Emily Williams August 24th, 2012

Through the Sunlight: Sunlit Photography Showcase

What can be more eye-catching and charming than a colorful sunlit photo slightly spiced with golden lights and deep emotions? Such fantastic pictures are best taken in the early morning or late afternoon, when the light direction and color is more usable than in midday. The time when the sunlight is warmer, red and yellow tints are stronger and all these tiny elements create an especially happy atmosphere.

Have a look at the sunlit photography showcase below and appreciate how skilfully the photographers captured their subjects, grabbing the most attractive angle, played with the colors and highlighted each magnificent detail. It seems that the whole World stops and admires the sublimity of the enchanting minute, its brilliance, brightness and clearness.

Through the Sunlight

Sun Rays by Ultra Fox

Sun Rays

Sun Rays in the Slot Canyon by Kaye Duncan

Sun Rays in the Slot Canyon

Sunny seals by sjs61

Sunny seal

Toronto’s Dales of Tales by Katrin Ray

Toronto's Dales of Tales

Spotted eagle ray at sunrise by Barry Fackl

spotted eagle ray at sunrise

Every blade of grass by photos=happiness

Ray of Enlightenment by Kartik Jasti

Ray of Enlightenment

Sunflares by mav_at


A ring around the sun by Cynthia-E.-Wo

a ring around the sun

Sun Ray by Ru Tover

Sun Ray

Beautiful Sun Ray by Richard Wong

Beautiful Sun Ray

Sun In My Mouth…!!! by Denis-Collette

Sun In My Mouth…!!!

Sunlight Through Kelp by Peter Liu

Sunlight Through Kelp

Sun rays by Pulok Pattanayak


Sunrise by Randen Pederson


The Portal by zachbarbr

The Portal

…and I wake up alone… by bqdockey

...and I wake up alone...

Sunlight Penetrates by Canis Major

Sunlight Penetrates

among the dewy blades of grass…pfairman53

among the dewy blades of grass...

Tender Dawn Sunlight and Leaves by D. Sharon Pruitt

Tender Dawn Sunlight and Leaves

Sunlight through flower seeds by Alan Grinyer (soulman53)

Sunlight through flower seeds

Sunlight on Whitby marina by Andreadm66

Sunlight on Whitby marina

White Sun by MjYj

White Sun

Rays by sumanth suresh


Warmth of the Sun by brendan mills

Warmth of the Sun

Happy sunlights by George Dolgikh

happy sunlights

Awesome Sun Ray by jasper vale

Awesome sun ray

Embrasure For The Sun by Carlos Henrique Reinesch

Embrasure For The Sun

Edge Of The World by Carlos Henrique Reinesch

Edge Of The World

Angel Of The City by Carlos Henrique Reinesch

Angel Of The City

The Hanging Time by Carlos Henrique Reinesch

The Hanging Time

Kiss Me Sunlights by Korpinkynsi

Kiss Me Sunlights

Secret Portal by Bladewing Flash

Secret Portal

Through the Drawing Board by Gilderic Photography

Through the Drawing Board

Magic sealights by FlammingDev

Magic sealights

Tainted Veins by onesynergy-d2vmunu

Tainted Veins

Bubbles: Sunlight by Bree Spawn

Bubbles: Sunlight

From a fairy’s perspective by Cattereia

From a fairy's perspective

Sparkling Sun by John ‘K’

Sparkling Sun

Daylight by Wojciech Dziadosz


Sun Attack by Marquisd

Sun Attack

Brand new day by John Berd

brand new day

Not Quite Over

If you also have striking examples of photos with charming lights, just show your artworks to the curious Noupe audience, tell about your photography experience or simply share your thoughts and feelings on the post in comments section!


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  1. The “Through the Drawing Board” photo is fantastic. I wish I had a workplace that looked even remotely as inviting.

    1. John thank you for your comment! ;) Yes, this workspace is really amazing and very inspiring! Looks like a secret magic place ;)

  2. Fantastic collection. I like Sun Ray & Beautiful Sun Rays & Rays by Sumanth Suresh. I could keep watching them all day – so pleasing.

  3. I like it, Emily! Good job. I’d say, the pictures are mysterious and dreamy. Once again, thanks for sharing. In my opinion “The Handing Time” is the best one.

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