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50 Fantastic Premium Business WordPress Themes From 2011

Whilst Joomla and Drupal are popular amongst website designers, WordPress is by far the number 1 used CMS in the world. Which is one of the reasons that WordPress themes are seen as such a hot commodity these days in the design world. It's popularity amongst design firms could explain the vast number of premium corporate designs that are available for WordPress. Gone are the days when a corporate template came with nothing more than a basic options page and a contact form. Today's designs come with beautiful home page sliders, portfolio templates, eCommerce support and well developed blog pages. Due to this versatility, business designs can be used for just about any type of website. Today we would like to show you 50 of the best premium themes that have been released in 2011. We hope you enjoy the list :)

The Themes

1. LeanBiz Regular License: $39 a year for theme membership A slimline business theme that features a great looking slider on the home page. The theme comes with 5 portfolio templates, a gallery template, contact form, sitemap and full width template. LeanBiz Info & Download | Demo 2. Webly Regular License: $39 a year for theme membership Another ElegantThemes business deign that features a prominent slider on the home page. Several custom page templates are included as well as 16 unique shortcodes that allow you to style your content more easily. Webly Info & Download | Demo 6. WebHosting Standard License: $69, Developer License: $99 A fantastic theme that is perfect for a web hosting company. It comes in 5 different colour schemes, 9 unique page templates and a whopping 30 integrated short codes to help you style your content. There's also a WebHosting plan page for comparing the hosting plans you have on offer. WebHosting Demo 7. Private Lawyer Standard License: $69, Developer License: $99 Although it was created for Lawyers, this design is very versatile and could be used for just about any type of website. It features an integrated home page slider, 5 colour schemes and several custom page templates. Private Lawyer Info & Download | Demo 8. Mobility App Standard License: $49, Developer License: $79 The ultimate design for smartphone developers. The theme was designed to promote applications and other smart phone related products. It comes with 4 colour schemes and over a dozen shortcodes for styling your content. It also features unique page templates such as a pricing page for comparing the products you have on offer. Mobility App Info & Download | Demo 9. Qlassik Standard License: $49, Developer License: $79 A useful business design that is packed full of features. The home page featured a great looking animated slider. In total there are 5 different slider options available. It also features 5 different colour schemes, 3 portfolio templates and various layout options. Over a dozen shortcodes are included to help you style your content. Qlassik Info & Download | Demo 10. Personality Standard License: $59, Developer License: $179 Designed for professionals such as Lawyers, Politicians and real estate agents; Personality is a feature rich corporate design that comes with 3 different page layouts and a unique gallery template. Personality Info & Download | Demo 11. Overtime Standard License: $59, Developer License: $179 Features a flexible post slider on the home page and it's own gallery page. The blog template looks great and there are lots of shortcodes included. Overtime Info & Download | Demo 12. Entreprenium Standard License: $49, Developer License: $99 A responsive design that looks great on desktops and on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The theme includes customisable widgets, image sliders, photo galleries and it's own portfolio page. You can add links to your social media profiles at the bottom of the page, though social media sites haven't been integrated into the content area. Entreprenium Info & Download | Demo 13. Equilibria Standard License: $49, Developer License: $99 A versatile theme that can be used for a wide range of websites. On the home page you can display a post slider, regular corporate style layout or your latest blog posts. There are lots of custom page templates and widgets and it comes with 5 colour schemes too. Equilibria Info & Download | Demo 14. Press Two Standard License: $50, Developer License: 100, Membership: $125 A clean corporate design that comes in a light and a dark colour scheme. The home page has a beautiful slider and there are three different portfolio templates and a full width template included in the theme. Press Two Info & Download | Demo 15. Appix Regular License: $35 A clean design that was created for app developers and designers. Features great looking project and contact page templates and shortcodes to style your content. Appix Info & Download | Demo 16. Cleanistic Regular License: $35 Packed full of features, Cleanistic is perfect for a corporate website, photographers portfolio or personal blog. You can select from an unlimited number of colour schemes and background colours and there are 40 background patterns included too. It also includes custom page templates for a portfolio, sitemap or contact page; and custom widgets and shortcodes too. Cleanistic Info & Download | Demo 17. Plan B Regular License: $35 An elegant business theme that lets you create your own custom page using a drag and drop interface. It also includes 8 jQuery sliders, 6 page templates (4 of which are for portfolios) and 5 custom widgets. Text styling shortcodes are included too. Plan B Info & Download | Demo 18. Minima Two Advanced Regular License: $35 A minimal business theme that features a drag and drop interface for creating custom pages. 