Noupe Editorial Team April 12th, 2012

Through the Mist: Showcase of Foggy Photography

There are so many photographers who set out to capture not just emotive imagery in their photographs, but hauntingly so. One way that many choose to bring this haunting element into their work is through their choice of subject. Few natural elements can add this tone to photos as well as fog. Easily one of the most emotive natural elements next to light, foggy photography is often beautifully stirring.

So for our readers inspirational needs we have tapped the work of some skillful photographers who have dabbled in this area. There are many fine examples of this poignant element included in this showcase of foggy photography, and we hope that you enjoy them as much as did collecting them for you.

Through the Mist

fog pool by PageNotFound

Thick fog by dSavin

Somewhere by dragon-fly-to-me

Empire State Building fog by mirojisme

Gouden Regen by Nelleke

Screech and Scratch by Nelleke

fog by TorySevas

Fog by Ragnarion

Fog by Meteorolog

The Fog (Portrait) by nokel

Sea Fog by Florenaut

Mystic Fog by firebutterfly-narya

as the fog rolls in by 12line01

Coco Mist by Hengki24

Domes by dSavin

Into Mourning by Huldr

Ba Na mountain in fog by dratwister

I Hate Sesquipedalianism by Fuzzypiggy

Foggy Morning by la-rosso-luna

Fog by Wagonwheel101

Cinematic Fog by Bob Vanderau

Fog Clearing from Downtown Towers by Gary J. Wood

Fog rolls in by bradhoc

Early morning fog by gerrybuckel

Creeping Fog by Joselito Tagarao

Tree – Fog & Snow by Larry Lamsa

171729 Heads in to the Fog by Joshua Brown

Sears Tower in fog by Chris Yasick

2012_03_150004 Fog by Gwydion M. Williams

Watchers by Laura Bernhardt


Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. Nice collection. I like when you pick pictures on Flickr because those with an account there, like me, can favourite them and give feedback to the artist easily. Deviant Art isn’t very user-friendly I find.

    One day you’ll pick one of my shots I hope :-)

  2. wow it’s remind me morning of winter ………. woohoooo really nice collection i appreciate it…. ;)

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