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Showcase of Wonderful Responsive WordPress Themes

These days, there are more WordPress themes available than you could even hope to count. However, not all WordPress themes are created equally. Aside from having a quality design and being bug-free, the biggest issue facing web designers is the growing number of mobile and tablet users. That's where responsive WordPress themes come in. A good responsive theme will work on any browser, on any screen size, with proper fall-back support, all while maintaining the overall style and functionality. In this post, we've done the hard work for you, by gathering up some wonderful responsive WordPress themes from the masses available. These themes all feature beautiful designs, extensive functionality, and of course, they are responsive. This article is divided in 2 Sections:
  1. Premium Responsive WordPress Themes
  2. Free Responsive WordPress Themes

35 Premium Responsive WordPress Themes

1. Minimalist WordPress Theme Price Tag: $35 Minimalist is a responsive WordPress theme for users who want a theme that highlights the best of their content without distracting the reader. With a fluid grid and a clean design, Minimalist will adjust to any situation you need it for. Minimalist Info & Download | Demo 2. Molly Price Tag: $39 Molly is a flexible WordPress theme designed for content-heavy bloggers. With built-in functionality for audio, video, and image galleries, Molly will display the best of your content with ease. Molly Info & Download | Demo 3. Sensational Price Tag: $35 Sensational is just what the name implies: A sensational, responsive WordPress theme that is designed to bring out the best in your blog. With different color options and layout styles, you can customize Sensational for your needs and to make it the best fit for your content and blogging persona. Sensational Info & Download | Demo 4. Limitless Price Tag: $45 Limitless is a WordPress theme built for business promotion. Show off your products and services in style, and use the style generator to customize the style of each page on your blog. With built in post formats, you can easily add all the pages you'll need to have a successful business. Limitless Info & Download | Demo 5. Whiteside Price Tag: $49 Whiteside is a clean, responsive business WordPress theme. With a responsive slider and portfolio section, Whiteside will shine no matter what situation you use it for. Whiteside Info & Download | Demo 6. Century Price Tag: $29 Century is a responsive WordPress theme that is designed to be multipurpose. So, regardless of whether you're a blogger, artist, photographer, or DJ; you might just find that Century is the theme of the century. Century Info & Download | Demo 7. Persona Price Tag: $79 Persona is a WordPress theme for bloggers who want to control their digital persona. Your blog will become a social war machine, with the ability to dominate Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media platform. You can display all your content and show off your media. Persona Info & Download | Demo 8. Sencillo Price Tag: $35 Sencillo is a responsive WordPress theme, built for businesses that need a corporate or portfolio website. It's perfect for highlighting all that your business has to offer. Sencillo Info & Download | Demo 9. Elite Pro Price Tag: $45 Elite Pro is a clean WordPress theme that features a content slider designed to maximize your page views. You can control and customize everything from the built-in theme options panel, making Elite Pro a customizable and responsive theme. Elite Pro Info & Download | Demo 10. TruePixel Price Tag: $35 TruePixel is a responsive WordPress theme that is widget ready, fully customizable, and content-oriented. You can control the style, functionality and features all from the options panel, and find the best structure for your blog. TruePixel Info & Download | Demo 11. WP-Clear Price Tag: $59 WP-Clear is a clean, minimalist and professional WordPress theme. Recently upgraded to use a responsive design, WP-Clear also comes with multiple page layouts and templates, along with a control panel where you can customize your new theme. WP-Clear Info & Download | Demo 12. Flexible Price Tag: $39 Flexible is a sleek, minimal portfolio WordPress theme. Featuring a filterable, multimedia gallery and a responsive design, Flexible is designed to handle your multimedia in any situation. Flexible Info & Download | Demo 13. Hero Price Tag: $49 Hero is a creative professional's best friend. A responsive, minimal portfolio theme, Hero will let you show off the best of your content and highlight your services. With the homepage banner editor, you can find the best message to engage your potential clients. Hero Info & Download | Demo 14. Delicacy Price Tag: $69 Delicacy is an elegant, attractive WordPress theme. Delicacy is oriented towards companies that are in the food or culinary fields. Including a reservation system so your customers can book a table online and save you valuable time while building a larger client base. Delicacy Info & Download | Demo 15. Skills Price Tag: $40 Skills is a responsive WordPress theme that is ideal for portfolio or business websites that want an elegant design and feel. Skills Info & Download | Demo 16. Arts and