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40+ Great Examples of Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook has become an essential part of promoting a website or service online. Small blogs, discussion forums and huge commercial companies such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds are all using Facebook to promote their brand and interact with fans and customers. Facebook fan pages are at the heart of any Facebook promotion campaign. A great fan page will not only encourage people to like their page; it will also effectively promote their brand and connect with readers on a regular basis so that fans don't reach for the unlike button. Today we will be showing you some examples of great Facebook fan pages. We hope that they will inspire you and give you some ideas for your own fan page.

The Showcase

1. McDonalds The McDonalds fan page has a lot of different sections on it to promote their meals, deals and competitions. The main page changes frequently depending on their current promotion. McDonalds 2. iTunes A minimalist fan page that has the same look and feel as iTunes itself. Their Twitter account is promoted at the top of the page and top ten songs, apps, movies and tv shows are shown. You can also search for songs, albums, movies, apps and more directly through this area too. All regional iTunes fan pages are shown at the left hand side of the page. iTunes 3. Livescribe Videos, tutorials, apps and more that explain what the Livescribe smartpen is and what it can do for you. It's a great example of how to promote an innovative product to the masses. Livescribe 4. Chick-fil-A The breakfast range is heavily promoted on the entry page. When a user clicks on a specific meal they are taken to the Chick-fil-A website for more information. Their Twitter profile and newsletter are also promoted on the entry page. Chick-fil-A 5. Baskin-Robbins A fantastic example of how to encourage (read force!!) visitors to like your fan page. The content is faded on the fan page. In order to see the information in full, visitors have to become a fan. Baskin-Robbins 6. Honda The Honda fan page defaults to the 'Like Our Models' section. The design encourages people to like the page and displays a list of all of their current cars. Each car can be liked individually and clicking on the vehicle image will redirect you to the Honda website for more information. There is a useful resource area for Honda owners too. Honda 7. Twilight The latest trailer is given the most importance on the entry page though links to all social media profiles are shown underneath. Real time updates from fans are shown underneath as well. You can leave a comment there using YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Twilight 8. Britney Spears A great media fan page. Britney's latest song can be played directly on the page and there is a link to download the song too. Information about upcoming gigs and the latest comments from fans via Twitter and Facebook are shown too. Britney Spears 9. Monopoly A beautifully designed fan page that encourages visitors to like the page in order to join in the fun. There are links to the Hasbro website, their Twitter profile and another dedicated fan page for an exclusive Monopoly documentary. Monopoly 10. VW Features an owners section and information about their popular models. The entry page shows the current promotion. At the moment the promotion allows fans to upload their photo to appear in Times Square, New York. VW 11. Brendan's Irish Pub and Restaurant Brendan's have incorporated their menu into their Facebook fan page. Visitors are encouraged to like the page in order to leave a comment underneath the menu. Brendan's Irish Pub and Restaurant 12. Zappos The main page has a large image that encourages visitors to like the page to view exclusive content. It also includes a catalogue and competitions. Zappos 13. Harley Davidson Using a design that matches the brand styling, the Harley Davidson fan page directs visitors to visit their main website. Harley Davidson 14. Budweiser A simple fan page that encourages visitors to like Budweiser to support designated drivers. They also host competitions through Facebook regularly. Budweiser 15. Skittles One of the most colourful Facebook fan pages online, the Skittles page takes advantage of the 180x540 pixel allowance for the main profile picture and has links to their YouTube and Twitter profiles and their main website. Their advertisements can be watched directly through the fan page too. Skittles 16. NFL Includes a welcome page that encourages visitors to subscribe, information about where you can watch NFL live in your area and a fun NFL Facebook game. NFL 17. Red Mango The frozen yogurt & fresh fruit smoothies maker encourages people to subscribe to their fan page by offering visitors a $2 discount off one of their products by liking their page. Red Mango 18. Panda Express Whilst Panda Express interacts with their fans regularly and offers a store locator option through their fan page, their entry page directs visitors to their main website. With over 1.5 million fans, Facebook no doubt contributes a large part of their website traffic. A great example of how you can use Facebook to push traffic to your main site. Panda Express 19. BMW The BMW fan page features videos of their cars and a global map which shows Global BMW Facebook news. Most features are hidden to non-fans. These pages heavily encourage visitors to like the page to see more. BMW 20. Teesey Tees The Teesy Tees fan page defaults to a tab called 'Fan Discount!'