Noupe Guest Blog Guidelines

How to contribute to our blog

Article standards

  1. Submit posts via Google Docs.
  2. Posts should have a minimum of 1000 words.
  3. Plagiarism is not acceptable. Please cite your sources for quotes, statistics, and external content using a hyperlink within the text of your article. Articles without proper citations will be rejected. The images in your article will be removed if there is a copyright violation, make sure that the images are free to use and please include the sources for the images.
  4. Use H2, H3, and H4 formatting for subheadings wherever appropriate.
  5. Please include a short author bio for us to attach to your article.

Editorial notes

  1. Your submission must be a completely new, previously unpublished piece of content unless a repurposed piece has been discussed and approved by both parties.
  2. Content must be relevant to a wide audience.
  3. Your topic must be in line with what we cover on Noupe Magazine and related to categories such as online business, SEO, marketing, design, technology, and WordPress.
  4. Upon publishing, Noupe will assume ownership of the content and it cannot be published elsewhere. 
  5. If your article does not meet our requirements or needs extensive editing, Noupe reserves the right to reject your submission without providing any feedback, due to the high amount of submissions.

Prohibited content

  1. Content that has been previously published on You are encouraged to review our blog to ensure your article is fresh.
  2. Anything that is offensive and/or inaccurate.
  3. Articles that are overly critical of any company or individual.


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