Culture Price Tag: $59 If you run a site that focuses on arts or culture, you will love this theme. Designed and developed for arts and culture blogs, the aptly named Arts & Culture theme will work perfectly on your site. Arts and Culture Info & Download | Demo 17. Le Journal Price Tag: $79 Le Journal is a magazine-style WordPress theme that is perfect for publishing-oriented websites. Le Journal looks great whether you have a lot of content, or just a little. With widgetized sections, the three column layout is perfect for ad placements and affiliates. Le Journal Info & Download | Demo 18. Simple WordPress Theme Price Tag: $35 Simple is a classy WordPress theme for users who want a responsive theme that is fully featured yet, well, simple. If you want to offer a clear experience to your readers, Simple is the theme for you. Simple WordPress Theme Info & Download | Demo 19. Playyo Price Tag: $29 Playyo is a responsive WordPress theme built for users who love music. You can showcase album songs, and sell your creations through the integrated e-commerce system. Playyo Info & Download | Demo 20. Canvas Price Tag: $70 Canvas is a highly customizable WordPress theme. Every element of Canvas can be controlled through the options panel, so you can use Canvas for client websites as a starter theme, or you can customize Canvas for your own site. Canvas Info & Download | Demo 21. Prospector Price Tag: $50 Prospector is a responsive WordPress theme that doesn't lack any features. Perfect for portfolio websites, Prospector has a sortable portfolio, along with custom pages for each item. You can customize Prospector from the admin panel, so no need to tinker with HTML or CSS. Prospector Info & Download | Demo 22. Foodie Price Tag: $79 Foodie is a WordPress theme for food aficionados. Whether you are a chef looking to make a name for yourself, or a casual diner who likes to talk about food, Foodie is the perfect theme for you. Foodie Info & Download | Demo 23. Modular Price Tag: $37 Modular is a fully responsive WordPress theme that is fully customizable. Users can change all the style settings and create custom pages that are perfect for personal or business websites. Modular Info & Download | Demo 24. WP-DaVinci Price Tag: $59 WP-Davinci is a flexible WordPress theme that is designed to take the hassle out of WordPress. With a ton of options that you can control, you can create your own masterpiece with WP-DaVinci. WP-DaVinci Info & Download | Demo 25. Femme Price Tag: $39 Femme is an ecommerce-oriented WordPress theme. Powered by WooCommerce, it comes with everything you'd expect from WooThemes, plus it's responsive. Femme Info & Download | Demo 26. INBLOG Price Tag: $40 INBLOG is a WordPress theme for personal or corporate websites that want a modern design and feel. With the special icons, your menus will be taken to the next level, and of course, INBLOG is responsive and works on any device. INBLOG Info & Download | Demo 27. Minimalia Price Tag: $35 Minimalia is a responsive WordPress theme that combines features with elegance. Not only a beautiful theme to look at, it's also a beautiful theme to use. Widget ready, Minimalia can be fully customized from the included options panel. Minimalia Info & Download | Demo 28. Biopic Price Tag: $30 Biopic is a minimalist vCard WordPress theme that is perfect for getting your name out there. Biopic can work as a vCard, small portfolio or journal. It works on any device, and adopts the display to best suit the device type, taking responsiveness a step further. Biopic Info & Download | Demo 29. Simplee Price Tag: $37 Simple is a magazine WordPress theme that shows off your tweets, photos and blog posts with ease. You can control the widgets and appearance from the theme options panel, giving you maximum flexibility. Simplee Info & Download | Demo 30. ChicStyle Price Tag: $69 Chicstyle is a stylish, responsive WordPress theme for fashionistas. You can talk about fashion, lifestyle, health, or anything else, and it will look beautiful with Chicstyle. With integrated features, you can customize Chicstyle to display exactly how you want on mobile devices. ChicStyle Info & Download | Demo 31. WowWay Price Tag: $45 WowWay is an interactive WordPress theme for creative professionals who need a portfolio. With a responsive grid, lots of features and an admin panel where you can control everything, WowWay is the perfect theme for you. WowWay Info & Download | Demo 32. TechNews Price Tag: $65 TechNews is a WordPress theme for bloggers who want to talk tech. If you want to build a blog that can handle high traffic and talk about all the latest tech news, TechNews is the theme for you. TechNews Info & Download | Demo 34. Momento Price Tag: $60 Momento is a WordPress theme that includes a portfolio post type, allowing you to show off your latest work. Plus, users can find all about your services, taking Momento to the next level of portfolio themes. Momento Info & Download | Demo 35. Metro Price Tag: $35 Metro is a responsive WordPress theme that features an ultra-modern design inspired by Windows Metro. Since it's responsive, you never have to worry about device type or browser size, and Metro features crisp colors and fully customizable layouts to let you showcase the best of your content. Metro Info & Download | Demo