. Visitors have to like the page in order to see it. Teesey Tees 21. Guiness Ireland Known for it's effective use of offline and online marketing, Guiness offer their fans the latest news about their products and entry into exclusive competitions. Guiness Ireland 22. Gary Vaynerchuk A fantastic fan page that explains who Gary is and what he does. The page links heavily to his personal blog and company website and highlights the fact he has over 840,000 Twitter followers. Gary Vaynerchuk 23. Oreo A fun fan page that showcases the latest commercial and encourages users to like the page. The recipe section lists lots of great recipes from the main website. Oreo 24. Get 10,000 Fans A great example of how you can use Facebook to increase the number of people who subscribe to your newsletter. The entry page automatically loads a video that explains why you should subscribe to the fan page and newsletter. Get 10,000 Fans 25. Spongebob SquarePants Spongebob Squarepants offers games and other exclusive content for those who like the page. Spongebob SquarePants 26. Red Hot Chili Peppers Features a newsletter sign up on the entry page and a video app that lets you play the Chili Peppers greatest hits. Upcoming gigs are also noted. Red Hot Chili Peppers 27. Coca-Cola Exclusive downloads, photos, videos and other goodies for people who like the Coca-Cola fan page. Coca-Cola 28. The Doors A beautiful fan page that allows visitors to play some of The Doors best songs through the embedded media player. The Doors 29. Stella & Dot An elegant design that hosts exclusive competitions for their Facebook fans. Stella & Dot 30. MysteryGuitarMan Straight to the point, MysteryGuitarMan directs visitors to like the page before visiting the wall. MysteryGuitarMan 31. Nutella A simple design that features a delicious jar of Nutella. Putting all the focus on the product. Nutella 32. Pulp Fiction The Pulp Fiction fan page heavily advertises the cult films release on Blu-Ray. There's a reviews section that allows fans to leave their own thoughts on the film too. Pulp Fiction 33. Benefit Cosmetics A showcase of the new Benefit Cosmetics store in New York. Benefit Cosmetics 34. Ben & Jerry's Another great fan page that hides the content on the main entry page to encourage people to like it. Visitors are able to view and send a funny video sketch after they have subscribed. Ben & Jerry's 35. Dell Dell are one of the few commercial companies to offer direct support regarding orders and products directly through Facebook. The latest products are also linked from the main page. Dell 36. Oxfam GB One of the few pages that has added several important sections to their fan page instead of just linking to their main website. Fans can shop, donate money to Oxfam and find out more about the Oxfam cause directly on their fan page. Oxfam GB 37. Realising Designs Website Design A great example of how you can use Facebook to tell people more about your business. There are links to their social media profiles and details of their latest projects. There is also an exclusive discount that you can claim only if you become a fan. Realising Designs Website Design 38. Daddy Design One of the most colourful fan pages online, Daddy Design showcases their latest designs from their portfolio and lists all of their social media profiles. Information about getting a free quote is also there. Daddy Design 39. NHL The NHL encourages interactivity by letting fans create their own NHL profile using an app in Facebook. NHL 40. Windows The Windows fan page displays information in 4 boxes that mimic the design and colour of the iconic Windows logo. Windows 41. DunkinDonuts The Dunkin Donuts page illustrates how you can leverage the traffic from one fan page to promote another fan page or application on Facebook. DunkinDonuts 42. Adobe Individual products from Adobe have their own fan pages and have a lot of subscribers, though their main fan page has less than 50,000 subscribers. This is probably because they have used their main fan page as a hub for connecting visitors to individual products. Adobe


We hope you have enjoyed this list of beautiful Facebook fan pages from across the web. People seem to be using their Facebook fan page for a variety of reasons. Some simply want to push traffic to their main website, others want to interact with fans and customers whilst others use it as a way of building up their newsletter list or increasing their other social media reaches. What's your Facebook fan page like? Feel free to talk about your Facebook promotion technique in the comment area. (rb)

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  1. Cool and inspiring collection :-) but #28 (The Doors) is actually not a unique page. It’s an app called BandPage (by Root) which a lot of artists/bands use! Great app if you need a cool artist page!

