Robert Bowen March 15th, 2012

Explosions of Color: Inspired Collection of Bright and Colorful Vector Illustrations

With Spring on its way to so many, the landscapes will soon be blossoming with bright, vibrant colors. For those who are not wanting to wait for that seasonal colorful explosion, we have prepared a splash of brighter tones to help. With so many talented vector artists sharing their fine works across the web, we have turned out spotlight their way for an inspirational showcase that is sure to please.

So take a look through this bright and colorful collection of vector illustrations to get an inspirational recharge. With a range of subject matter and moods, these pieces’ expressive use of colors are sure to put a smile on your face and even potentially an idea or two in your mind.

Explosions of Color

Encomium: Lana Turner by jengartist

wooof – lonely wolf by maxtodie

Monster Avenue Doodle by reyexzyl

We Are Not Alone by GoshaDole

Foodie Babe J by CQcat

Tuti Suka Es Nong-Nong by fajardesign

Leisure Precipice by digitalsleaze

Blossom by iamkzee

Render Cecilia by sakucitah

Gal de los Muertos by SashaZombie

Distorted Reality by x-posion

Ponyville Flower Shop by RainbowRage12

Wild Pinetree and Friends by Mag1cWind0w

Ling-Liang by andyshade

Indonesia by morlock22

Principito by ALPHA11-11

Nature areaClosed

Caligrafia by lauliver

Summer Time by Cuccko

Park by jarist84

TERESHA X SALLY by silocult

Sound in my ear by Tomekkaz

Matilda by stigmatan

22 by TimurKhabirov

The spirit maya by AR-MANDO

Fruity-fruit by chibiorangebing2

Black Friday Collaborations Project by chicken1985

Ace in the Hole by Maglii

Rainbow pipe cloud by Giesji

Zosterops japonicus by 398hajime

Japan by morlock22

Memory by pikachu0221

punKgirl by Psycool

Chun lee street fighter Vector by brainwavedesigns

GoGo Girl by MidniteHearts

Passado-Presente-Futuro by ine5ita

Me… Oh Wait…! by iveinbox

~ combi ~ by bagusetiawan

Dave Koz by prie610

Little Vampire by Camilo-Otalora


Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is an emerging author, celebrated podcaster and poet, and most recently the co-founder and imaginative co-contributor of the creative design and blogging duo at the Arbenting and Dead Wings Designs.


  1. These have gotten a lot of traffic on Pinterest; I’m seeing them everywhere. Great collection and thanks for taking the time to put together!

  2. Loved these illustrations!! These images are really inspiring and can enlighten the mood for sure.

  3. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Glad that some inspiration was found within these pieces. :)

    Noupe Editorial Team

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