Noupe Editorial Team August 27th, 2012

The World in Black and White: Showcase of B&W Photography

So often the world around us can feel somewhat overwhelming. Coming at all of our senses so unforgivably as we move about in it. Which does help us make sense of those photographers who work in black and white. Stripping away the colors to get to even more of an emotional or moving place. Giving B&W photography the opportunity to elicit a much more potent reaction from the viewer.

Today we try to pack some of that inspirational punch into a new showcase of B&W photography that we are sure will impact our readers. Take a look down through these wonderfully emotive captures and see the world stripped away of it’s oft overwhelming presentation, and get a much simpler look at life.

The World in Black and White

black as moonless night by wolf-minori

fireball by dionn-k

Duplicity by TheKoV86

Explorer of the world. by mylittlebluesky

Entering by Heraklid

With Her Own Thoughts by EarthHart

galata by cyniczagor

19 by honey-and-venom

Cry Me A River by janey-in-a-bottle

Blur by LydiaRhianne

Film – XXXIX – fountain reflection by Picture-Bandit

Ladybug Going Downtown (B and W) by Cloudwhisperer67

Cemetery house by lostinawave

Page in black and white by DaisyreeB

. by GabiGeorgescu

Rainy Days by FirenzeLotus22

Sleeper by bry9288

Chop suey time by valkeeja

1959 Cadillac by ohno107

Surrendered to You by NNarcissus

Say cheese by duendeverde

GY Freshney, Ross Tiger by AndrewFletcher

Where are the girls…? by armenart

suspect by Lemon405

Between the Lines-4 by uralsky

mile long lashes by imanxaddict

The guarded door by jazzypao

078 by TheOats

Floating in Time. by ohno107

Black and Butterfly by RayyanCR

Showcase is Ending

That wraps up this half of the presentation, but you know that things are just getting started. Now we take that inspiration and run with it! But before you dash off, feel free to share your thoughts on the collection with us. What were some of your favorites? Any of them really move you?


Noupe Editorial Team

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