Andreas Hecht November 15th, 2017

10 New WordPress Themes for Fall Cleaning 2017

Fall is a wonderful time to clean up your website, giving it a new, fresh look. We’ve selected ten upcoming themes for you, so there should be something for everyone.

1 – Correct Lite

Correct Lite Theme

Correct Lite is a neat theme for business websites. It’s prepared to be used with WooCommerce as well. Backgrounds and colors can be adjusted.

2 – Reef

Reef Theme

Reef does not only look great, it’s stuffed with options too. It features custom widgets, a video option, testimonials, and a lot more. A close look at this theme sure is worth it.

3 – Royal Magazine

Royal Magazine

This theme’s name says it all. Royal Magazine is best used for magazine and news websites. The theme should also up the value of a blog. This theme comes with five widgets, lets you adjust the logo, the title, as well as the background.

4 – Placid

Placid Theme

Placid could be your blog’s next theme. It comes with own widgets and allows you to alter the background and the colors. Of course, you can also link your social networks with neat icons in the header.

5 – Food Restaurant

Food Restaurant Theme

Do you own a restaurant, a catering service, or a café? If yes, you should take a closer look at this theme. “Food Restaurant” has a unique design, and gets you access to all the important features that you’ll need for the presentation of your business. You get to customize the logo, the background, and the colors.

6 – Start Blogging

Start Blogging Theme

If you’re a blogger, check out this one. “Start Blogging” focuses on typography and individualism, and should be a beautiful theme with a few changes to the design. Edit the colors, upload a logo and set a background that suits your taste. You choose fairly freely, as the sidebar is able to assume 20 different positions.

7 – Magazie Minimal

Magazie Minimal Theme

The “Magazie Minimal” theme is sure to catch user’s eyes, as there are some design elements that I have not seen anywhere else. The interesting category display alone already makes the theme worth using. Once again, the theme allows you to alter the background, colors, and the logo.

8 – SShop

SShop Theme

The ads are bold, claiming that this theme was the best free e-commerce theme for WooCommerce. If that really is the case remains undecided. In any case, it comes with a plethora of features. For instance, it comes with a wishlist and a countdown for offers. It also provides tons of layout and color options, allowing you to adjust it to your liking.

9 – Weddingphotography

Weddingphotography Theme

This theme was designed for wedding photographers specifically. However, I’m sure that it would be interesting for other photographers as well. You can change the logo and the background.

10 – Anima

Anima Theme

The developers’ philosophy is soothingly different from the branch average. Here, you get a theme with the functional variety of an expensive theme, completely for free. The developers only get paid through premium support. Anima really provides a lot of features and functions. Colors, logo, Google fonts, different layouts, and so on.

Andreas Hecht

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