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Best WordPress Coupon Code Plugins


Coupon plugins help you promote sales and reduce bounce rates. We nit-picked 6 of the best WordPress Coupon plugins for your online store.

The WordPress plugin directory houses thousands of discount plugins. Searching for a plugin against so many choices is taxing. 

Things to Look for in a Coupon Plugin 

How do you narrow down your search for the right coupon code plugin? 

Here's a rule of thumb: Check the boxes below before choosing any plugin on WordPress

  • Site Compatibility and Installation 
  • Near Future Requirements 
  • Support and Updates & Security 
  • User Reviews 

This list discusses sustainable coupon solutions. We've included both free and premium plugins that are entirely mobile responsive. 

Expert Recommended WordPress Coupon Plugins

Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons is the perfect solution for expanding your WooCommerce coupon features and marketing your store more effectively. Thanks to this fantastic plugin, about 15,000+ store owners have taken their coupon marketing game to a new level!


  • "Buy One, Get One" deals 
  • Loyalty program points 
  • Complete store credit system 
  • Advanced cart conditions
  • Scheduled coupons (day/time scheduler)
  • Apply coupons 
  • URL coupons
  • Flexible shipping discounts 
  • Gift cards

What Advanced Coupon Users Say:


Discount Rules for Woocommerce by Flycart

Set up a wide range of promotion campaigns using coupons. Here's a powerful tool with a simple, straightforward interface. Discount Rules for WooCommerce is an effective, fool-proof discount strategy plugin. You can create discount campaigns based on cart value, product categories, attributes, customers, and user roles. 


Discount Features 

  • Dynamic Pricing 
  • Bulk Discount
  • Percentage Discounts
  • Store-Wide Discount
  • BOGO Deals 
  • Combo
  • Shareable Coupons 
  • Cart Condition Discounts 
  • User-Specific Discounts 
  • Product-Specific Discounts 
  • Quantity Based Discounts
  • Conditional / Dependent Product Discount
  • Time Sensitive Discounts
  • Multiple Discount Rules Per Purchase
  • Product Exclusion from Discounts 
  • Discounts Based on Purchase History
  • Free Shipping 

Discount Rules for Woocommerce offers readymade, smart and customizable coupon styles. It creates discount rules in three simple steps with a wizard-like interface—display discounts on the product page, cart, checkout, or email notifications. 

Far ahead of the standard coupon functionality, this is a well-investigated plugin. Discount Rules for WooCommerce has over 90,000+ active installations. It offers above and beyond support services, all while being beginner-friendly.

What Users Say:



Create coupons to win back sales. Retainful exclusively targets customers who bail out at the last minute of checkout. A brow-raising number of customers exit the purchase funnel too early, as 70% of carts are abandoned before checkout. And every time this happens, Retainful generates personalized coupons, which are delivered through automated emails, inviting customers to make the next move. 

Primarily a WordPress abandoned cart recovery plugin, Retainful is adept at managing dynamic coupons. 

Discount Features

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Coupons 

Connects and converts customers who revoked commitment and abandoned their carts. 

  • Next Order Coupon

Sends coupons to encourage customers to place future orders

Offer Fixed Amount Discount, Percentage Discount, or Free Shipping Discount Via Next Order Coupons. 

Other Features

  • Email Automation
  • Thank You & Win-Back Emails
  • Referrals
  • Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Along with cart recovery, Retainful maintains an Order loop with 'Next Order Coupon.' You can influence customer decisions with Retainful. You can set an expiry period and a minimum purchase value for coupon eligibility. 

What Users Say:



OptinMonster is a powerful conversion plugin, and it monetizes traffic pretty consistently. OptinMonster uses coupons and offers to do most of the heavy lifting, and it’s a plugin designed to reduce friction between the user and the discount. OptinMonster can create interactive layouts and gamified wheels to unlock offers. 


  • Pre-built templates and forms
  • Auto-apply coupon codes 
  • Automated Spin-to-Win Coupon Wheel 
  • Drag and drop builder 

Exit-intent popups 

Behavior automation technology makes OptinMonster one of the Best WordPress Coupon Code Plugins out there. It follows best practices for discount-based conversions and shows the right offers at the right time to the right people. 

What OptinMonster users say:



Smart Coupons 

Smart Coupons take an all-in-one approach to discount marketing. It is a complete coupon plugin. You can easily design and manage WooCommerce coupons with customer purchase history. It can create bulk discounts with click-to-apply/auto-apply coupon codes during checkout. For flash sales and seasonal sales, it displays coupon banners. 

