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Smart Dog Houses: New Technologies for Dogs 

In today's developing world of technology, our furry companions aren't forgotten. The advent of smart dog houses has revolutionized the way we care for our companions. These new kinds of houses and technologies offer comfort and security for our beloved pets. In this article, we'll be exploring the world of smart dog houses and their features, highlighting popular firms, apps, and technologies, and offering some practical advice for pet owners. 

What is a Smart Dog House?

Smart dog houses, also known as automated or connected dog houses, are designed to provide an enhanced living environment for your pets. These innovative abodes are equipped with various sensors, devices, and features that cater to your dog's needs as well as offer pet owners a new level of control. By tracking their pet’s health or safety, pet owners can also provide some information from the data they collected. Pet owners can create pet care apps to help them collect and manage pet information.

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Features That Make Them Smart

  • Climate Control: One of the primary features of smart dog houses is their ability to regulate temperature. Integrated heating and cooling systems ensure that your dog is comfortable year-round. This is especially beneficial in extreme weather conditions.
  • Remote Monitoring: Many smart dog houses come with cameras that allow you to keep an eye on your pet while you're far away. You can check in on them through a mobile app, ensuring their safety and well-being.
  • Feeding Systems: Automated feeding systems dispense food at scheduled times, even when you're not at home. This ensures that your pet is well-fed and helps with portion control.
  • Air Quality Control: Some smart dog houses have air purification systems to maintain clean and healthy air quality. This can be vital for dogs with allergies or some health issues.
  • Security Features: Smart dog houses often include security features like locking mechanisms and alarms to keep your pet safe from potential intruders or dangers.
  • Lighting: Integrated lighting systems provide visibility at night and create a comforting ambiance for your pet.
  • Noise Control: These houses may come with noise-reduction features to help keep your dog calm in noisy environments if your dog is easily disturbed by sounds. 

Popular Smart Dog House Firms, Apps, and Technologies

PetSafe Smart Dog House: PetSafe offers a range of smart dog houses with features such as self-warming floors, app-controlled feeding, and automatic door locking. Also, PetSafe has various containment systems to keep your pet in the garden safely. 

PetParker: A Vancouver-based company, PetParker offers smart stations for dogs to provide more flexibility for pet owners. By cooperating with businesses and governments, PetParker smart dog stations allow pet owners to transform their customers' experience. 

Furbo Dog Camera: While not a dog house itself, the Furbo Dog Camera is a popular device that allows you to monitor your pet and dispense treats remotely. It's a great addition to any smart dog house because it offers 360-degree zero-blind spot vision. You can even notify your dog of emergencies at home with the Furbo Dog Camera.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door: This smart pet door technology allows your dog to enter and exit the house while keeping unwanted animals out. It's compatible with microchips and RFID collar tags. It could be a great addition to your existing dog house to make it smart or more useful. 

Petnet SmartFeeder: The Petnet SmartFeeder is a popular app-controlled feeding system that ensures your pet is fed the right portions on time. It also provides nutritional recommendations. SmartFeeder’s app connects your phone with the device and then allows you to control your pet’s eating routine. 

How to Buy a Dog House?

Smart dog houses can be purchased from various sources, including online markets such as Amazon and Walmart. Amazon offers a wide range of options from various sellers, allowing you to compare prices and features easily. Walmart provides the convenience of both online and in-store shopping in the United States, with the option to physically examine products before buying. When purchasing a smart dog house, consider factors like size, features, and your budget. Also, you can read product reviews and check for warranties to ensure a satisfying purchase that meets your dog's needs.

Advice for Smart Dog House Owners

  1. Training: While smart dog houses offer convenience, it's essential to train your dog in order to use them effectively. Gradually introduce your pet to the new features and devices.
  1. Maintenance: Regularly clean and maintain the smart dog house, especially the air filters, to ensure your pet's health and comfort.
  1. Security: Ensure the security features of the dog house are functioning correctly, and keep your app's login credentials secure to prevent unauthorized access.
  1. Adjust Settings: Use the mobile app to adjust settings like temperature, feeding schedules and lighting based on your pet's needs.
  1. Regular Check-Ins: Even with remote monitoring, make an effort to physically spend time with your pet. No technology can replace the bond you share.


Smart dog houses represent a significant step forward in pet care and ownership. They offer a range of features designed to increase your dog's quality of life and provide peace of mind for pet owners. With the right training and maintenance, these innovative homes can truly be a haven for your companions. As technology continues to advance, we can only imagine what exciting developments await our beloved pets in the future.

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