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10+ Best WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2020

WordPress has a huge community that is rapidly growing. Whether you run a blog or business, you can always stay up to date and get help from people.

Let’s say you are creating your first website and have the least knowledge of WordPress or its environment. You may want to customize your theme or plugin or modify something on your site. But, how would you do?

Well, it’s very easy. Thanks to the WordPress community. 

There are over hundreds of WordPress as well as WooCommerce blogs available that provide free resources so that you can grow your site and business.

That’s why we handpicked 7 WordPress blogs that you can follow in 2020.


Themeum is a state of the art WordPress theme and plugin development company. The company hopes to make the web a better place with WordPress, amidst a keen focus on small businesses and individuals. 

Themeum’s blog provides visitors with frequent updates of the WordPress community along with quick-start guides and tutorials. Themeum’s flagship products, Tutor LMS and Qubely are fan-favorite plugins.

These products get regular update posts as well as use-case tutorials. Their blog posts are well-written and cater to everyone involved in the WordPress community. The articles in the blog are informative, well-written, and can be followed by anyone from a beginner to an expert.


WPExplorer is home to WordPress tips, guides, reviews and more. Having been a part of the industry for over 10 years you'll find hundreds of helpful articles for installing WordPress, customizing your homepage, A/B split testing titles, making money with your blog and much more. But that's not all - WPExplorer is also an established theme developer (they created the popular Total WordPress theme) with a number of free themes available on their site.


ShoutMeLoud is the brainchild of Harsh Agrawal, a seasoned blogger who launched this award-winning WordPress blog way back in 2008.
This platform is an ultimate resource to learn everything WordPress, and you'll find up-to-date tutorials, listicles, and how-to guides on WordPress blogging, SEO, marketing, and related topics.

He also loves to disclose the techniques he used to grow the blog to over 832K subscribers and 1 million page views per month, along with hosting recommendations, deals, and curated eBooks.
Whether you're an aspiring blogger wanting to launch, grow, and monetize your blog, or a small business wishing to harness the true power of business blogging, you'll always find something valuable to learn at ShoutMeLoud.


WPManageNinja offers different resources to manage your WordPress. They have some powerful WordPress based products like themes and plugins. You'll also get a blog section that features some of the best WordPress tutorials, tips, pro-tips, and advice on the web.

The company publishes the latest articles on WordPress security, news, hacks, theme, and plugin announcements among others. In between the great posts that are published on a regular basis, This site also publishes giveaways and exclusive deals that can save you a lot of money.


WordPress Arena is developed by Jazib Zaman in 2008 who is also the founder of TechAbout Private Limited and TechEngage.com. WPArena.com is a WordPress tutorial site with a huge content library that focuses on How-to Guides, Reviews, Plugin listings, Theme Collections, and more.


WPNeon is an amazing WordPress content resource site providing useful lists on themes, plugins, and other WordPress related services. Apart from that, the site also covers detailed reviews of WordPress products to provide honest insights to its readers and subscribers.

It also covers tutorials aimed at intermediate level WordPress users or bloggers. The site's popularity can be witnessed by the fact that its Facebook group had gained more than 35000+ members in the last few months. The site also provides a few free WordPress themes & plugins available for download from the WordPress repository.


CyberChimps blog may serve as your encyclopedia for the latest WordPress themes and plugins in the market.  It will not just provide you with lots of collections of different types of themes with an overview of their features but also give you an idea about how to use them.  If you are interested in any theme, the blogs will direct you to a landing page where you can directly purchase the theme or add it cart for a later purchasing decision.

You will also get experts’ views on the latest WordPress related topics like beginners’ guide or theme comparison. You can easily use it as a free tutorial for WordPress. You may also get tips and insight on digital marketing to boost up your business. 


For entrepreneurs and small businesses, a great source of business tech and business marketing advice can be found on mikegingerich.com.  Mike writes from years of experience in growing businesses and using digital marketing to grow leads and sales.  From social media marketing tactics to business tech tools and startup ideas, this business blog is a great source of information.


Siteefy is the perfect place for WordPress users who are looking for deep, quality content about their favorite blogging platform. The team behind Siteefy regularly publishes interesting posts about the software, WordPress page builders, themes, and other aspects of running a WP website.

On Siteefy, you can find interesting content on related topics too. Industry insights, market research, website how-tos, and tutorials: there will always be something interesting that is worth reading every time you visit Siteefy! They also offer some custom-made tools like Siteefy Keyword Tool and Siteefy WordPress theme.


WPsetup is a relative newbie to the WordPress blogging scene and is fast becoming the go-to place for all things WordPress. They cover everything from getting wordpress installed and setup, choosing the best wordpress hosting; to optimizing your site for security, speed and monetization. We're sure you'll find their guides and articles super helpful.


SuperbThemes started out by selling lightweight & responsive WordPress themes & plugins that helps with SEO, speed and conversions back in 2014.

They have always prioritized crawlable code, fast load times and on-site targeting over any feature in our themes. Their themes and plugins give you the best possible chance to get those top ranks on search engines that you’ve been dreaming about.