15 Free Responsive WordPress Themes

2. Meeta Meeta is a blogger's WordPress theme, packed with premium features such as widgets and custom templates. Plus, it's absolutely free. Meeta Info & Download | Demo 3. Touchfolio Touchfolio is a Wordpress theme designed to work perfectly on touch devices. Optimized for iOS in particular, Touchfolio is a free responsive WordPress theme for photographers, designers and artists. Touchfolio Info & Download | Demo 4. Live Wire Live Wire is a free, responsive WordPress theme that rocks. Designed with mobile users in mind, it supports a ton of features, is translation ready, and is well maintained and updated. Live Wire Info & Download | Demo 6. Lugada Lugada is a simple, minimalist WordPress theme that is loaded with features, including a bult in slider. Made for blog-based websites, you can control a variety of custom features and reach the most social users. Created with HTML5, CSS3 and an aswesome admin editor, Lugada takes full advantage of responsive technology. Lugada Info & Download | Demo 7. Simple Grid Simple Grid is a grid-based WordPress theme that is both free and responsive. With mobile and tablet support, the grid design looks beautiful and works perfectly for creative agencies who want to show off their work. Simple Grid Info & Download | Demo 8. Yasmin Yasmin is a free, responsive WordPress theme that handles all devices and screen sizes. Even the media elements, like images or videos, are responsive with Yasmin. It's based on the Skeleton framework, so the underlying core is code-perfect. Yasmin Info & Download | Demo 9. Launcher Launcher is a coming-soon WordPress theme that lets your users know that you are launching a new site, or revamping a current one, and when to expect the launch. It's a beautifully designed theme, with functionality to keep users informed about your launch. Make a powerful entry into the web world with Launcher. Launcher Info & Download | Demo 10. Responsive Responsive is a free, responsive WordPress theme that includes a ton of page templates. You can customize the structure, and add widgets, all while knowing that the fluid design will adapt perfectly to any device. With an options panel, you can control everything and it comes with free dedicated support through the forums. Responsive Info & Download | Demo 13. Shaken Grid (Lite) Shaken uses jQuery Masonry to automatically adjust and arrange elements on the grid-based design. The result is a WordPress theme that will handle whatever content you throw at it. Shaken Grid (Lite) Info & Download | Demo 14. Ascetica Ascetica is a portfolio WordPress theme that is both free and features a responsive layout. If you're a designer, photographer or media-based blogger, you have to check out Ascetica. Ascetica Info & Download | Demo 15. Best Best is a premium-style WordPress theme that is absolutely free. With the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, Best is theme designed to last. Best Info & Download | Demo

In Closing

With so many great responsive WordPress themes on the market, it was hard to narrow down the selection to just the fifty that were featured here, so we know there are many more out there. What are your favorites, either from this list or from around the web? Leave us a note in the comments to fill us in. (rb)

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Bhanu Ahluwalia is a graduate in Computer Science and a social media enthusiast from India. He specializes in web design by qualification and photography by passion. He is an avid blogger, running TutZone and co-authoring DesignUnder and SloDive. You can reach him via Twitter.


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    Curious has anyone purchased themes from “MyThemeShop” and if so what are your thoughts on their support, code, and themes? I’ve been really eying Ares ( but kinda like the Minimalist theme from MyThemeShop too.

    Feedback welcomed.

    1. Hello Santosh,
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  5. Great article! Now I know why I don’t use WP. These so-called Responsive themes don’t really work too well when used for image galleries you want to be viewable on iPhone screens. In all the demos, when viewed on my iPhone, gallery images are too small – about 1/3 the screen width – and COVERED in UI buttons. If you click the “full screen” button you’d better not be on a smartphone because “full screen” means “full sized monitor”.

  6. Very good looking themes, I will give try some of this, I’m thinking about Simple Grid..
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