Angie Bowen December 21st, 2011

Shades of Grey: Showcase of B&W Photography

Photography is such a vast field filled with so many amazing techniques and tricks for taking the world around us and stealing moments from it with often breathtaking results. One easy way for photographers to add emotion and impact to their captures is to strip them of color. B&W photography has such a knack for delivering such impactful pieces simply by taking them down to more basic levels and allowing the tone to be set in a much more subtle, yet evocative way. Today we take a look at some truly inspiring images that use this raw energy that a B&W composition can instill. The artists' work that we have turned our spotlight onto is devoid of colors, but in these stirring shades of grey you will find some powerful pieces speaking boldly to their viewers. We hope you enjoy.

The Gallery

Silhouette of Man Near Railling - Photo by Jovydas Pinkevicius from Pexels Reflection of Woman Dancing - Photo by Heloisa Vecchio from Pexels Grayscale Photo of Airplane - Photo by Samarth Singhai from Pexels Grayscale Photography of Person Sitting on Wheelchair Near Pond Photo by alexandre saraiva carniato from Pexels winter by the lake by torobala Grayscale Photo of Building Photo by Alexander Zvir from Pexels Man in Black Jacket Standing on the Seashore Photo by Vladislav Murashko from Pexels Woman on Window Photo by Amine M'Siouri from Pexels Starring Black Car on Grass Photo by Julissa Helmuth from Pexels Silhouette of a Bird Flying Photo by Jue from Pexels Silhouette of Unrecognizable Surfer on Board Photo by Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola from Pexels Grayscale Photo of Flower With Black Background Photo by Sharath Giri from Pexels Grayscale Photography of Woman Sitting on Sand Photo by ????????? from Pexels Grayscale Photo of a Tree Photo by Ready Rey from Pexels Grayscale Photo of Elephant Photo by Aenic Visuals from Pexels Woman Sitting Underwater Photo by Emma Li from Pexels Grayscale Photography of Bicycles Grey Stairs in a Building

Photo by Guillaume Meurice from Pexels Black and White Photo of Plant Photo by MOHAMED ABDELSADIG from Pexels Vacant Black and Gray Chair in Room Photo by OVAN from Pexels Trees Photo by Vlad Bagacian from Pexels Woman Holding Wine Glasses Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina from Pexels Grayscale Photo of Woman's Reflection Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina from Pexels Hand Holding Cigarette on Body of Water Photo by elifskies from Pexels Woman on Bicycle On River Coast Photo by elifskies from Pexels Dog Sittin at Table in Cafe Photo by David Henry from Pexels Grayscale Photo of a Man Riding a Motorcycle on the Bridge Photo by Enes Ersahin from Pexels Dawn Landscape and Man Photo by Enes Ersahin from Pexels Grayscale Photo of Tree Photo by Dani Dhafa from Pexels Grayscale Photo of Woman Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels Plant on Concrete Pot Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels Grayscale Photo of Man in White Top and Pants Photo by ???? ???????? from Pexels Grayscale Photography of Person Crossing Street Near a Tram Photo by João Cabral from Pexels Silhouette of Wind Vane Photo by Mat Brown from Pexels Grayscale Photo of Snow Covered Mountain Photo by ZHANQUN CAI from Pexels Mountain, Rock and Moon Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels Grayscale Photo of a Church Photo by Marcel Fiedler from Pexels Silhouette of a Couple Walking on a Grass Field Photo by Airam Dato-on from Pexels Black Wooden Bridge Under White Sky Photo by Pixabay from Pexels Black Road Bike Beside Bench Photo by Nathan Engel from Pexels Grayscale Photo of Person on Cliff Photo by Nathan Engel from Pexels Train Riding on Tracks of Railroad Photo by Laura Tancredi from Pexels Grayscale Photo of Flowers Photo by ZHANQUN CAI from Pexels Low Angle Photo of Spiral Stairs Photo by Suvan Chowdhury from Pexels Black and White Portrait of a Woman in Black Coat Photo by ????? ?????????? from Pexels Photo by David Guerrero from Pexels Grayscale Photo of Barbed Wire Photo by Daniel Abbatt from Pexels Herd of Sheep Photo by Sabina from Pexels Grayscale Photo of Maple Leaf Photo by Ralph W. lambrecht from Pexels Black and White Low Angel View of Mountain Goat Photo by marco allasio from Pexels (rb)

Angie Bowen

Angie Bowen is a freelance artist, designer and writer as well as a founding member and editor of the Arbenting Design Blog.


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