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Elegant Premium WordPress Themes For Bloggers By PremiumCoding

There really is no lack of WordPress themes, neither in the free, nor in the premium section. The contrary is the case, as the supply is so massive that it's impossible to keep an overview. Thus, even true gems fail to get people's attention. Because of that, we'll introduce you to the theme providers that we think deserve a closer look. Today we will introduce you to PremiumCoding.

PremiumCoding: 10 Years of WordPress Experience

The PremiumCoding team has been providing WordPress themes of sophisticated quality for 10 years now. Unlike other competitors, it does not focus on the sheer amount of products, but keeps its manageable portfolio up to date. Here, you won't find any themes that haven't been updates in years, with the developer hoping to sell them nonetheless. PremiumCoding combines the advantages of individual purchases and those of the increasingly popular theme clubs. For instance, you could choose to purchase an individual theme at a price point between 39 and 49 USD. Alternatively, you could join the theme club with annual payment, receiving access to the full supply, as well as full support. Very enthusiastic people can go for a one-time payment for a lifelong membership. The annual payment of 89 USD is pretty fair, and the lifetime membership is even fairer, requiring a one-time payment of 269 USD. As soon as you use six of the themes for one project each, it was already worth getting. Of course, you have to like the way the PremiumCoding team approaches the design of WordPress themes. Since all of the 27 themes comply with current standards, this should not be an issue.

Blog Themes, Important in Modern Content Marketing

For about a year now, the developers at PremiumCoding have been focusing on the creation of blog themes that are suitable for private and commercial blogs, as well as online magazines. In the world of content marketing, barely anyone can forgo a blog, or at least shouldn't do so. Because of that, PremiumCoding's blog themes are designed in a way that moves the content into the foreground, not the design in itself. The themes require very little activity from their users. You can make adjustments, but you don't have to. The presentation works out of the box. This is an important aspect when it comes to actually communicating content. Which author wants to deal with the design when it is avoidable? The saved time is better spent in creating high-quality content. For different premium blog themes, free light versions are available, so that you don't have to do a blind bargain. On top of that, for many bloggers, the feature scope provided by these light themes may already be sufficient. Now, we'll give you a brief introduction to the three best themes:

Everly Lite: Free Blog Theme With a Hipster Charm

Everly Lite is a representative of minimalism. This theme is 100% about the content, which is presented in an elegant, slightly vintage look. The theme is responsive, and there are four different versions for you to choose from, one with full page width, one as a grid, one in magazine style. Font fans will be happy to hear about the integration of Google Fonts. Demo | Details

Freyja Lite: Blog Theme for Fantasy Enthusiasts

Freyja Lite serves a specific target group which is almost impossible to reach with the usual design suggestions. Freyja is fully designed for the presentation of content from the Fantasy world. Fiction authors of this genre will feel at home instantly. The used fonts also originate from Google Fonts, and the developers have made sure to combine coherence to the topic and readability. Freyja is responsive and comes with different layout variants. Demo | Details

Ragnar Lite: Elegant Blog Theme as a Guarantee For Success

Ragnar Lite is a very well-made blog theme, which is sure to meet the current mainstream taste. Especially when operating it with dark colors, the theme makes for a very elegant web presence, making the content truely shine. This mainly, but not only, applies to the look on mobile devices. Ragnar integrates Google Fonts, and is fully responsive as well. Six different homepage and blog layouts allow for a very unique design, without increasing loading times. Ragnar is fast, prepared for SEO, and social media is also integrated. Above all else, I'm very happy with the design of custom post types, such as the depiction of quotes, for example. Font Awesome makes for the special touch. Demo | Details All presented themes are available under the GPL, making them free to use for private, and commercial projects. When it comes to the commercial variants of the themes, you have to pay attention to the respective license. You can expect modern, standards-compliant HTML5/CSS3 code in all cases.

Landscape: Fresh From the Oven

As an amateur photographer, I can't help but mention the latest theme from PremiumCoding. It comes as a beautiful solution for photo bloggers or photographers in need of a representative portfolio presentation and is called Landscape. Other artists may feel inspired to use it, too, as its handling is as easy as can be. Even fullscreen slides are done in the blink of an eye. Landscape has licenses of Slider Revolution and Essential Grid as well as an assortment of stock material right on board. 49 USD are a snap for the theme. Demo | Details

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