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How to Create a Lifestyle Blog with WordPress

Undoubtedly, lifestyle and fashion bloggers require a blog that is visually appealing and stands out. Features, such as elegant galleries, beautiful typography, a lot of white space, and more, help share the blog posts. 

If paired with a responsive design, you can easily impress your readers, regardless of the device they are using to navigate your website. Fortunately, with WordPress, you can find plenty of alluring free lifestyle themes, adequate enough to be used. 

Thus, in this post, we have come up with the best free lifestyle WordPress theme to create your site. But before that, let’s acquire some valuable knowledge regarding lifestyle and personal brand websites. 

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog can be best defined as a digital representation of everyday life and interests. Such kind of a blog is used by a person, known as the lifestyle blogger, who creates content that is curated and inspired by their daily activities and personal interests. 

Generally, such blogs are extremely personalized according to the blogger’s experience, life stage, and location. For instance, a 30-year-old, married, and a mom blogger would post content entirely different than a 25-year-old, single blogger. 

While both of them will be regarded as lifestyle bloggers, there will be some overlap in their content. Furthermore, lifestyle bloggers put forward a wide variety of content with the help of the best free WordPress theme for blogging that is inspired by and centered around their personal lives, such as décor, design, makeup, fashion, recipes, food, beauty, travel, home, family, and more. 

Because of the audience reach, lifestyle bloggers are social influencers as well who have an outreach among social media channels, such as Instagram, Twitter, and others. 

How Does a Personal Brand Appeal to Customers?

Personal branding has to offer an array of advantages. When you take control of a narrative surrounding the online persona, you can make essential decisions regarding how you share the content and how people see you. Here are some ways, useful enough for personal brands, to appear to their customers. 

By Being More Visible Online

When engaging in personal branding, you automatically turn accessible and visible to the online audience. People can find you through various ways and can interact with you on different channels. However, if you are just starting out, take it slow. Figure out what you can share online and always respect yours and their boundaries. 

Leveraging the Network

As you grow the brand, you will develop a network of people and customers. This network could be a huge asset when it is about growing the business. Having a network can become valuable whenever you want to take the business to a new tangent or launch a new product. The more people will know about you; the more visible your brand will become. 

By Building Partnerships

Partnerships are an amazing way to appeal to a wider range of potential leads and customers. When you create something with another professional, you can easily access each other's audiences. Moreover, you can also cut down the work in half, allowing you to put more content out there and attract new audiences. 

How to Create a Lifestyle Blog with WordPress?

Now that you are ready to create a personal blogging website of your own, follow the below-mentioned steps for an easy way out.

Choose a Blog Name

First thing first, to establish your lifestyle blog online, you must choose a domain name. With millions of websites functional currently, you need to ensure that your chosen name stands out from the rest. The selected name should be concise, descriptive and match the content type you will be posting.

Get Your Blog Registered

If you wish to create an attractive, eye-pleasing blog, signup for WordPress. Being one of the considerable platforms, it allows you to use plenty of modernized, responsive free WordPress personal blog themes and plugins. Not just that, you can also customize your blog according to the preference and requirements. 

Choose a Theme and Download Essential Plugins

Once you have signed up for WordPress and set your account, the next step would be to choose a theme. However, upon beginning the research, you will find an array of themes that may seem perfect for your blog, increasing the confusion even more. If you don’t wish to spend enough time researching a theme, one of the best WordPress themes for lifestyle blogs you can use is Lifestyle WordPress Theme by CyberChimps. Easy-to-customize and responsive, this theme is perfect for every blogger. Once done, you can also install the required plugins. 

Start Posting and Sharing

After customizing your lifestyle blog, now is the time to create content and share it on your site. However, to stand out and please the audience, make sure you are creating qualitative, unique and relevant content. 

CyberChimps Lifestyle Theme: Features

  • Pre-designed Pages

    The theme offers you pre-designed and ready pages, including about, home, blog, and contact. All you would have to do is edit these pages and add content according to your blog.
  • Contact Form:

    Offering a beautifully designed contact form, you can use this feature to increase your email inquiries. 
  • 1-click Import:

    The theme offers 1-click import demos, perfect enough for a lifestyle WordPress blog. 
  • Responsive Design

    While developing the theme, CyberChimps has taken care of the responsiveness. Hence, it can easily adapt to any device or screen size.
  • SEO-Friendly

    Built with semantic best practices and search engines’ requirements in mind, this one is an SEO-friendly theme.
  • High-Speed Performance

    Although packed with CSS animations, the theme is light and comes with exceptional loading timing. 
  • Plugin-Ready

    The theme is compatible with various plugins, such as WP Legal Pages Pro, Total Cache, MailChimp, Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7 and much more. 
  • Multilingual WPML Ready

    The theme can seamlessly be translated into any language as per your choice. This way, you get to target a global audience. 
  • Google Fonts

    You get to choose from more than 700 Google fonts that fit your site. Not just that, but you can also change the font size, letter spacing, line height and other elements of fonts. 
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility

    The theme is compatible with various popular browsers, such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more. 


When it is about developing a blog, there are plenty of free WordPress themes you can choose from. While some are simple, mobile-friendly; others are customizable. Regardless of your requirements, it is definitely going to take a lot of time to find one theme that matches your requirements. Thus, to avoid time consumption, use Lifestyle Theme from CyberChimps and get your blog up and running in no time.

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