Now they focus on blogging and have more than 150.000 monthly readers & 10.000 subscribers to their newsletter. They write about hosting, WordPress themes, plugins & make WordPress tutorials and guides.


PremiumCoding has been creating WordPress themes since 2012. Ever since we released our first theme, we’ve been continuously working on better themes, functionality, and designs based on what our clients need.

Premiumcoding offers premium WordPress themes for corporate and personal use. From clean and minimal, to complex and multi-functional, every one of our themes is professional, responsive and beautiful.  

Anariel Design

Anariel Design has been around since 2012 creating premium niche WordPress themes for charity/non-profit websites and bloggers.

From the very beginning, our focus has been on clean, minimalistic, no-frills design and providing outstanding customer support.

On Anariel Design blog, we share useful WordPress tips, inspiring interviews with people from the WordPress community as well as a selection of our free WP themes and other valuable resources.


Bagisto is the fastest growing opensource eCommerce platform of today. In just 1.5 Yrs, the platform has got 2.2k+ Github Stars, 16k+ downloads and built a strong community of 1000+members. The blog sections cover everything from eCommerce news, marketing growth-hacks, customer engagements and laravel features. The How-Tos guides give you a brief insight on creating various marketplaces and platforms of your own. The platform offers a wide suite of extensions like marketplaces, POS, PWA, Dropshipping and Multi-Tenant Solutions built on Laravel.

Opal Blog

Opal blog is a popular website that's mainly about WordPress. You can find WordPress themes & plugins collections, theme reviews, tutorials, tips and tricks about WordPress as well. It has been created for around 6 years, Opal website contains hundreds of blog posts and articles and it has become a reliable source for many people who are interested in WordPress to refer.

Moreover, this website is always updated with new blogs. Readers also can see promotions for premium WordPress themes from the Opal_WP team - an Envato Elite author and another campaign from ThemeForest. Come to the Opal blog to get new updates and items from Opal WordPress!


Searching for a WordPress theme or plugin for your site? Don’t waste another minute. Narrowem.com tracks down the best WordPress tools and publishes detailed reviews. Save time and money by browsing through the ever-expanding library of step-by-step reviews that will show you the core features of the finest WordPress tools.


The Compete Themes blog will teach you how to build, customize, and optimize WordPress websites. You'll find detailed guides on how to replicate popular websites from scratch, curated lists recommending the best themes and plugins, and some of the most thorough WordPress tutorials on the web. 

Make sure to check out their guide on customization WordPress, in particular, which has 31 different ways to customize the appearance and functionality of your WordPress website.


WPKube.com is a dedicated Wordpress Blog covering all Wordpress related topics from installation, starting a Wordpress blog to choosing the right host for your Wordpress site. The blog also helps with information on Wordpress plugins and themes through unbiased reviews and expert opinions. More on this blog includes useful details on Wordpress landing page plugins, Wordpress Security, Wordpress News, etc 

Founded and owned by top WordPress users and experts in the industry, WPKube is a go-to blog for Wordpress related help and guide.

Blogging Triggers

Blogging Triggers is another important WordPress blog that you need to follow in 2020. It publishes articles on various subjects including blogging, technology, social media, make money, SEO, and WordPress. You can also read listicles and how-to tips about popular web hosting services, top WordPress themes, and plugins on this blog. 

Founded by Manoj in 2017, Blogging Triggers is one of the best places to learn to create a blog from scratch and earn money from it. Moreover, it gives you accurate guidance on many other topics like social networks, marketing, email, and photography also. Manoj started two more blogs, GuidingWP and HowToBoy, early this year to cover WordPress and technology-related content.


DeColore is one of the best and unique blog for graphic and web designers, where they can get free and premium design content, like graphics, fonts, mockups, backgrounds, free stock photos, WordPress themes and etc. We have done an amount of a great collection to get inspiration. And that's not all, so welcome to Decolore and get your desire designs.


EnstineMuki.com is a 5-year-old blog with hundreds of actionable tips meant to educate readers on using WordPress for blogging and business websites. This blog provides technical guides on solving common and uncommon Wordpress issues faced by users all over the globe. 

Also available on EnstineMuki.com are powerful tips on SEO, How to make money blogging, List building and Email Marketing success, Social media and closely related topics. This blog was founded and run by a renowned Wordpress, SEO and Money Making blogger with over 7 years in the blogging industry and 14 years doing business on the Internet.

MuffinGroup blog

The MuffinGroup blog offers through its articles tips, tricks and all of the stuff you should know about WordPress and web design. You can check their latest article on how to embed Google reviews on your site.


The Visualmodo blog is about the web world. WordPress. Web Design. development. Freebies. Tips. Plugins. Software and much more! We’re always making great posts to help you. Moreover, we really appreciate your visit, feel free to comment. Here you'll see the top design articles, inspiration, and ideas!

wpDataTables blog

The wpDataTables blog is a simple and efficient blog, with no ads and shiny graphics. It focuses on WordPress and web dev articles that keep WordPress developers and site owners up to date. You can check their latest article on WordPress popup plugin options. 

We hope you like the list of best WordPress blog. If you ding this tutorial helpful, do share it with your friends.

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