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Understanding Frontline Workers – [Infographic]

The workforce of the 21st century is more diverse than before. Over 85% of the total global workforce comprises frontline workers. Frontline workers are essentially the employees that have to be ‘present’ to accomplish their jobs.

Unlike knowledge workers who can work from anywhere, frontline workers have to be on the ‘field’ which can be within or outside of the traditional office perimeters. This is why frontline workers are also known as ‘fieldworkers’. 

Apart from being the majority of the workforce, understanding frontline workers is critical to the growth of any business for multiple reasons. They are the ‘face’ of your company, they represent the company while providing services and they are the first point of contact for your customers and hence, their engagement and productivity are critical to the success of your business by and large.

In this infographic, let us understand more about this business ‘superheroes’ and how to improve their productivity to keep the wheels of your business moving!

Understanding Frontline Workers

[Infographic] MDM for Frontline Workers by MDM for Fronline Workers

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