Prakash Ghodke November 29th, 2010

Snowy Winter Photography

snowey pictures

For some of us, winter is a season that we might try to avoid as much as possible. However, it is a season not to be underestimated and can be beautiful in its own way as much as the remaining seasons. The bright snow and monochromatic tones can make very interesting photos. Winter is a special time for photographers who enjoy the challenges and the rewards that come along with winter photography. In today’s post we have gathered some wonderful pictures made by talented photographers and artists — Enjoy!

Happy Winter Solstice day

Staying Together

Winter Day

The White Wisdom


Chapel in Winter

The Endpoint

Last Ray of Light

Winter Light and Shadow

Midwinter Dream – Photo PB1967

Winter Hangs On

Enter the Winter Wonderland

Winter Brightness


Snowed In

Coming Down

Winter Panorama

Park in Winter Morning

Snowed In

Winter in Sweden

Winter Morning

The winter…

Deep in the Black Forest

Chartreuse’ Winter

Winter Idyll

Lost in the Snow

“Slippery without My Snow Shoes!”

A Calm Winter Landscape

Can you find your bike?

Eagle Lake Sunrise

Winter Surprise II

Crater Lake, Winter

The tree that refused to believe it was winter

Like a Dream

Winter Apple

Winter Freight on Salt Creek Trestle

Winter Wonderland

Stairway to Winter

Winter on the city3

Snowleopard (C)

West Virginia Gristmill Waterfall Winter Snow

Cold Winter

Holding the Snow Ball

Winter Solstice

Gold Lake Winter Reflection

Bikeless Winter in Amsterdam

Snow walking on Brunswick Avenue (Toronto)

Colours in the Winter


Ice land

Kiilopää – Lapland

Winter Sunset

Winter Sun II

Below Zero



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  1. aha. Winter is a good thing. If it does not hold in Russia ))))))))

    Especially winter we Russian, like when a 20-degree frost turns the heat, because, as always, for many years, winter comes suddenly – and overload can not withstand heating system and pipe breaks)))) Russia – the country of morons!

  2. An amazing collection of winter photography.
    P.S. off the topic i love winter as i born in decmeber month :)

  3. Such an amazing collective with great looking winter photographs which are catchy & inspiring. I really love your collection of those winter photographs. Thx for sharing this great list.

  4. I love it. Snowy landscapes always get me in the Christmas mood. Especially the 7th picture, I think that one is taken in Holland

  5. Wow! Looks very cool, I feel freezing with this blog. What a great collection over the inspiring snowy winter photo shots? I really enjoyed this roundup which i haven’t seen ever before.

    Thank you very much for this wonderful listing. Keep sharing such a great blogs ever.

  6. That’s a really nice selection of other people’s work. Did you ask any of these photographers for permission to use their images in your blog? While you were making yourself look good by trading on their creativity, did you consider crediting them at all?

  7. These photos are just amazing. They really capture the best of winter, kind of makes me miss it now in mid July..!

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