8 sliders are included in the design and lots of shortcodes for styling content. Social media can also be integrated into your design too via the settings area. Minima Two Advanced Info & Download | Demo 19. District 9 Regular License: $35 A corporate portfolio design that comes with great multimedia support for playing video and audio. It comes in 4 different colour schemes and includes shortcodes to format your content. District 9 Info & Download | Demo 20. Fox Regular License: $35 A clean business template with a minimal design. You can create an unlimited number of sidebars using the theme and select from an unlimited number of background colours too. On the home page is a beautiful nivo slider and there is lightbox support for photos, plus video support for YouTube and Vimeo. All in all a very versatile minimalist theme. Fox Info & Download | Demo 21. FolioStudio Regular License: $35 A portfolio style business theme that displays a beautiful slider on the home page. Through the settings area you can modify certain elements of your design such as your logo, background and fonts. Several custom widgets and page templates are also included; and there are three colour schemes too. FolioStudio Info & Download | Demo 22. Ocram Regular License: $33 A fantastic business design that comes in an unlimited number of colour schemes and sidebars. It's very easy to change the layout. There are 6 home page layouts, 5 different sliders and shortcodes for creating 2, 3, 4 or 5 columns within your content. Ocram Info & Download | Demo 23. Venducci Regular License: $35 A simplistic business design that has a beautiful drop down navigation menu. The included gallery template displays images full screen and allows you to change images via thumbnails at the bottom of the page. Shortcodes are also included for styling your content. Venducci Info & Download | Demo 24. Target Regular License: $33 Perfect for portfolios and corporate websites, Target has 9 widgetized areas, 8 colour schemes, 4 different portfolio templates and 25 shortcodes for formatting your content. It also has great typography with 31 Google fonts to choose from. Target Info & Download | Demo 25. 7Star Regular License: $30 A clean business theme that is very versatile. It includes 20 different colour schemes, 8 custom widgets, several page templates, font replacement using cufon or Google fonts and over 70 custom shortcodes. 7Star Info & Download | Demo 26. Creole Regular License: $33 Creole is a minimal business design that features a great looking slider on the home page. You can choose from an unlimited number of colours, lots of short codes, 4 portfolio templates and over 250 Google fonts. Creole Info & Download | Demo 27. Revolution Regular License: $33 A great looking design that comes with a powerful admin page. There are 4 sliders to choose from, over 200 Google fonts and 10 page templates. Revolution Info & Download | Demo 28. Socialite Regular License: $35 A cool business theme that is optimised for use on mobile devices. The home page has 3 slider options: 3D, Nivo and Anything. It also includes several page templates, 100 shortcodes and 13 custom widgets. Socialite Info & Download | Demo 29. Creative Box Regular License: $33 A powerful corporate theme that comes in 9 varying colour schemes. The home page displays a beautiful 3D slider, and using the home page manager you can deactivate some areas of the design. You can also create an unlimited number of sidebars. 3 portfolio templates are included and lightbox is integrated into the design for images and photos. Creative Box Info & Download | Demo 30. Free Regular License: $35 Free is an incredibly versatile WordPress theme. It boasts over 160 theme options, 50 shortcodes, 7 colour schemes, 13 custom widgets, 3 image sliders and 20 page templates. Google web fonts are also supported. Free Info & Download | Demo 31. Adventure Regular License: $35 A clean and minimal WordPress theme that was created using HTML5. You can change the background to any colour you want or choose from one of the 50+ backgrounds included in the design. There are several sliders and portfolio templates to choose from together with over 75 shortcodes and 100 Google fonts. Adventure Info & Download | Demo 32. Switchblade Regular License: $35 A fantastic design that comes with 8 pre-defined colour schemes, 3 slider options and hundreds of fonts. The theme options page is also unbranded so that you can re-brand it for clients. Switchblade Info & Download | Demo 33. Architec Regular License: $30 A clean design that was made for Architects, but that can be used for any business website. It comes with light and dark versions, 9 page templates, 35 shortcodes and an extensive options panel. Architec Info & Download | Demo 34. Metropolis Regular License: $35 An ajax powered design that is perfect for creative corporate websites. It features over 100 page layouts, 25 shortcodes and 12 portfolio templates. Metropolis Info & Download | Demo 35. Creator Regular License: $45 A beautiful HTML5 powered theme that comes with a skin manager to let you save, load and export