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Increasing Conversion: 7 Great WordPress Plugins for A/B Testing

Split-testing is an important task, but one rarely done wholeheartedly. It’s quite remarkable because as a matter of fact it’s a proven way to get you more website traffic and to convert those visitors into loyal readers, customers or whatever you may call them. Which in no way applies to e-commerce websites only. A split test is called A/B testing. For instance, you could test two headlines to find out which one performs better in directing visitors to your article. Likewise, you could put themes or theme variations against each other to see which one appeals better to your audience. Your goals remain the same: properly done split-testing should lead to more website traffic and better conversion rates. increasingconversion-teaser Created with Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

Applied Search Engine- and Customer Optimization: Split-Testing for WordPress

In general, there are many things you can test against each other: homepages, headlines, descriptions, Call to Action areas, images, videos, colors, site layouts, visitor streams, etc. If you consistently check and optimize your WordPress website, there’s a good chance you’re able to increase traffic and conversions. Today, we present you some pretty interesting solutions for WordPress sites – free ones as well as paid-for offers.

1. Google Content Experiments

Das Google Content Experiment Plugin für WordPress Part of Google Analytics is a tool called Content Experiments. You can use Content Experiments for split-testing your website. All you need is a Google Analytics Account and this plugin which will enable the Content Experiment feature on your WordPress website. There’s an introduction about how to perform such a test, provided by Google.
  • Developer: glenm
  • Regular updates: as required
  • Latest version: 2013, Dec 14
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.0.1.: fully
  • Price: free on
  • Interactions with other plugins: not known
  • Developer’s homepage: Google Content Experiments

2. Simple Page Tester

Simple Page Tester Plugin für WordPress Simple Page Tester claims to have made A/B testing a piece of cake. Just three, simple steps for testing every page and every piece of content.
  1. Go to the editor screen of the page or article that needs testing
  2. Click „Setup New Split Test“ at the very bottom to the right and choose a version it should be tested against
  3. Finally, click „Declare Winner.“
Variationen zum Testen mit dem  Simple Page Tester Plugin
  • Developer: Rymera Web Co
  • Regular updates: Yes
  • Latest version: 2014, Oct 6
  • Price: free on, Premium Edition: 59 USD
  • License: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE and special Premium license
  • Interactions with other plugins: not known
  • Developer’s homepage: Simple Page Tester
There’s a Premium edition of the Simple Page Tester plugin that will set you back 59 USD. It offers some useful additional features.

Simple Page Tester Free vs. Premium

Der Vergleich zwischen Simple Page Tester Free und Premium

3. Convert Experiments by Yoast

Das Convert Experiments Plugin für WordPress by Yoast This plugin is a result of a collaboration between the well-known WordPress developer Yoast (of SEO fame) and Convert Experiments™. You need a free account at for that one. Following the link to the page and signing-in there will get you a free one-year account instead of for just 15 days. The Converts Experiment plugin enables you to use the Convert Experiments™ conversion optimization suite with WordPress. As soon as you got your account and installed the plugin it is quite simple to perform an A/B test – even for newbies. By the way, the Convert Experiments™ suite is also used by well-known websites like Sony.
  • Developer: Joost de Valk (Yoast)
  • Regular updates: Yes
  • Latest version: 2014, July 17
  • Price: free on
  • Interactions with other plugins: not known
  • Developer’s homepage: non-existent

4. Title Experiments Free

Das Title Experiments Free Plugin für WordPress This plugin approaches testing in a completely different way. It allows you to test and compare article headlines to find out which one appeals to the biggest number of readers, leading to an increase in page views. Of the solutions presented here, I like this plugin best. Because in my experience, it’s the headline of a page or an article that decides how many visitors and page views are generated. A great example to show what effective headlines can do is the magazine or the similar German language outlet Both websites do without any text snippets on their homepage, trusting entirely in the power of images and headlines. Hence my advice: Test your headlines thoroughly. Because only if a visitor to your website is hooked by the headline and clicks it, is there a chance for your actual content to be seen and have an effect. You will find a tutorial on the Plugin Homepage, which is pretty easy to understand. A Premium version of this plugin is being offered for 119 USD. With this extended Premium Edition, you can also test other elements than just headlines.
  • Developer: Jason Funk
  • Regular updates: Yes
  • Latest version: 2014, Sept 26
  • Price: free on, Premium Edition: 119 USD
  • License: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE and special license
  • Interactions with other plugins: not known
  • Developer’s homepage: Titel Experiments Free

