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How to Redirect WordPress Visitors by Country

How to Redirect Wordpress Visitors by Country
Even though the web is global your business might not. Thus, not every visitor to your website will have the same value for you. Instead, you'll want to keep some and send away others. Or you might have different offerings for different nations. Also in this case, you'd want to send your visitors directly to the offering active for their country. A new WordPress plugin can help you with all that. Say hello to WP GeoIP Country Redirect, which its inceptor is going to present you today: How to Redirect Wordpress Visitors by Country Hello, this is Alex, creator of WP GeoIP Country Redirect and I am going to present it to you today! How to Redirect Wordpress Visitors by Country If you find yourself in either of the following situations my plugin will help you achieve it: - You are looking to redirect your website visitors based on their location/country - You want to help user automatically land on a page or website related to their country - You wish to keep visitors from a single country on your website - You want to send away a few countries which aren't related to your business - ... and other country-related actions you might want to take! WP GeoIP Country Redirect is simple to use and very intuitive. I built it with "job done" in mind! You can redirect your users by following conditions:
  • Apply redirects sitewide
  • Apply to single page(s)
  • Apply to single post(s)
  • Apply to single product(s)
  • Redirect whole categories
Also, there is an option to redirect all countries in one shot! How to Redirect Wordpress Visitors by Country In certain situations, you might want to redirect the user only once for guidance but let him browse the site on a second visit. This is easy enough with the "Once Redirect" feature which lets you setup an amount of time a cookie will last! How to Redirect Wordpress Visitors by Country There's also a log which shows the redirects and adjacent information like country, page landed and page it was redirected to! Want to see the site but have applied a redirect rule for your own location? No problem! There are two options to help you see the site: #1: No Redirect (admin toggleable) which lets you view the site even if you're in a redirected location by appending "?noredirect=true" to any URL. How to Redirect Wordpress Visitors by Country #2:  IP Exclusion: just exclude your IP address using the plugin admin panel and you won't be redirected anymore! How to Redirect Wordpress Visitors by Country In short, if you're looking for a way on how to redirect your Wordpress visitors by their country you might want to give a try (it's just $14 USD). Buy Now and install right away WP GeoIP Country Redirect.

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