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Your 2020 Guide to Finding Remote Work – [Infographic]

Remote opportunities have reached a historical high, and it seems to be the new preferred way of work. With many benefits for both employers and employees, many are seeking remote work solutions amidst the pandemic to stay afloat.

However, the surge of remote listings makes its job market difficult to navigate - especially for those new to seeking virtual opportunities. More often than not, job searching is mind over matter - a sense of building your momentum to apply for the positions you feel most compatible with. Here, you will find tips on how to begin your job search, how to build your momentum, and the best tips for landing a remote job.

You'll first need to complete some housekeeping tasks before igniting your job search. First, give your resume a touch-up. For example, pay attention to your overall layout. A resume should be an easy skim, highling your most relevant experiences first. Stray from general descriptions of the job's role as this is your time to make your case for being the ideal candidate for hire. In other words, include keywords related to the field of your interest, and keep details short and sweet.

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After your resume is fine-tuned, you'll want to check out your social media. Remember, you may never meet your boss in-person, so your social media is often the best reflector of you. Saying this, ensure your online reputation and image are portrayed positively. 70% of employers research applicants' social presences before hiring or interviewing, so avoid posting anything illegal, discriminatory, or innaporirate that could negatively reflect the brand you're interested in joining. Alternatively, creating separate business and personal profiles can remedy your concerns.

Now, you're ready to begin navigating the job market, but many find doing so intimidating. In fact, the intimidation can turn into procrastination. Time is money, and life is easier when our goals are completed - so there should be a sense of urgency in your job search if you are without income. We put things off to lower our stress levels and increase the time we spend on enjoyable activities. However, procrastinators go on to feel more stress, illness, and lower quality of work. Saying this, be proactive in your search. In life and business, many good things can come from negatives. 

In other words, take control of your difficult situation by recognizing the reality of your situation. One way you can do so is by exploring for your dream job on platforms like Nine2Five Job Search or Indeed. In 2020, the top fields offering remote jobs are within the medical/health, computer/IT, customer service, education/training, sales, and accounting/finances sectors. More specifically, the most popular remote jobs include project managers, accountants, writers, nurses, online ESL teachers, investigation specialists, customer service representatives, and more. 

99% of those who work from home would like to continue working remotely, at least part of the time, for the rest of their careers. On top of that, 95% would recommend it to others. Check out the infographic below for more information on how to find work in the remote economy.

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