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Autumn 2017: 10 Brand New and Exciting Plugins for Your WordPress

WordPress users can't get enough of new and exciting plugins. Once again, we've turned the free plugin index on its head, to find the best and most interesting new plugins for you. So you can tune your WordPress again. There are a couple of really exceptional plugins in this list, let me surprise you.

1 - Popups, Lead Generation Opt in, Exit-Intent Popup – Poptin

Poptin Plugin Poptin is a lead generation plugin, which means that it allows you to collect email addresses. Of course, there are countless plugins like that. I still included it in this list as it provides a bunch of features you'd only get in the premium area, for a lot of money. For instance, it offers the Exit Intent technology, that opens a popup when trying to leave the page alreay. Other providers will make you pay quite a bit for that. The plugin is definitely worth an in-depth test. The Plugin on Video: [appbox wordpress poptin]

2 - Product Advertisement (for WooCommerce)

Product Advertisement Plugin WordPress Although the plugin banner is not an incarnation of coolness, the plugin itself definitely is. It allows you to turn selected products of your shop into ad banners, and popups. This gives you a much more effective and targeted way of showing your products to the people. You can choose which of the two types of ads should appear on which page. The Banner: Product Advertisement Plugin The Displayed Ad: Product Advertisement Plugin [appbox wordpress product-advertisement]

3 - WooCommerce Related Product Slider

Related Products Slider The WooCommerce Related Product Slider replaces the similar products with a neat, and useful slider. The plugin is very light and 100% responsive. The individual settings are made directly via the WooCommerce settings. [appbox wordpress woo-related-product-slider]

4 - WOOF by Category

woof-by-category Woof by Category is a "tuning plugin" for WooCommerce shops. It lets you create special filters for categories that you defined in advance. This gives potential customers more ways to find the desired product. [appbox wordpress woof-by-category]
5 - WP Front-end login and register
wp-frontend-login-register The plugin is ideal for website owners that want to avoid the classic login and registration via WordPress functions. You can add the forms anywhere on your website using shortcode. The login and registration forms can be adjusted individually, work with Ajax, and are 100% responsive. [appbox wordpress wp-front-end-login-and-register]

6 - Easy Primary Category

If you assign multiple categories for one post, you know the problem. WordPress selects the primary category going by the alphabet, and doesn't let you choose. This small plugin allows you to do just that. It also sorts the posts into the archives, depending on the primary category, and even adds this selected category to the permalink. Very useful! [appbox wordpress easy-primary-category] [promo-box headline="Other Interesting Plugins For You" linkeins="" texteins="Clean Up WordPress For More – 11 Practice Tips For You" linkzwei="" textzwei="10 Fresh and Cool Plugins For Your WordPress" linkdrei="" textdrei="10 WordPress Plugins, Every Website Operator Should Have"]

7 - Auto Form Fill

Auto Form Fill is a small, useful plugin for theme developers. The frequent filling in of long forms takes a lot of time, and is boring. From now on, this plugin will take care of that for you, allowing you to focus on your job. [appbox wordpress auto-form-fill]

8 - Admin Hide Login

Admin Hide Login promises more security by completely blocking any access to the wp-admin folder. The old login URLs won't work anymore, and a new, custom URL needs to be used. Example:
/* The Following URLs Don't Work Anymore */

/* Your New Login Could be Called: */
The plugin is fully compatible to:
  • BuddyPress
  • bbPress
  • Limit Login Attempts
  • and User Switching
[appbox wordpress admin-hide-login]

9 - Advanced Search Form Builder

Advanced Search Form Builder upgrades your WordPress search function, allowing you to create search forms that are just what you need. This plugin is an ideal choice for websites in need of a very complex search. Of course, you can not only integrate posts and pages into the search, but custom post types, and custom taxonomies as well. This way, you can be sure that your visitors will find exactly what they searched for. Two Examples For Custom Search Functions: Advanced Search Form Builder Advanced Search Form Builder [appbox wordpress advanced-search-form-builder]

10 - WordPress Admin Ajax Posts

The plugin is a real time save for writing maniacs. After the activation, all types of posts (Article, page, post types, products, and so on) will not be loaded again after saving, but are updated via Ajax instead. This should be much faster than a reload. Additionally, the plugin promises not to inflate the website, and to react fast. A support for notifications is provided as well. [appbox wordpress wp-admin-ajax-posts]


There are some very interesting plugins in this collection. Personally, what impressed me the most is the "Advanced Search Form Builder", that I will use for a current commission, as well as the "WordPress Admin Ajax Posts" which I will test as well. Which plugins are you most excited about? Featured Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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