Noupe Editorial Team November 27th, 2017

Not Only Gadgets: Cyber Monday 2017 for Web Developers, Marketeers and Website Owners

Certainly. It's Cyber Monday, and you can quickly amass smartphones, voice assistants, game consoles and loads of other gadgets. Boring. Fortunately, we have TemplateMonster to care for our professional requirements.

TemplateMonster Keeps Growing Steadily

Readers of Noupe Magazine have known TemplateMonster for years and years already. Often did we team up with them to bring our audience one fine deal and another. Over the last few years, TemplateMonster has seen a steady growth. Opening up for third parties transformed the platform into a full-blown marketplace where developers sell their own web products. I said web products because the days when TemplateMonster was limited to themes and templates are long gone. Nowadays you still find themes and templates there, but also plugins and any other web product you might need. The international expansion has led to the inception of localized websites, support chains and blogs which widens the target audience to many more potential customers than a solely English platform ever could.

Treasure Trove for WordPressers

We here at Noupe Magazine have always admired TemplateMonster for their vast portfolio of high-quality WordPress Themes. Still, even after upsizing the product portfolio as a whole, WordPress Themes are the backbone of the service. Who'd wonder as WordPress is the most popular CMS of our globe? With TemplateMonster you're sure to find the theme you are looking for.

Santa's Bag

Christmas is just around the corner. Should you feel the need to build some x-massy landing page, the premium theme Santa's Bag might just be what's right for you. This theme comes aligned with the latest design trends and blows a breath of fresh air into an age-old tradition.

Carmen Design

If you'd like a very contemporary look for your creative business while still not having to invest too much unpaid time into it, TemplateMonster has you covered, too. Carmen Design conveys a solid personal and at the same time modern impression.


This bold theme is for the self-exposer in all of us. Who isn't calling himself a Speaker nowadays? There are more conferences and camps than anyone could ever seriously visit. Are you a part of this self-referential circle Speaker might just be the perfect fit.

Cyber Monday Saves You Munnay

With TemplateMonster Cyber Monday is not only on Monday but runs until the last seconds of the 30th of November 2017. Up until then, you can save massively. The whole product portfolio is discounted by 50 percent. Many providers lure you in with the promise of massive rebates. Once in you find out that the promised massive discounts are valid only for the unattractive parts of their offering while the hot stuff still runs undiscounted. TemplateMonster follows a different path. Here, a 50 percent discount really means a 50 percent discount and is valid for the whole portfolio. Should you be most interested in WordPress Themes, check out their top seller's page. No coupon codes are needed as all products are transparently rebated right in the online shop. Just add them to your shopping cart and save big time. Happy sparing!

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