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There We Go: 25+ Incredible Sites Created Using Website Builders

It seems that website builders are on the rise lately. These sites boast the capability of helping anyone create a professional website, with no technical experience at all. While not all website builders are all that they claim to be, many do provide everything needed for even those with a blind design eye to end up with a fairly nice-looking website. Some of the more flexible web builders - those with more advanced features - are attracting web designers, since they can create almost any website they imagine without needing to know code. Some pretty impressive websites have started to emerge from web builder sites, which is what the following round-up attempts to reveal. You can probably tell which of the ones below were designed by creative professionals and which were created by those with little to no creative experience. However, even the lesser designs below reveal just how much can be accomplished with a web builder site, no matter the level of design or development experience.


Created with small business owners in mind, WebStartToday is an easy drag-and-drop web builder with SEO content already built in to each template. With thousands of designs and 72 industries from which to choose, small business owners have quite a few options for customization. All content is customizable and each template comes with tips and suggestions for SEO as well. My favorite part of WebStartToday is that you can launch a site right away and it's free for an entire year.

Reed Grey Woodworking

AquaVie Day Spa

Electrify Fitness


Another web builder that is easy for business owners to use, Intuit comes with hundreds of designs from which to choose. Plus, they have e-commerce options, excellent tech support, and Facebook and Twitter widgets. You also have the option of trying Intuit for free, but only for 30 days.

Coco Lassial Apron Co.

Gentle Hands Canine Care

Elk Mountain Rentals LLC


As a completely free website builder, Wix is hard to beat. While design options are a bit limited, you can still produce a beautiful site - if you know how a beautiful website should look. Some website designers have even used Wix for their own business website. Many websites created with Wix are blogs, organization websites, or portfolios.


The Punch and Judy Show

Richard Overton


For web design professionals wanting to avoid coding, Breezi is one of the better options available. Breezi gives users complete control over the design, so unique websites are completely doable. It also comes with tons of apps and it is mobile responsive. One of my favorites is that it comes with "skins" so that if you don't like the look of a site, you can completely change it in seconds simply by trying on a new skin.


Katherine Morgan Design

Fragments of Winter

Christine Brizendine

Design Printworks

Mint Wedding Cinematography


As a free, basic website creator, Weebly is a popular one for organizations and others looking for a clean but standard website. Recently, Weebly became even easier to use with iPhone and Android apps for keeping up with your site. All designs are search engine optimized, include social media links, cloud hosting, and even analytics. And their designs now include mobile-friendly options as well.

Arancini Bros.


Kaylee's Education Studio


Another free website creator, IM-Creator is perfect for both designers and small business owners with no web building experience. In fact, freelance designers are the creators of many of the designs found on IM-Creator, so businesses who use this site builder have lots of unique designs from which to choose.

Wiggley Bottom Farm

Alex Steenfeldt

Chikin and Fish

Quails in the Nest



MoonFruit is another free website builder that comes with lots of original designs, giving a non-technical user quite the advantage when creating a company website. This one also offers lots of ecommerce possibilities, so goes beyond other free site creators.


Emma Illustration

In Your Dreams

Re-loved Vintage

Raw Xclusive


As a free website builder that also gives designers full control, Webydo is a great site builder for web designers with no coding experience. It comes with ecommerce options, cross-browser capabilities, web fonts, and lots of professional tools.

Stella and Lori

Yoav Gurin

Gallery Born


The websites above hopefully reveal just how incredible website builders can be, and especially in the hands of an experienced designer. As a professional, you can cut down on your design time and avoid the need for learning complicated code. As a disclaimer, though, I must point out that site creators do have their limitations. In order to build highly customized websites, you will of course need to know code. (dpe)

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