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Four Most Useful WordPress Plugins Are Best for Making a Subscription Website

For transforming your WordPress website into a fully operational subscription website, you will require to have a WordPress membership plugin.

With the help of the membership website plugin, you can develop a high-class content collection and let only registered members access it. The stats depicted by statista offers the position of the most famous online subscription websites in the United States of America as of April 2018 depending upon the proportion of visitors. In April 2018, meal kit service provider based on website visitors was successful in capturing 935,599 visitors.

Selecting an ideal WordPress registration plugin is essential for your business house as it is challenging to step back if your decision doesn't prove to be right.

Be it for producing recurring revenues, developing a list of registered members or for selling online courses, the following list will support you select the best membership plugin WordPress for your needs.

1- MemberPress

MemberPress is the most convincing WordPress membership plugin and holds all essential properties which you will require to develop a robust membership website. MemberPress also permits you to convert your current website into a fully operational membership website without any chaos.

For this, you are required to download MemberPress Plugin on your current website, select your payment gateway data, arrange your products, and initiate inviting your clients to connect with your membership website.

MemberPress will help you limit access to particular web pages, posts, personalized post kinds and any of four clients document. The plugin collaborated ideally with leading e-mail marketing platforms such as AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, etc.

MemberPress is a WordPress paid membership plugin, whose cost initiated from $129/ year for the license of an individual website.

2- LearnDash

LearnDash is the best membership plugin WordPress 2019. It was developed for building and selling online courses on WordPress platforms. It permits you to deliver a powerful learning experience to your members and helps the newly released gamification, micro-content, and social learning trends.

Offering courses have become comfortable with the help of LearnDash. Some methods to offer your online courses are:

  • Membership

Offer traditional access for all the or prevailing online courses.

  • One-time price

Execute a shopping cart where your clients can purchase single courses.

  • Subscription

Subscription-based selling can offer you a chance to even recurring payments.

It permits learners to explore fresh courses depending on the links they acquire as they finish their current course. This allows them to hike up retention rate and ensure that more users are indulged in your online course. As a reward, customized certificates and badges can be given to the learner based on its performance. You can even provide front end users profile where members can ascertain their tasks.

The cost of LearnDash license initiates from $199 for one year for an individual website.

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3- Teachable

Teachable is the best free WordPress membership plugin 2018. It is a kind of all rounds solution for developing and publishing an excellent online course. It is a free-stand solution so that the user can collaborate their online courses into their current website or host them using Teachable subdomain.

This comes with a robust editor which permits the user to develop and release top-notch sales pages to hike up the conversion rate.

4- Paid Member Subscriptions

Paid Member Subscription is a flexible WordPress association membership plugin which will aid the users to arrange a fully functional membership website. The basic plan of this plugin is available free of cost while if the user desires to use more advanced properties such as content dripping, they will have to access paid plans.

After downloading the Paid Membership Subscription, the user enjoys the facility to limit access to their website contents with posts, tags, pages, or divisions. The properties can be accessed on a trial basis on the demonstration website to ascertain how the plugin functions.

The properties of the Paid Member Subscription consist of:

  • Handling unlimited members
  • Through Navigation menu filter, the members can only view what they are permitted to.
  • Facilities in accepting payments through PayPal express checkout, PayPal Pro, and stripe.
  • Worldwide limited access to content depending upon taxonomy Post types and terms.
  • Content dripping with the timed launch of reach
  • Discount coupons for functioning promotion of rewards for members while they upgrade to a higher membership level.

In terms of pricing policy, there are 3 plans present:

  • Free
  • Hobbyist
  • Pro

The paid plans need to be updated every year, so for regularly accessing their featured, the user requires to lay yearly continually.

If the user desired to have a membership plugin which offers them a higher level of versatility and the potential to drop content, the Paid member subscription is an ideal choice.

5- SureMembers

SureMembers is a feature-rich WordPress plugin designed specifically for creating subscription websites.

It’s an all-in-one plugin ideal for creating membership websites, adding subscriptions and helping create exclusive communities. It can drip feed content, restrict content to members, offer samples to help conversion or provide time-limited access.

SureMembers works with SureCart or your favorite eCommerce plugin to manage payments. It integrates seamlessly with TutorLMS, LearnDash, LifterLMS, Elementor, Spectra, WooCommerce and many other platforms.

Whatever type of subscription or membership website you want to create, SureMembers can help you do it!

SureMembers comes with full 24/7 support, extensive documentation, video tutorials, and a thriving social community.

It’s a premium plugin that costs from $99 per year for an individual website.

To wrap up,

With the help of ideal Membership Plugin for WordPress which comprises of premium quality of free WordPress membership plugin as well as paid alternatives, any user can initiate delivering limited access content on their websites to their members who opt for it or their subscribers.

If the user desires to develop a private community or a paid online course, these best free WordPress membership plugin 2019 hold the potential to organize and arrange their website in a short span of time with the help any one of these Plugins.

The plugins mentioned above only depict a small proportion of tools present across, for WordPress. There exists not a single size which caters to all ideal WordPress membership plugins as although the above-stated ones are famous and well-known ones they come with their own merits and demerits and the pricing policy as well.

Additionally, plugins like Users Insights can help you with the management process of your subscription website. It integrates with some of the most popular subscription plugins, including the above-mentioned LearnDash and MemberPress. By integrating the data from different plugins into one centralized place, and thanks to the advanced filters and reporting tools, you get to manage all of your member data and create custom reports.

Before taking up a decision, it is best to be well aware of your strategy to handle the member zone and that properties are required to be compiled such as course delivery, content dripping, ease of usage, recurring payments, personalized landing pages or pay on every view access.

Once all these things are, and the specifications see jotted down, taking up a decision will be a much simpler task.

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