this great post.

  13. Great website design. I love the way the background soft-focus part causes the contents of the page to look as if it is standing out from the rest. A good 3D effect.

    Oh yes, and the pics are good too!

  14. I love these photos, probably because they resemble pictures I take
    (thought these are much cleaner). How nice this style is actually called
    something: minimalist. I like that.

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