Amisha Parmar November 4th, 2021

5 Important Tips to Create Eye-Catching WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most notable platforms for creating your business or personal website. 

Commanding 39%+ internet with its absolute CMS platform, WordPress continuously grows its share on the World Wide Web. 

WordPress website designs or themes by default are always stunning, but you can extend your website's functionality to enhance user engagement as a website owner. 

Before we move ahead with the tips for enhancing the user engagement of your website, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your primary business or industry while designing a website. 

What's Your Website Niche?

Whether eCommerce, professional service, or personal niche, developing a beautiful website is achieved through WordPress. So, before applying the tips and tricks for designing a stunning website, always keep in mind your website niche. 

For example, if your purpose of designing a website is to run an eCommerce store, your website design, theme, plugins, and space should be accordingly. At the same time, a personal website will require less storage and plugin extensions. 

Hence, your custom WordPress website design should be according to the niche or type of your website. If you have clarity on this point, you can do wonders with your website further. 

How Would You Enhance Your Website Engagement?

For enhancing website engagement, it is a must to have an eye-catching website. And for designing eye-catching websites, you require an excellent team of WordPress Developers. The team with the best designers, developers, content marketers, and QA will help you build a perfect WordPress website for your eCommerce or professional niche. 

WordPress Tips to Create Eye-Catching Websites

As we know that WordPress has some fantastic ways to extend the functionality of your website, so here we discuss the WordPress website development tips for creating eye-catching websites. 

1. Make It Appealing, Don't Stuff It 

WordPress websites can be more appealing or attractive if you follow the below-mentioned tips while designing the UI. 

Firstly, your WordPress website must be designed keeping in mind the customer's convenience. It should have all the essential elements, including the design, content, images, videos, CTA, customer support, service or product details, etc. 

The website must not be stuffed with more content or images. It distracts or confuses the visitor in the first place. Nevertheless, it should have an elegant theme that has legible fonts for helping the customer read important details or notes. 

For example, revolving sliders or carousel sliders with essential information on the business products or services can help engage customers 3X times than a website without a slider. 

2. Use Plugins for Extendibility

WordPress plugins are famous for increasing the versatility of WordPress websites. If you follow our WordPress tips for having eye-catching websites, you must scroll through WordPress plugins available onboard.

WordPress Plugins help you enhance your website's appearance through 3D sliders, carousel sliders, footer sliders, blog sliders, inbound tools, image and video galleries, and much more. Plugins are meant to increase user engagement on your website by adding more meaning to your website's features. 

3. Focus on Content 

Content is the main pillar of your website. Imagine having a stunning website with dull or meaningless content! 

It is the content that adds value to your existing website. Nevertheless, WordPress is the platform that helps you display content in the most versatile form. Be it image sliders, videos, or text sliders; content can be expressed beautifully using WordPress websites. 

Hence, when you consult the WordPress website design company to enhance your website's overall appearance, you must not overlook the content. Hire the best content writer to increase your website's search engine visibility. Also, you can have SEO-optimized content to keep your visitors engaged. 

4. Keep High Definition Images

Another essential factor for creating eye-catching websites is trusting only high-definition images. Images speak more than words. Imagine visiting a website with blurry or dull images to showcase on its homepage or service pages. You will definitely lose interest and prefer to check other websites to better present products or services. 

Especially when you are running an eCommerce website, the product images play a vital role in the success of your online store. Hence, for designing a perfect eCommerce website, you have to upload and showcase better-quality product images and videos. 

5. Don't Compromise With Website Speed & Security 

Website speed and security are two different elements. First, let me talk about the WordPress website speed. WordPress is considered the best platform for developing your upcoming website because it offers impressive loading speed. And if you doubt your website's speed, then you must consult the WordPress Development Services at WP OnlineSupport. 

WordPress websites are considered more secure for businesses. It has incredible inbuilt security to offer companies looking forward to designing their website using WordPress. Many times due to plugins and multipurpose WordPress themes, the website speed and security become a big question. For the same, you need to consult a custom WordPress website development company that can help you manage speed and security without uninstalling the useful plugins.

Amisha Parmar

Amisha Parmar is a content writer and SEO marketing manager at Essential Plugin, which sells a WordPress Plugin Bundle that includes front-end utility plugins. Expert Inbound Marketing Tools, Templates, and Security are required for the overall development of a WordPress website.

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