Professional Split-Testing Solutions

1. AB Press Optimizer

Die AB Press Optimizer Lösung für WordPress AB Press Optimizer doesn't meddle with the code of a WordPress theme. It offers Real Time Reporting among other things. So you can watch your experiments and tests unfold in real-time. This professional solution provides you with options to test every element of your theme, your posts, and your pages. AB Press offers three different ways to do all kind of testing experiments with your WordPress page: text elements, images, and HTML content. You can start experiments for every page or post just by entering shortcodes inside the WordPress editor. You get even more flexibility with an additional PHP feature that can be integrated into the WordPress theme template. It’s pretty simple to start testing: [caption id="attachment_51781" align="alignnone" width="550"]Das Aufsetzen eines Tests mit AB PRESS OPTIMIZER © AB Press Optimizer[/caption] The results page gives you conclusive and easily comprehensible results. [caption id="attachment_51783" align="alignnone" width="550"]Die Resultate eines Tests mit dem AB Press Optimizer © AB Press Optimizer[/caption] Worth to be mentioned is their 30 days money-back guarantee, in case you’re not satisfied with the service. Prices start at a one-time 49 USD fee and go up to 199 USD. Here’s a closer look at the licensing options: Die einzelnen Lizenztypen des AB Press Optimizers

2. Nelio A/B Testing

Das Nelio A/B Testing Tool für WordPress Nelio promises that you don’t have to be a techie to use their tool. It is possible to test headlines, posts, pages, widgets, themes, heatmaps and much more. All settings are managed from the WordPress dashboard. You don’t have to login at some 3rd party vendor; no code has to be added anywhere – it’s all automatic. Performing a test is really simple. Just apply a name and a description to the test and mark the page or post you want to test. [caption id="attachment_51788" align="alignnone" width="550"]Ein neuer Test wird gestartet mit Nelio © Nelio Software[/caption] The display of results is pretty impressive. This is how it looks: [caption id="attachment_51789" align="alignnone" width="550"]Die Resultate eines Tests mit Nelio © Nelio Software[/caption] The well-known Premium WordPress theme provider WooThemes is one of the more prominent users of Nelio A/B Testing, which says something about Nelio's reputation. Licenses start at 24 USD per month; they go up to 214 USD per month. Die Lizenzmodelle des Nelio A/B Testing Tools

3. WordPress A/B Theme Testing by wpmudev

Das A/B Theme Testing Plugin von wpmudev With a 19 USD one-time fee, this plugin is definitely a bargain. This tool is especially worth mentioning because what kind of theme you choose will definitely have an impact on your repeat visitor numbers, the page views, and the conversion rates. It has been shown how a less appealing, less user-friendly theme directly affects your website’s performance. It goes without saying: themes with an unprofessional feel will not convince anybody to stay on this page for very long. This should make the A/B Theme Testing Plugin by the well-known developer wpmudev your favorite plugin when deciding which theme to use. Because with the help of Google Analytics, it enables you to test two or more themes alongside each other. Afterwards, you know which theme generates the highest bounce rate, the most page views etc. [caption id="attachment_51793" align="alignnone" width="550"]Die Testresultate des A/B Testing Plugin für WordPress © wpmudev[/caption]


If you are serious about your website and therefore need to test and optimize it because it should bring some revenue at the end of the day – there’s no way around getting some professional help here. Both tools, AB Press Optimizer as well as Nelio A/B Testing, are without a doubt great tools for doing this. Personally, I was won over by the fact that with Nelio you don’t have to work with any code or shortcodes whatsoever. Sure enough, with a cost of at least 24 USD per month it’s not exactly a bargain. But in the end the investment may pay for itself multiple times. Regarding the free tools, I was convinced by Title Experiments Free. I have already integrated it into my website. For each new post, I create different titles now and get data about which one gets the most clicks. This one will be shown on the website and in the Google ranking automatically.

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  2. Very useful list of A/B testing tools! I appreciate your introduction to each of them. But users should be warn the limitations of A/B testing before they use these tools. I wrote an article about the common misunderstandings of A/B testing. I think it would help your readers think more carefully before using it :

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