designs. Features a great looking slider on the home page, several portfolio templates and over a dozen shortcodes for styling your content. Creator Info & Download | Demo 36. Demonair Regular License: $30 A clean traditional corporate design that features cufon font replacement, a jQuery image slider and newsletter sign up option. Demonair Info & Download | Demo 37. Etherna Regular License: $35 A stylish HTML5 design that has an advanced admin options area. A 12 grid system is used that allows you to customise our layout in a number of different ways. Custom shortcodes, page templates and portfolios are also included. Etherna Info & Download | Demo 38. Athena Regular License: $35 A flexible business theme that boasts a lot of great features. It includes 6 colour schemes, 7 background patterns, 6 custom widgets, a sortable portfolio and support for audio and video. Athena Info & Download | Demo 39. Curvo Regular License: $35 A beautiful design that places a curved vertical menu at the left hand side of the page and the content at the right hand side. Over 80 cufon fonts and 40 shortcodes are included and it has support for video too. Curvo Info & Download | Demo 40. Cascadia Regular License: $35 A minimal and clean business design that comes with 10 different colour schemes. 8 widgets and 8 unique page templates are included, and there are shortcodes for creating columns in your content. Cascadia Info & Download | Demo 41. PowerPlay Regular License: $35 Features unlimited slideshows, portfolios, colours and backgrounds. One of the designs best features is it's mega sub menus that let you create columns and thumbnails in your drop down menu. PowerPlay Info & Download | Demo 42. Creativo Regular License: $35 Big and bold fonts dominate this creative business theme. Content can be styled easily using he included shortcodes and portfolio galleries are supported by lightbox. Creativo Info & Download | Demo 43. Versatile Regular License: $35 Versatile certainly lives up to its name with 2 home page jQuery sliders, 50+ custom fonts, 8 custom widgets, several page templates and lots of shortcodes for formatting your content. Versatile Info & Download | Demo 44. Amoveo Regular License: $35 Includes a whopping 16 colour schemes, 50+ background patterns, 80+ shortcodes and 5 different home page sliders. The 960 grid system layout is also very flexible with around 65 widget positions within the design. Amoveo Info & Download | Demo 45. UDesign Regular License: $35 A powerful theme that has a widgetized home page. It includes 7 sliders, 5 portfolio templates, shortcodes and over 200 fonts. UDesign Info & Download | Demo 46. CleanCorp Regular License: $35 Another clean WordPress design that would be perfect for a company website. There are two sliders to choose from, 3 page templates and shortcodes to format your content. CleanCorp Info & Download | Demo 47. Itis Regular License: $35 A beautiful design that comes with 20 skins (light and dark variations for 10 designs). The home page slider displays images or video, and it includes over 40 widgets and 100 shortcodes for creating the perfect design. There are also 82 custom hooks available for advanced editing. Itis Info & Download | Demo 48. Bolder Regular License: $30 A great looking business design with an advanced options page in the admin area. Includes 15 theme skins, 6 home page layouts, 3 different kind of sliders and 3 portfolio templates. Bolder Info & Download | Demo 49. Stacked Regular License: $40 A portfolio business design that comes in light and dark colour schemes. Custom widgets, page templates and shortdodes are also included. Stacked Info & Download | Demo 50. Hermes Regular License: $35 A great design that lets you control the home page layout by using a drag and drop interface. You can upload your own fonts using the font manager and there are 3 portfolio styles too. 7 custom widgets are also included and you can create columns in your content using shortcodes. Hermes Info & Download | Demo We hope you enjoyed the post. But much more than that, we sincerely hope that we have shone the light on some valuable resources that our readers will get some use out of. What are some of your favorites from the post? Or what are some of your favorite premium themes that were released this year that we failed to feature? Use the comment section below to let us know. (rb)

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  1. Brilliant list! I love all of theme, but I must admit that business-like themes make me more interested. Folio keeps things simple and organized so in my opinion is the best theme here. The “web hosting” theme from Templatic is also quite interesting and probably the perfect option for many business portfolio websites…so I guess these two are best themes for 2011 in the list. Thanks again!

  2. Hi, Kevin.
    I’m Anita, community manager of ColorLabs. Thank you so much for featuring Entreprenium and Equilibria. We are hosting a theme bundle right now where people can get 23 ColorLabs themes for a mere $59. Maybe you can help sharing the news to your readers? I bet they will be interested :D

    Once again, thanks! Much appreciated.

  3. Thanks for the list of great business wp themes Kevin. I am sure it took a long time to make the list and if you ever need anymore for a blog post, please check out our business themes where we have free and premium. Peace out!

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