  2. I liked Honda’s concept of highlighting their range, all the while encouraging people to express themselves. For other brands, you could even use that concept to make a contest, where the most popular item gets used as a prize for those who voted for it.

  3. Nice examples. I like Facebook pages that are quick and to the point, but it’s essential to let people know what they’ll GET when they like the page. Nutella’s “Come join our world” doesn’t really cut it. Ben & Jerry’s? Wordier, but better.

  4. These pages are great examples of of what will jump-start fan interaction. I like the pages with fan gates that encourage fans to “like” their pages (Zappos, Ben & Jerry’s, Coke, Spongebob). I like how the VW page allows fans to upload their own pictures and engage with the company once they “like” them. Nice post, Thanks!

  5. oh! estas paginas son una gran inspiración, me gustan porque se mantiene una relación mas directa con las personas!

  6. Are there any good guides on how to create a page like this? Or is it easier to by a template, if so where is a good place to get one. A friend asked me earlier this week, for his small business, but I didn’t know what to tell him.

  7. Great FB pages;

    Can someone confirm if I am right – From the recent changes on Facebook, when someone ‘likes a page’ this will not show up in the newsfeed of their friends; This change will reduce the value of having a commercial facebook page?

  8. Great, great post. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t seen most of these, and it’s very interesting to see how creative people can be. I’m sure these are really effective too.

  9. My favorite is VW, because it has familiar colors with facebook itself, so you don’t feel a difference in which site/page you are browsing. And yeah, probably because I own VW and use it on daily bases :)

  10. Thank you so much for showing me such a great collection of FB fan pages. I’m about to create my first fan page for my company and these examples are extremely helpful to get the creative juices flowing.

  11. The real Deal is our new Facebook Fanpage! ;-)

    Awesome collection and great pages. Oreo for example is a phanomenal, also Britney Spears, cause her management overrolled Google+ too as one of the first musicians.

  12. Oh, guys thanks for this brilliant collection of FB fan pages. I found “Get 10.000 Fans” page and I’m in a hurry to follow them! thanks I was looking for these guys)
    By the way I hope it’s OK if I offer you another nice FB page – – just for your pleasure )))

    1. Now its simpler since its basically an iFrame so you dont have to bother with FMBL. Search for “iFrame Application Facebook” you will find relatively comprehensive tutorial quickly.

  13. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW I cannot believethe like stats on some of these pages! Makes me feel like small fry amongst giants. Awesome :0))

  14. The numbers that The Twilight Saga page has achieved is incredible!! Really epitomising everything the Facebook Fan page is about – sharing, interaction, engagement, discussion and of course, the very nature of the social forum!! Some great examples there. Another good one is Ace Hardware. It is one that interests me as it is an example of where my own company need to get to, but they engage customers really well, while still letting them know about various offers! Tough thing to do well.

  15. What an awesome selection of Fan Pages. I LOVE posts like this where I can see a bunch of creative pages all in one place. Awesome job on compiling this top 40 list; it was inspiring. Very cool!

  16. Awesome pages. I heard from January 1st 2012, we can even build these pages using HTML only, no FBML is required. Is that true?

    1. Susmita,

      As of January 1, 2012 Facebook stopped supporting FBML so if you are using that and you find a bug it can’t be fixed. As of June 1, 2012 FBML will be completely discontinued. A good way around this and to avoid any problems is to use a third party custom tab designer. My favorite is ShortStack, you can check it out at!

  17. There is no more “Suggest to Friends” facebook button, but there are great apps for your fan page that are even better. All your fan page visitors will be able to invite their friends to your fan page. Take a look at it’s one of the best!

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