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Pixels: Collection of Beautiful Website Designs For Your Inspiration

Pixels is a steadily growing collection of current website designs. The service's purpose is being an inspiration, and it keeps its promise to get you to new ideas very quickly.

Creativity Also Depends on the Goal

Getting creative ideas is not always that simple. Of course, there are cases where I get a sense of how the presence might look like during the first conversation with a client. In most cases, however, that doesn't happen. And that's no surprise. Recently, I was dealing with a producer of toilet lid retainers. They don't produce toilet lids, but the hinges that keep the lid attached to the toilet. An acid test for creative workers.

There's no Such Thing as Enough Inspiration

Thus, I've been taking good care of my design collection. Last weekend, I was able to add another source of inspiration; the Swedish project Pixels. The operator of the project developed Pixels as a side project to its paid bookmark service for designers called Klart, and thus, he adds his bookmarks as inspiration in Pixels.

Pixels: Shuffle Large Webdesign Previews

The project's approach is very straightforward. The screenshots are displayed in a grid. A click on the blank key allows you to randomize the order. However, there are no search functions, and no categorizations, or other sorting functions.

That's not the service's task, though. Pixels only wants to feed you ideas. Thus, it's a good thing that you can't limit the selection in advance.

If you like a design's preview, click it, and you'll see it in a modal window that almost fills the entire screen. At the bottom left, the dominant colors of the displayed website are listed. In the bottom right, there's the option to tweet the design, or save it in Pinterest, as well as to access the website directly. The displayed color palette shows the respective hex values, which you can copy to the clipboard via click.

The shuffle function especially has already gotten me several ideas. Of course, Pixels shouldn't be considered a standalone tool, or savior for those searching inspiration. But as a part of your toolbox, you should definitely consider using the service when the next toilet lid retainer producer wants you to design their website.

Photo by seabass creatives on Unsplash

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