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Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Reviews Sort the Wheat from the Chaff

The web is a place where you cannot only never reach the horizon but can't even see it. Your life span is too short to be able to ever visit all the places there are today. Now consider that each day more new places arise than you could possibly visit even in that one day. In doing this, you'll soon come to the conclusion that without some orientation, navigational helpers and other order systems you'll get lost in the data stream. Fortunately, these helpers exist. One of which we will introduce you to today.

top10bestwordpresshosting-teaser Reviews to Help you Make the Right Choice

Sorting the wheat from the chaff is one of the essential ways of keeping your head above the water of the information overflow. And believe me, there's a whole lotta stuff to get sorted out. So, if you are looking for a good strategy of keeping up with facts without drowning in too much information, a good selection of review and ranking sites is what you should build up quickly.

If you are thinking about adding your own website to the internet, finding the best provider for the task is crucial and one of the first things you will want to do. You could ask the computer-literate son of this colleague of Aunt Mary if you'd only remember his Facebook profile or - ehm - name. Or you could make the web itself come to fruition for you and visit a specialized site to help you make this choice. not only carries this completely obvious name; it also lives up to it. The guys behind check, review and rank the different offerings out there and end up with clear recommendations, so you don't need to walk the path of trial and error. Relatively fresh to the scene they have already reviewed a few dozen hosting providers. They also offer basic knowledge for you to grow upon and help you make more of an educated guess yourself.

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FAQs answer the most important questions around hosting of a website in a compact and comprehensive manner. Articles go more in-depth, covering topics such as how to transfer a domain, choose a theme or avoid the most common mistakes, among others. Their review section is divided to focus common use cases separately. That way you'll find dedicated information on business hosting, cheap hosting and more as well as thorough feature comparisons for the more tech-savvy.

I stumbled upon while I was searching for the best hosting for a WordPress site and found their Top 10 in WordPress hosting. Over here at Noupe we already covered this topic a while ago, so I thought it would be a good idea to evaluate the pros and cons with joint forces. This actually turned out to be a good idea - if you know what to bear in mind.

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The Hidden Secrets of WordPress Reviews - Stay Sceptical does what its name implies and focuses the ten services they call the Top 10. It's not transparent why they chose the services they chose. You are not informed about their criteria nor their process. Thus, I advise you to not take the site as a one-stop shop. Instead, additionally refer to our own article mentioned above to countercheck plausibility. It's still a good idea to read the reviews and visit the feature comparison. Biased or not - you'll receive a fair amount of valuable info helping you in choosing your future WordPress host.

Right at the top of the Top 10 you'll find Bluehost which is a grand name when it comes to WordPress. They sponsor WordCamps worldwide and even dedicate two engineers to WordPress core development. You can tell WordPress and Bluehost are buddies, one recommends the other. And they are inexpensive, too. The review over at is not entirely positive, however. Reports of outages are named as well as the practice to throttle sites with irregular usage peaks. Criticism is what makes me trust a review more than positivism as the latter always raises suspicions of manipulated content.

The service sees no ads or other display monetizing. Their links to the different providers carry extensions, however. This will most definitely be an affiliate business model. I for one don't see any problem in this as long as the Top 10 is not made up of those providers with the highest affiliate rates. It certainly is a matter to bear in mind when you read the reviews. By the way, did you know that there even are web hosting reviews over at YouTube? I hadn't thought about this before and was quite astounded to find a plethora of them.

Cut a long story short: Are you looking for the hosting provider of your dreams? Read Noupe regularly and consult other sources, too. might easily be one of them.

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  1. WordPress provides excellent platform for blogging but from the last 4 years it is being used for e-Commerce websites also. More than 17,000 plugins are there to protect the business of WordPress. By the way thanks for this excellent article.

  2. I have been in the industry for 6 years and do find a lot of hosting review sites helpful. Some are not completely as transparent as you might think. I do find it a little odd that the top 4 companies on the list are EIG owned companies. Also, Web and Network Solutions get very poor reviews all around the net. However, they made the list?

    That hosting review site does have a lot of good information on it.

    So Fahad, you like Cloudway? I haven’t reviewed them yet but will put them on the list :)


  3. If some site claims that it has “top 10” rating of something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its owner tried some of it or know what he is writing about. Very often such sites are created only to redirect traffic they are gathering to the services they are promoting and get their affiliate share. Be careful, and read as much reviews on different sources as you can

  4. Stacy, you are absolutely right. Sites like Top 10 reviews or rating of some products and just their to earn the affiliate commission from the product they sold. They are not testing those products in real. So be aware while purchasing products from sites like that.

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