Discount Features:

  • Fixed Amount & Percentage Coupons
  • BOGO
  • Giveaways
  • Gift Vouchers 
  • Free Shipping 
  • Subscription / Recurring Coupons
  • New User / First Order Coupons
  • Custom Coupon Message

Store Credits for Customer Retention

Smart coupons assign credit to your customer to encourage repeat purchases, and credits are used until exhaustion or expiry of validity. Customers can purchase credit and gift it to others with a personalized message, and this feature increases WOM buzz. Smart Coupons help retain customers. 

What Smart Coupon Users Say:


Ninja Popups 

Popups are agreeably intrusive. As a coupon delivery system, they're popular and effective. Ninja Popups - WordPress is a plugin that uses coupon popups for conversion. 

With 65+ premade templates to choose from, Drag & Drop visual editor and fully customizable templates. Creating and activating a popup from scratch takes significantly less time. 


  • Event-triggered popups 
  • Action-triggered popups 
  • Exit Intent Popups
  • Scroll Percentage Popup
  • Page-Level Targeting 

Ninja Popups integrates with WooCommerce and all major email marketing and social media platforms. You can find out which variations of coupon pop-ups, floating bars, and sliders perform the best through its A/B testing feature. 

What Users Say:


Coupon Creator 

You can display single coupons or a loop of coupons with alignment options through Coupon Blocks. Being a highly competent coupon plugin, WordPress Coupon Creator offers leveled-up features like Coupon Blocks and action-based coupons and presents a clutter-free approach to managing coupons. 


  • Block Editor support for coupon loop shortcode 
  • Easy Coupon Editor 
  • Dynamic Code Feature
  • Recurring Expiration
  • Visual Editor to match the style
  • Custom Affiliate links 

Even without all the frills, this plugin is popular amongst users. Rightly so, as it makes availing of coupons less of a task for the user. 

What Users Say:


Points And Rewards For WooCommerce

Points and Rewards for WooCommerce is a points management plugin that helps businesses develop a point-based loyalty program to reward their consumers. Customers may earn and redeem shop credits in the form of points and discount coupons through this incentive system. 

The WooCommerce Rewards program assists you in developing user-centered website solutions that engage visitors by awarding them points for actions like signup, purchase, referrals, etc. Customers who have earned reward points are qualified to get on-purchase discounts and take part in membership programs.


  • Assign Points on Previous Orders
  • WooCommerce Rewards and Points On Birthday
  • Point Conversion and Coupon Generation
  • Referral Link Sharing
  • Points On First Order Only
  • Referral Points
  • Points Adjustments on Refund & Cancellation
  • Per Currency Points
  • Export Points Table
  • Build Memberships

What Users Say:


YayPricing - WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

Enhance your store with a variety of discounts from simple to complex with YayPricing. With YayPricing - WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts, store owners can create incredible discount campaigns from dynamic pricing rules, such as bulk pricing, percentages, fixed amounts, buy X get Y discounts, flat prices, applied coupon codes, and more. YayPricing provides tons of essential features to take your promotional game to the next level. Users can set conditions for each rule to activate, with a dropdown list containing +20 conditions based on the cart, customer role, payment method, history purchase, product category, etc.

YayPricing can make every discount campaign you imagine come true for your WooCommerce store.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Many Pre-built Pricing Templates
  • Bulk Pricing
  • WooCommerce Cart Discount
  • Buy One Get One
  • Percentages Discount
  • Free shipping
  • Applied Coupon Discount
  • Discount Based on Products
  • Discount Based on Item Quantity
  • Discount Based on Payment Method
  • Discount Based on Customer Roles
  • Discount Based on Checkout Currency
  • Discounts Based on Purchase History
  • Exclusive Product/Coupon from Discount
  • Schedule for Discount
  • Set Countdown Timer
  • Encourage Notification
  • Import/export Pricing Rules

When working with any third party, users will not worry about workload, YayPricing is highly compatible with popular themes and plugins, so it helps a seamless process.
YayPricing was loved by hundreds of business owners all over the world. It also has a great support team working 24/7 so that the users will receive immediate support and advice.

What Users Say:



Coupons exert soft power over customers. Customers love a good offer! When discounts and coupons present a dialogue, customers begin to take the relationship a little bit more seriously. When you roll the clock forward, existing customers should not wait for coupons to make a purchase. 

A sophisticated coupon plugin reproduces the same results each time. It is essential to maintain a healthy customer relationship. If you want to boost your eCommerce store’s customer engagement rate, pick the right coupon code plugin that helps you with conversion. It has to help earn long-term customers who move through the shopping funnel more often.

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