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Be Theme: An Efficient Approach to Your Web Design Projects

What would you say if we had some tips for you on how to become a better-organized designer and how to gain a productivity edge? Developing and keeping an entrepreneurial perspective that will help you be in the spotlight, get more clients and extra free time on your hands is easy. Stick with us through the end of this article and see how you might probably make all that happen.

Tips for Both Niche Web Designers and „Jack of All Trades”

Have you found your niche yet or are you the type of designer who is not saying No to any project? It doesn’t matter which group you’re a part of since the main insight of this article, using pre-made layouts, is a great asset for delivering fast and equally good websites. As long as you choose the right pre-mades that is. There are several reasons for the fact that templates are a valid choice:
  • Designing websites from scratch is time-consuming, and budgets are getting tighter;
  • Pre-made themes will help you decrease the number of revisions, as having clients with high expectations is common these days and with a template there's already a lot to see from the start.
Pre-made layout example Gaining a productivity edge and becoming more organized is easy as long as you stick to the following tips:
  • Don’t start a project from scratch, unless your client has a large budget to spend;
  • Try to go with a WordPress website as soon as the project fits; it will be easier for you to both design it and tweak it;
  • Choose a WP Theme with pre-made layouts from renowned providers (there are a couple of good options, but today we will take a closer look at Be Theme from Muffin Group);
  • Pick a pre-made layout, modify it and add your personal touch;
  • Be open to your client’s feedback and learn to say no to bad ideas;
  • Place the bar higher for yourself every time you create something;
  • Always follow trends to stay updated and explain them to your clients;
  • Be clear about how you will approach the project and always keep in touch with your client.
By following the above tips, you will shape your workflow in a positive way. Moreover, you will be able to create websites faster and at a lower cost, while keeping your clients happy.

Using Pre-made Layouts to Create Beautiful Websites

Pre-made layouts give web designers countless opportunities to create websites in days rather than weeks, since they don’t have to start from scratch. Therefore, this approach adds value to your work. Here are two good reasons for choosing them over other available options:
  • It’s like pre-ordering something. You’re always one step ahead, because you already have a foundation to work with, and so many options to choose from.
  • Clean design and plenty of shortcodes help you work with several clients at the same time. Talk about time efficiency and reducing costs for you and your customers at the same time.
These upgrades to your workflow are going to help you become more productive and better organized, as you simply have more time at your disposal. We had an in-depth article on the topic of designing for smaller budgets a while back here at Noupe.

Be Theme Wants to Level up Your Productivity

Now let's look at how Be Theme could be your support in becoming more productive. Be’s package has 90+ premade layouts which can be quickly installed. Thanks to them, you gain back hours of work in order to focus on what really matters: design work. Starting from here, Be Theme provides you a wide range of features, with the more important ones being Muffin Builder and Visual Composer. Both allow you to customize a bunch of visual elements and to adapt them to any business type or requirement. Therefore, you and your client, no matter the industry he’s part of, will be on the same wavelength and the whole process is bound to run smoother. On top of that, there are grid versions as well as a user-friendly Layer Slider speeding you up even further. Be comes with a lot of features and brings 6 different layouts to choose from.


To get more productive in less time use pre-made themes and layouts to simplify your creative process. This will leave you more time for actual design inspiration. Look out for the best themes there are. Today we have introduced you to Be Theme which is definitely a good choice as long as you keep the WordPress theme updated. How do you approach projects on tighter budgets? Are you working with Premium WordPress Themes or what do you prefer?

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