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30 Hand-picked Flash and Essential Actionscript 3.0 Tutorials

Using Flash properly, allows you to create stunning visual experience and offer your visitors amazing user interaction. Flash’s strength lies in its ability to showcase unusual visual solutions, including graphic motion, videos and sound. Make use of them if you really want to achieve a stunning visual design This article provides 30 Impressive Flash and Actionscript 3.0 tutorials which can enrich your design skills and may serve as an inspiration for your Flash-projects.

- Create an Impressive Magnifying Effect with ActionScript 3.0

In this tutorial we'll learn how to create a magnifying glass effect, demonstrating use of the displacementMapFilter. The effect can be achieved in a relatively short space of time and with very little code.

- Creating Gradients in Flash

Creating gradients is an important skill to have when designing in Flash.

- Controlling the Timeline with ActionScript 3

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to control buttons using ActionScript 3 while creating a guide for selecting perennials.

- 3D Menu on a Cube with Perspective

In this tutorial, they provide several custom classes which make building 3D menus like the cube menu below easy.

- Create a Dynamic Slideshow with ActionScript 3.0 and XML

In this screencast we will learn how to create a dynamic slideshow using ActionScript 3.0 and how to grab the images from an xml file.

- Create a 3D Sliding Puzzle Game in Flex with ActionScript 3.0 and Away3D

In this tutorial you are going to build up a simple sliding puzzle. Puzzle images are dynamically loaded and sliced so you can easily use your own images if you like.

Check out the demo

- Infinite Gallery / Menu

In this Flash and ActionScript 3 tutorial you will learn how to create an infinite gallery. This will also work perfectly for menus and so on.

Check out the demo

- Create an iPhone-like Flip Effect in Flash Using ActionScript 3.0

In this tutorial, we'll recreate the Flip Effect used in the iPhone's UI using Flash CS4 and ActionScript 3.0.

Check out the demo

- Using the Timer Class to animate rotation

The timer class is quite a powerful class in Actionscript, in this article you will see a very simple implementation of a Timer. We will create a simple shape, and we’ll use the Timer class to make it rotate.

Check out the demo

- Flash Mouse Trailer with Stars

This Flash and ActionScript 3 tutorial shows you how to create a cool mouse trail effect with stars.

Check out the demo

- Customizing Flash Context Menu Using AS3

This tutorial will teach you how to customize the context menu by removing the default items and adding your own items instead.

Check out the demo

- Create a poll and chart component in Flash CS3

Collect your website visitors’ views and opinions via a Flash poll, and display the results on a Flash bar chart

- Trendy Custom Cursor Using the Action Script 3

This lesson, explained in extreme detail, will teach you how to create trendy custom cursor using a little action script code. You can use this lesson, when you like to hide a standard cursor and use a custom cursor.

Check out the demo

- Implement the basic Flash CS3 drag-and-drop technique

Add that little bit of extra dynamism to your website by introducing drag-and-drop to the user experience.

- Modern Preloader with ActionScript 3

How to create a modern preloader with ActionScript 3. It is really easy to change the look of the preloader to fit for your needs.

Check out the demo

- AS3 Guide Colour Tints

How to create a modern preloader with ActionScript 3. It is really easy to change the look of the preloader to fit for your needs.

Check out the demo

- Rotation Movie text presentation

Using this thoroughly explained, detailed lesson, you will see how to create very attractive movie text effect.

Check out the demo

- Vertical 3D Carousel with ActionScript 3

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a vertical 3D carousel with the help of ActionScript 3. We will determine the rotation speed according to mouse movement.

Check out the demo

- Cool particle effects in Flash

Creating a particle system in Flash may sound difficult, but as Seb Lee-Delisle shows you, it’s not rocket science

- Flash CS3 Particle Effect Tutorial

Another tutorial to show you how create an effect with random particles flying out from the center of the stage in random directions, with random sizes and opacities.

Check out the demo

- Basics of Papervision3D

This tutorial goes over the basics how to use the Papervision3D library.

- Design a Flash-based videogame

Luke Feldman reveals how to create an exciting Flash-based computer game that will bring your audience back time and time again.

- Mp3 player with volume slider using Actionscript 3

Learn how to create a mp3 player with a volume slider.

- Creating a 3D Tunnel Effect in Flash

This tutorial will teach you how to create this very cool 3D tunnel effect in Flash using some simple 2D animation techniques.

Check out the demo

- AS3 Guide Drawing Curves

Drawing curves in ActionScript 3.0 is simple using the curveTo().

Check out the demo

- Circle Collisions

- Building flash video player

- ColorPicker Component in Flash CS3

In this simple Flash movie, the user can draw with the mouse on a board. The user can choose the color and the thickness of the stroke. For choosing color, we use the new ActionScript 3 component, ColorPicker.

Check out the demo

- Making lip-syncing simple

Learn how to speak easy by going through the simple steps of lip-syncing using Flash CS3 with animator.

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    the first frame contain McContent, a nested movie clip that contains the content of the teaching and
    in the second frame i placed McQuiz, a nested movie clip that contains questions related to the content in the McContent.
    The Mc Content contains 7 frames and the McQuiz contains 5 frames.

    My problem is I want to have a review button (or movie clip) that will only appear in the last frame of the Mc Quiz and i want that button to take the student to jump from the 5th frame of Mc Quiz to the 2nd second frame of Mc Content. Could you please help me with the action script for that button.

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