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The 11 Most Important Web Design Blogs in 2015

Web designers and developers have to keep themselves up to date and have their finger on the pulse of the time. You can do so by reading the best blogs about web design. I want to present some blogs to you today that were trendsetters in 2014 and before and will be in 2015. They provide the latest information on everything about design as well as tips, tricks, and the best tutorials. We focused on high content quality and attached great importance on usability to make it beneficial for novices as well as professionals. Since self-praise is no recommendation, we don't mention Noupe in this list, but of course you should take it into account ;-) mostimportantblogs-teaser_EN

The Best Web Design Blogs in 2015

I focused on the most popular blogs, which have a high Alexa rank and thousands of followers in the social media. Naturally, I also considered how often content is updated. High-quality posts and variety were important factors to me. The more people can benefit from the content, the better. Today's article lists only international blogs in English.

1. Smashing Magazine

Smashing-Magazine1 Alexa rank: 2,256 Social media: Twitter - 902,000 followers; Facebook - 246,000 likes Post frequency: 3-5 articles per week Content types: articles, guides, research, prize draws, freebies, e-books The Smashing Magazine is in a different league and virtually the dinosaur among web design blogs - but hopefully with a better end. It offers articles about web design, coding, programming, user experience design, and graphics. Most tutorials provide an in-depth look at the subject requiring a good knowledge base. Besides own printed or e-books, Smashing Magazine also offers conferences and workshops. There's also a weekly newsletter.

2. Hongkiat

Hongkiat Alexa rank: 1,664 Social media: Twitter - 39,200 followers; Facebook - 92,000 likes Post frequency: up to 10 articles per week Content types: articles, tutorials, reviews, freebies, design inspiration Initiated by Hongkiat Lim, this blog is a good resource for people who are interested in web design, web development, graphics, and photography. Here you'll find high-quality articles about web design, tips and tutorials on HTML and CSS.

3. Tuts+

Tutsplus Alexa rank: 1,077 Social media: Twitter - 122,000 followers; Facebook - 121,356 likes Post frequency: up to 7 articles per week Content types: articles, tutorials, reviews, design theory, news, interviews This blog is a good resource for comprehensive, useful, and extensive tutorials on all web design aspects. The tutorials can be used by novices as well as professionals. It provides a glossary explaining the different web design terms to help establish a basic knowledge.

4. Creative Blog

Creative-Bloq Alexa rank: 2,239 Social media: Twitter - 117,000 followers; Facebook - 211,556 likes Post frequency: couple of posts per day Content types: articles, videos, tutorials, reviews, design and illustration news, roundups, freebies, and more The Creative Blog is a good resource that covers several design-specific topics. They publish many inspirational articles, present typefaces, and offer Photoshop tutorials. Graphic designers will find a lot of 3D animations and illustrations here.

5. Codrops

Codrops Alexa rank: 2,215 Social media: Twitter - 125,000 followers; Facebook - 84,163 likes Post frequency: up to 3 articles per week Content types: articles, tutorials, tips, development and programming, inspirations, news and interviews Codrops concentrates on web design tips and tutorials. Here you can find the most advanced tutorials and most interesting effects. Codrops is virtually a design laboratory. Freebies and inspirational articles top the package off.

6. Web Designer Depot

Webdesigner-Depot Alexa rank: 5,149 Social media: Twitter - 729,000 followers; Facebook - 206,322 likes Post frequency: daily Content types: articles, web design theory, Twitter roundups, comics, freebies The Web Designer Depot offers daily articles about theoretical web design, good tips, and lots of freebies. Interesting tweets and the comic of the week complete the offer. The website brings out the latest trends and news in the wide field of web design.

7. Designmodo

Designmodo Alexa rank: 6,721 Social media: Twitter - 255,000 followers; Facebook - 118,903 likes Post frequency: 3-5 articles per week Content types: articles, tutorials, tips, inspirations This blog not only covers web design and development topics. Entrepreneurs will find useful recommendations on online branding, SEO, and marketing. Designmodo also provides the latest news and technological novelties. Different tutorials on back and front end development, programming, and design are helpful for novices, experienced designers, and programmers.

8. Co.Design

Co.Design Alexa rank: 4,539 Social media: Twitter - 357,000 followers; Facebook - 322,124 likes Post frequency: most of the time daily Content types: everything about design Co.Design publishes the widest topical spectrum. The main topic is design and covers all areas including clothing, interior design, technical innovations, and also web development. They also write about apps.

9. Speckyboy

Speckyboy Alexa rank: 7,951 Social media: Twitter - 66,300 followers; Facebook - 50,547 likes Post frequency: daily Content types: articles, tips, tutorials, freebies, e-books, inspirations The Speckyboy blog covers different aspects of web design and web technology. It's not as comprehensive as Co.Design but here you'll find neat and inspiring articles about graphic design, illustration, website building and UX. Articles about freebies, weekly news, and inspirations also don't go short.

10. CSS Tricks

CSS-Tricks Alexa rank: 1,950 Social media: Twitter - 198,000 followers; Facebook - 55,836 likes Post frequency: up to 5 posts per week Content types: coding tips, tutorials, videos, podcasts CSS Tricks is one of the dinosaurs of web design and has been on the market for a long time. Its founder, Chris Coyier, publishes mainly technical articles and problem solutions for CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP. Throughout its long existence, CSS Tricks has published loads of articles about responsive design, web development, and similar topics. There are also videos and podcasts. The snippets database provides problem solutions for all markup and programming languages. It also covers the latest trends on front and back end design.

11. SitePoint

SitePoint Alexa rank: 1,330 Social media: Twitter - 127,000 followers; Facebook - 67,467 likes Post frequency: daily Content types: web design articles, tips, tutorials, reviews SitePoint offers a lot of articles about front and back end development as well as web design topics in general. UE and UI studies complete the overall picture, not to mention the articles about SEO and marketing.


A good mixture of the leading blogs about all relevant topics in web design guarantees a good and always up-to-date basic knowledge. If you follow these 11 blogs, you'll get a good overview of the latest developments and technical innovations. Which one is your favorite? (dpe)

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