Noupe Editorial Team April 6th, 2008

60+ Unusual WP Blog Designs

This is the last article in the four-part series, "Powerful guide to master Your WordPress". We are taking a look at 60 Creatively unusual WordPress blog designs that are a little bit more distinctive from the regular WordPress Blog designs. You can also take a look at other 3 articles in this series : So let's get started and don't forget to subscribe to our RSS-Feed to keep track on our next post.

Amazing Designs full of Colors

1) Raduceuca
2) PopCultureTees
3) Jordi Romkema

Grunge Style Design

4) Daninko
5) Robgoodlatte
6) Matt Brett
7) Bien Bien Bien

vector illustration

8 ) Octwelve
9) Monofactor
10) w3sh Magazine
11) Photoshop Lady
12) Elitist Snob
13) Paul Enderson

Dark Designs

14) Razvanstavila
15) Evaneckard
16) Best Web Gallery
17) Csling Photography
18) Dale Anthony


19) RVCAclothing
20) Exhero
21) Critical Webdesign

Stunning 3 Column Designs

22) No Ventilador
23) Type Neu
24) Rubiqube
25) Productos Organicos
26) Leslyg

Beyond the 2 Column Design

27) Bigsweaterdesign
28) Lee Noris
29) Henryjones
30) Divitodesign
31) Push Standards
32) Positive Space Blog

Super Clean Designs

33) WordPress
34) Problogdesign
35) Myokyawhtun
36) Markup
37) Photoshop Candy

Grid Designs

38) Chrizdee
39) The9513
40) Filosof
41) Dicksonfong
Further Reading on Grid Design
65 Resources for Grid-Based Design

Artistic WordPress Designs

42) WebDesignerWall
43) StolenDesign
44) Jrvelasco
45) Artgeex
46) Malenehald

Simply Elegant WordPress Designs

47) Papel Continuo
48) Larissa Meek
49) Adii
50) Okapi Studio
51) Electric Pulp
52) Bistrian Iosip
53) Design Disease
54) Mancub
55) Pixele
56) Eton Digital
57) Ciclismo Urbano
58) Reform Revolution
59) Kineda
60) Freelenz
Further Resources for WordPress Blog Designs
WP-Premiums- Showcase attractive customizations of WordPress Premium Themes and provide screenshots of some of the best websites using them. Looppress- A showcase of beautiful WordPress blog, designs and themes. WE Love WP- WordPress Website CSS Design Gallery.

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  1. Incredible collection (And you were too modest to put your own design in there!). Bookmarked as a great source of inspiration for more unique styles. :)

  2. Wow, truly inspirational.

    There’s a never ending of creativity and it is amazing to see that coming from people everywhere.

  3. Thanks for the link! I’m working on a redesign right now; I’ll try to let you know when it launches.

  4. I’m always looking for great blog designs and you got a great collection here. Thanks for the list.

  5. Ha. At first glance I thought the title of this article was 60+ unusable, not unusual. A list of horrible designs would be amusing.

    Although, most people who recognize the value of a CMS and chose WordPress as a platform probably aren’t going to make a site that is ugly as sin and non-functional.

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my web site, especially amongst such fine company! Great post, it’s great to see such a variety here.

  7. Great list, trouble is I sent it to my wife which will lead me to much work rebuilding her blog design.

    Thanks anyway

  8. Thanks for the nod to Pop Culture Tees! It was a lot of fun creating the design for the site, which had ample inspiration from the 80s.

    It’s really amazing to see ALL the ways you can take wordpress and really push it beyond the world of plain jane layouts.

    Great article – looking through all these sites will keep me busy for at least a few hours!

  9. @Vincent, You are welcome. Let me know when you launch the new design.
    @Michael Martin, @Tom Ross, @Luc, @Myo Kyaw Htun, @Radu, James Abney-Hastings, @Liz, @Dan Nanasi:
    We put in a lot of time getting this amazing designs listed here, it was really a great pleasure working on a post full of such inspiration.
    Thanks to you awesome designers :)

  10. It seems like the sites I tend to come back to have very minimalist and well organized designs. I love that these guys push the limits of WordPress design. Design always has that fringe that makes us all push ourselves just a little further

  11. Hello there,
    Nice post, I already left a comment.

    I just updated my blog. It’s less pretty than your list, but so more weird ;)
    You should have a look ;)

    Good continuation,
    A french guy

  12. amazing link archive, how do you can do that? are you search all the blog entire time you.
    Good jobs, many thanks to you

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